Monday, September 28, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #246

Episode 246... Tsssk, Tssssk. We'll keep shredding tunes, while California burns and the extreme left continues to cram their political correctness down our throats. Some 2020 Bandcamp grabs as usual and a couple Covid related sets. September 30 is National Podcast Day, so I put some odes to my favorites... Stussey's WCS, Best Table In Hell, Sick Boys Radio Show, Sonic Overload, Annihilation Radio... Stay vertical!

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Punk valley flames...

Virus One 0:17 The Orphans Raise The Youth
Another Day Goes By 1:38 The Virus Nowhere To Hide_Punk Core Recs
I Feel Sick 1:55 Regulations Regulations LP_Kick N' Punch Recs
Outbreak 3:06 Them Creatures Dead Girls Don't Say No
Sabotage (background) 3:00 Beastie Boys Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science
Stop Claiming Start Skating 2:52 Since We Were Kids Break From Life_Irish Voodoo Recs FULLERTON
Intro_Unite Not Fight 1:52 Invalid Format Actual Behaviour EP
All You Do (Is Want Me To Die) 1:44 AMMO Promo 2020 NEW JERSEY
Escape From Neo 1:40 ESP Mayhem Bloodsportswear MELBOURNE
Right Wing Bigly Sized Genocide 1:28 Cornavirus Death Smog CxDxSx You're In A Cult SURF CITY NC
Lopeta Ilman Myrkytys 1:52 Sirkka Kuluttava Kone_NY
Potholes in My Lawn (background)  3:52 De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising
Minor Threat (Demo) 1:36 Minor Threat First Demo Tape [EP]
Blinded By Science 2:46 Active Minds It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work
Document One 2:47 G.I.S.M. Anarchy Violence 7in_Japanese Leather
When Will It End? 0:56 Stoic Violence Chained
I'm Going Insane 1:10 Anti I Don't Want To Die In Your War
Germs Of Perfection 1:27 Bad Religion New Maps Of Hell
California Sun (background)  2:22 The Rivieras Oldies
The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Abroad 1:34 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Cornered 1:22 Jackal Jackal EP_Pain Killer Recs
Glory Years 1:54 Madball Empire_Good Fight Music
Charred Forrest U.S.S.A. 1:12 SPHC Records Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt EP (SPHC-17)
Warvictims - Döden På Larvfötter 1:40 Uncurbed / Warvictims split
Scene Sucker 2:23 Mongoloid Plays Rock and Roll_Deranged Recs
Wait Until Tomorrow (background) 3:02 The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold As Love
Get A Real Job 2:11 M.O.D. U.S.A. for M.O.D.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #245

Episode 245... Just trying to keep it fresh. Crazy Nancy at the end. Enjoy!

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Urban Punk-zone...

Annoyed 0:29 Void Sessions 1981-83
Positive Outlook 1:21 Youth of Today Can't Close My Eyes
Can't Play An Instrument 2:35 Pepper Spray Tray Smart In The Stupidest Way
Fightstarter Karaoke 2:18 Dropkick Murphys Do Or Die
Rock Lobster (background) 4:39 The B-52's Sounds Of The Seventies
Mass Hysteria 1:00 Knife Fight Isolated_Pain Killer Recs
Skinhead Youth 1:22 Warzone Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets_Fist Recs
Punk Inn'it 1:20 Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary-Issue Two Miscellaneous 0
I Don't Need It 1:47 Verbal Abuse Just An American Band_Fowl Recs
Style Identified 1:33 Crown Court Trouble from London
Stranded 2:08 NOFX The Longest Line [EP]

Cheerleaders From Outerspace Must Die (background) 3:38 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Agency 2:11 Lockheed Conflict Delirium EP SANTA ROSA, CA
Niégalo Todo 1:33 Fuga Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP CHILE
Bleed The Fucker 2:18 Combat Shock Distopian Urban Warzone VENTURA, CA
Swine 0:54 Coronavirus Death Smog CxDxSx Chapter 5: Human Capital Stock NC
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile (background) 3:41 David Allan Coe 17 Greatest Hits
My Chemical Imbalance 1:53 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
Infinite Arguments 2:03 Tape It Shut Dinosaurs VS Robots
Target of Shame 1:45 The Varukers Murder_Cleopatra Recs
Nightmare Man 1:07 SLICES Cruising LP (LUNGS-012)
Friend Or Foe (1984 Rehearsal @ Don Fury's Studio) 1:13 Agnostic Front Raw Unleashed
Blackout 1:45 the Fuck You Pigs the Fuck You Pigs - Cops are just people
Tell Us The Truth 2:49 The Business Under The Influence

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #244

Episode 244... Keep shredding through the scamdemic with some righteous tunes. Some 2020 licks as usual from Bandcamp and random stuff.

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Punk reality...

Pose-Machine 0:43 Crucial Youth Posi-Machine_New Red Archives
Self Destruct 1:35 Malicious Grind Welcome To Life_New Wave Recs
Irritation 0:40 Charles Bronson Diet Rootbeer EP_Six Weeks
Out Of Reach 2:08 Vice Squad The Rarities (1979-1985)
The Tarantulas - TARANTULA (background) 2:08
Kuollut & Kuopattu 0:59 Tampere SS Kuollut & Kuopattu EP
Super Punk Man 2:00 Gess Suffer Damage Demo_Japan
I Wanna Burn My Parents 1:34 Sick Pleasure Sick Pleasure EP_Subterranean Recs
Tarnished Words 1:50 Necros Conquest For Death_Touch And Go
Voices In My Head 1:35 The Freeze Guilty Face EP_Modern Method Recs
Superinvaders - We are not space invaders (background) 2:35 Productions Impossible Records
Be All You Can Be 2:54 Corrupted Morals Chet 7"_Lookout Recs
Dumb As Fuck 1:17 Liquids nervous sessions INDIANA 2020
Chronic Isolation 1:14 SCUMRAID Rip Up EP_Iron Lung
Torture 1:37 Junk Schizo Pity To THe Ignorant 7in_Japan
Radical Mental Truth 1:33 Lip Cream Kill The I.B.M. CSS_Dinamighit Recs
Two Tone Club - Heaven time (background) 3:18 Productions Impossible Records
I'm About To Climb A Fucking Bell Tower With A Goddamn Sniper Rifle 0:36 MK Ultra V/A Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol 2
Class Traitor 2:17 ALL HITS Men and Their Work_Iron Lung 160 PORTLAND 2020
Society 1:43 Subhumans EP-LP
First In Line - Wake Up 1:11 Back From The Dead First In Line - Wake Up! UK 2020
Working Class Hell 2:26 Oxblood 6 Hard Years

Radio Radio (background) 3:09 Elvis Costello Sounds Of The Seventies
The Way It Is (ALT) 2:29 A Global Threat Alternate Recording of Kids Will Revolt 7" (1997)
Octopus Hairpiece 2:19 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
society is bondage 1:59 Affect fucked reality SWEDEN 2020
Apokalipszis 2:31 Lecsa - Punk Legális Pusztítás
Dude 2:25 Circle Jerks Wönderful
Vaya Con Dios (background) 2:58 Hank Snow & Chet Atkins Snow South of the Border
Joker In The Pack 2:50 The Adicts Uk/Dk - The Original Sound Track

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #243

Episode 243... Post Labor Day show. Nothing special, other than a tad over an hour. Some Sac 2020 bands visited again form Bandcamp. Enjoy!

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People Are Nuclear Poisoning 1:23 Confuse Nuclear Addicts EP_Violent Party Recs
Contradiction 1:31 Crocodileskink Crocodileskink/No Security Split_DIY Recs
Demon Spawn 2:17 Habeas Corpus Six Feet Under Oxnard: Lost Nardcore_2011 Re-issue
Eat A Vegan 1:57 Fang American Nightmare Wingnut Records

Sweet Leaf (background) 5:01 Black Sabbath Mater of Reality
Perfect World 1:53 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Zero Again 1:47 Rudimentary Peni Farce EP_Crass Recs
Drug Free 1:53 Scared Straight Born To Be Wild EP_Mystic Recs
Judges 1:58 Game No One Wins
Total Noize 1:19 Dust Noise Destroy Everything EP_Dust Noise Recs
Danziacum Memories 3:26 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Message In A Bottle 2:50 Excel Jokes On You_Caroline Recs
Busted 2:26 Strutter Strutter
Här Börjar Helvetet   0:45 Mareridt Distort Öresund EP_Denmark_D-Takt & Rapunk Recs
Nothing 1:42 Ajax Ajax
Race Riot 1:31 Necros Demo

Red Eyes (background) 2:50 The Dirty Coal Train The Dirty Coal Train - LP
Dunce 1:46 Laffing Gas It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch- Bloomington IL
National Anthem 1:23 The Annihilated Demo 2020- London
Bare With Me 1:45 Scumbag The Human Population Sucks- Ohio
Bag of Hope 1:46 Blackout Headed For A Blackout- Sacramento
Project Tobacco (background) 2:53 The Out of Limits Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptist with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll
No W.T.O. 2:06 DRUNKARDS Sperduti senza un nome, cresciuti in uniforme -7" Split with NIKOTINA
No Mercy 1:52 Eel Night Parade of 100 Demons
Rot In Your Chains 1:32 Mercy Killings Snuffed Out EP
Where Do We Go 2:05 Obliteration War Is Our Destiny EP
Agonia 1:26 Vaaska Inocentes Condenados EP
Born To Lose 3:03 Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. (The Lost '77 Mixes)

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #242

Episode 242... Nothing special this week. The usual trouble talking and bad pronunciation. Sprinkled in some 2020 tunes here and there. Just wonderful, everyone is a politician now, and any window-smashing yahoo with a skateboard is a "skater." Sigh. Enjoy!

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Dead Punking serious...

Free Society 1:47 Disorder Sliced Punx On Meathooks_Anagram Recs
Becoming 1:17 Dead Fucking Serious Outtakes EP
Lost In France And Drunk 2:15 The Wankys Lost In France And Drunk
Beer Song 1:19 Submachine This Is Why We Are the Drunks

Take The Money and Run (background) 2:48 Steve Miller Band Fly Like An Eagle
Soundtrack To A Brawl 3:39 Doom Doom/Selfish Pro-Life Control split_Ecocentric Recs
New Underground 1:17 Anti I Don't Want To Die In Your War
Shoot Them Down 2:17 Beowulf Beowülf
Infrasound 1:05 Geld Beyond The Floor_Iron Lung 168
Hard As Fuck 2:14 Against All Authority Destroy What Destroys You
Born In The U.S.A. 1:51 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
I Wanna Have Fun (background) 2:29 Groovie Ghoulies 99 Lives_Green Door Rec Co
Only In America 1:39 Agnostic Front The American Dream Died
Hittinpunchinstabbinshooting 1:15 Driller Killer Total Fucking Brutalized_Osmose Productions
Overkill 1:05 Zeke Flat Tracker (1996)_Relapse Recs
99 Problems (But A Beer Ain’t One) 1:39 Trappist Ancient Brewing Tactics_Relapse Recs
Kusipäiden Orgiat 1:29 Kohti Tuhoa Elä Totuudesta_LaVidaEsUnMus Recs
You Think You're Comin' 1:49 Plasmatics New Hope For The Wretched
Hot Doggin' (background) 2:16 Hawaii Samurai The Octopus Incident?
Defeaned By The Roar 1:29 Toxic Holocaust Primal Future: 2019_Relapse Recs
Mártires 2:37 POR067 PRIMER REGIMEN - Ultimo Testamento
Same Old Shit 1:56 White Cross What's Going On? LP_Zero Degree Recs
Anti Social Today 1:46 POR071 VEXED - DEMO 2018
What's Your Gender? 1:44 Soakie ST_LaVidaEsUnMusDiscos
Lowlife 2:31 Cryptic Slaughter Convicted (1986)_Relapse Recs
2:03 Lost In Space (background)
Gimme My Radio 2:08 The Donnas Early Years_Lookout!