Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #183

Episode 183... Finally after 5 weeks of editing, the two bros are back with an annual brothers special from Reno. Lots of '90s reminiscing. Crap load of sarcasm including many songs that are "the baddess ass song ever," calling songs by their wrong names and getting album names wrong (if you're wondering).

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Bros in Reno 2018

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Never gonna be as PUNK...

Never Gonna Die 2:40 Pennywise Never Gonna Die

The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Abroad 1:35 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Fleas 1:48 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Punkhouse 2:18 Screeching Weasel Kill The Musicians
Email From A She-Male 1:14 The Bugs THE BUGS

Surfin 'n Spying (background) 3:12 Jughead's Revenge Elimination
Bed Bugs 1:44 Crazy Spirit Crazy Spirit LP
Bugs in My Ass 1:27 The Dead Smurfs Concord's Most Wanted 1996 demo
Bed Bugs Are Back 1:09 Dipers Demo tape
Green Corn 1:44 NOFX Ribbed
The Checkered Demon 2:08 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Lock Down 3:53 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto

Sidewalk Surfin' (Background) 2:31 Jan & Dean
Titty Twister  1:57 Diesel Boy Cock Rock
Get Beer 1:37 White Kaps Cannonball Man
Joe Queer Kicked Me Out 1:31 Nobodys Hussy
I Am You 2:34 Off With Their Heads From the Bottom
Redemption Song 2:38 No Use for a Name Leche Con Carne

Keep Holy the Surfing Sabbath (background) 2:16 The Fully Blown 3-Some in Sparta
Octopus Hairpiece 2:19 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
I am Angry 0:52 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
masturbation vacation - SURF NAZIS ON ECSTACY 1:08 v/a - Fast//LOUD v/a - Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Surface 0:35 BearTrap Sleep Eradication 7"
Pray for Surf 2:21 The D.I.'s Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
Surf combat 1:17 Naked Raygun Demo 1983

Surf Bunky (Background) 1:26 Jan & Dean American Treasures Vol.1
Baseballs 1:04 Class Of '93 Demo's 2017
Badass 2:38 The Bouncing Souls Badass - Single
Two-Faced Bastard 2:28 88 Fingers Louie Back On The Streets
California Drought 3:14 NOFX First Ditch Effort
This is Not the End 1:57 Rancid Trouble Maker (Deluxe Edition)

The Fugitives - The Fugitive ~ (background) Surf Instro 3:05
Live While You Can 2:38 Pennywise Never Gonna Die

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #182

Episode 182...  Been more than a while, but back with a boom! A week later than planned, but hey. New stuff again from Bandcamp. Some rips from my vinyl collection as well. Enjoy!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim182

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PUNK attractions as follows...

Touch and Die 0:58 Romantic Gorilla S/T
Apart From The Crowd 2:07 Blind Approach 
Space Invader 0:56 SHARK ATTACK Discog
Uncontrollable Urge 3:11 Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

Heart and Soul (background) 4:11 Huey Lewis & The News Greatest Hits (Remastered)
Use Your Mind 1:51 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Fuck The Cops 2:03 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
Systeemi Tappaa 2:29 Järjestyshäiriö Demo '82
Dissect- VKPM 2:10 Split w Los Rezios 2004 DNA Recs_PowerItUp Recs
Future Dreams 1:49 Attak Murder In The Subway

The Surf Riders - I'm Out (background) 2:23
Contradict- Contradict  1:44 Contradict Potential For Something More split Sounds of Revolution Recs 1999
Thee Outcasts- Scared Straight 1:56 Thee Outcasts Potential For Something More split Sounds of Revolution Recs 1999
Chronic Seizure- Sleepwalker 1:10 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005
Apostles On Strike- To The Grave 0:54 Torrid Tales of The Super Hate 7in 1996 Johanns Face Recs Chicago
Fat Pockets 1:33 Exit Order Demo (2013)

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Polly Put The Kettle On (background) 2:52
D.I.Y 0:45 The Tickturds Never Mind The Nostalgia
Odio I Crass 2:13 Charles Brigade Never Mind The Nostalgia
Outlet 1:25 Small Man Demo
Empty Bodies 1:07 SOCIETY NURSE Junk Existence 7" (LUNGS-011)

Mule Skinner Blues (background) The Fendermen
Making America Great Again 1:43 Narrow Views Nationalist
Canal Terror 0:36 better reality demo
Cheap Holiday 2:00 Lawful Killing Lawful Killing
Muñeca 1:19 Payasa DEMO

Goofy Goober Rock 2:54 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob's Greatest Hits

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #181

Episode 181...  Generating steam heat with some new and old!  Some more bandcamp newbees with ole' Stussey WCS feel.

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 181

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Punk truckin....

She's a Killer 1:57 The Accused The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Couch Slouch 1:44 D.R.I. But Wait...There's More! - EP
Bullshit Policies 0:58 Arms Race Demo 2013
Sh*tty Situation 1:33 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP

Hunger Strike (background) 4:06 Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog
RADIOACTIVE CHUNKS 1:50 Sunshine Ward V/A Cream of the Crop
Punk 4 Life 2:35 BLUNT UK
Channel 34 1:00 A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets
Fat Man 1:03 Death Hymn Number 9 Smokestack Frightening
Commando (background) 1:53 Ramones Ramones Mania
Armchair Killers 1:47 Extended Hell Extended Hell EP
Desocialized 1:49 Youth Crusher Demo cassette 2018
Condicionamiento humano 0:57 PesticidaSS En el centro de la nada...
Nada 1:45 Paniko Paniko
Whole 1:59 SMUT Demo
My Own Hell (background) 3:33 Still Alive My Own Hell
Die When You Die 1:43 G.G. Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies 12 inch
Wishing 2:17 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 2 (Disk 1)
I'm not anti Girls, Girls are anti me 0:53 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
Kul för dig 0:22 Svart Städhjälp Gatuvapen
Minä haluan paljon rahaa 0:48 Terveet Kädet Kädet Suojelee
War Business 2:21 Deathgrip Deathgrip Demo
DEAD OCCASION 1:43 Get Laid Demo
What It Is 1:23 Teen Wolves The Tape
Space Truckin' 4:33 Deep Purple Machine Head Rock