Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #212

Episode 212... We revisit some Bros Grim classics as if I put my iPod on shuffle.  A few 2019 Bandcamp pick ups as well. Enjoy!!

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Bros Grim 212!!!

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Asinine PUNK...

What's The Big Deal 1:56 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Note To Self...Shut Up 1:11 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Coke Breath 1:24 Assbackwards Inebriation Euthanization
Nobody Likes You  Screeching Weasel 2:06 How To Make Enemies and Irritate People

Jump Around (background)  3:36 House Of Pain The Best of House of Pain: Shamrocks & Shenanigans
Your Life Sucks 0:54 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls
Warzone 0:51 S.O.A. No Policy
I won't take the blame 0:57 Agent Attitude Never-ending Mess
Thrashin' USA 1:08 Bones Brigade I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding
City Council 2:06 The Casualties Die Hards

1000 Hours (background) 2:26 Green Day 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
How It Is 2:34 Cement Shoes Too
Fish 1:05 AxeRash Head VS Wall
HOW WILL YOU FIGHT? 0:56 PHYSIQUE The Evolution of Combat
Being Cool 1:52 Cereal Killer The Beginning and The End Of Cereal Killer
Stifle It 1:30 Provoked Infant in the Womb of Warfare LP

The Mar-Keys - Philly Dog (background) 2:54
I Got No 1:16 Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Necessity 0:45 Nobodys Greatasstits
Gone Gone Gone 1:22 The Hi-Fives Welcome To My Mind
Surf City 0:29 Spread Short Music For Short People
Doin' Laundry 0:30 Nerf Herder Short Music For Short People

Kitty Daisy & Lewis - Going Up The Country (background) 3:08
Small Man, Big Mouth 0:56 Minor Threat Discog
Passive Agression 1:44 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Alcoholic Overfed 0:55 Nerveskade Perdition / Nerveskade Split EP
Accessories By Molotov 2:20 Discharge Discharge
Die or be Killed 2:40 No Mercy Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5

Words I Might Have Ate 2:33 Green Day Kerplunk!
Semi-OK 2:23 Mr. T Experience Love Is Dead
I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual 5:05 Sloppy Seconds Destroyed

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #211

Episode 211... The obvious theme makes this a Halloween special.  It will shred your face off too.  "Grim" and bare it.  Enjoy!

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Bros Grim Halloween!!!!

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Old Punkers keep smelling that way..

Fight Till Death 3:37 Slayer Show No Mercy
Ghost with a pulse 0:35 Deathraid All life ends
Emo Kids blown to Shit 0:37 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
When Hell Freezes Over 1:19 Guttermouth Musical Monkey

Daughter Of Frankenstein (background) 2:31 Groovie Ghoulies Travels With My Amp
Aliens 0:51 Dead Fucking Serious PERIL
Battlefield Of Hell 1:15 Disclose Nightmare or Reality 1999 Japan MCR
Die Hating Capitalists DHC californias Doomed 0:49
Dead For You 1:49 Deathgrip Deathgrip Demo
To Hell with School 0:57 Pure Scum Pure Scum Demo

Savage (background) 3:22 Helloween Keeper of The Seven Keys Part2
Touch and Die 0:58 Romantic Gorilla Split with Spazz
NUKE FEAR 0:50 DEADBEAT L.A. Demo 2014
Party In Hell 2:19 Heädshöt Fuck The War
You Lose 0:48 Dead Beat The Accuser Demo
Warfucked 1:34 Dead NOISE Dead Noise demo

Zombie Crush (background) 2:33 Groovie Ghoulies Re-Animation Festival
A Hell On Earth 1:51 Impulse Manslaughter Live at WFMU
07-killer 1:38 DEAD MEAT 1987 demo-unreleased lp
Never Say Die 1:38 Death Side Wasted Dream LP
Scarred For Life 2:47 Hellkrusher Doomsday Hour
Hogs Turds 1:54 Death Hymn Number 9 Smokestack Frightening

Don't Run For Cover (background) 4:47 Helloween Keeper of The Seven Keys Part2
Punk No Die 1:06 Total Chaos Patriotic Shock
Bloody Knees 3:00 Hell's Kitchen Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 6
Wasted (My own hell) 1:54 Warcorpse Dis Brutality Continues
Dying Breed 1:20 Hell Spawn
Curl Up And Die 0:52 Subhumans Unfinished Business

Hatebreeders (background) 3:07 The Misfits Walk Among Us
Young Til I Die 2:12 Warzone Some Records tape (1986)
The Death of John Smith 3:50 NoFX The Longest EP

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #210

Episode 210... We've hit a little Halloween theme to start the past few weeks. Not too big of a special, but I call this episode "SoCal Heroes" (obviously not the first set). I think most SoCal people hate that phrase, right? Lots of Oxnard stuff. Enjoy!

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Bros Grim SoCal 210!!

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

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SoCal'd heroes of PUNK...

Trial By Social Media 1:32 Active Minds Religion Is Nonsense
Sacred Trauma Fuzzy Glue Buzz recommendation of comprehensive rehablitation EP 1:34
Under the Grudge Vampire 2016 Demo 3:47
Hybrid Moments Misfits Static Age 1:42

The Tide Is High (background) 4:40 Blondie The Best Of Blondie
Bored of You 1:48 Agent Orange Living In Darkness
Hanging By A Noose 1:37 Dr. Bob's Nightmare Demo's, And Other Wet Farts
Crucified 2:14 Dr. Know The Best of Dr. Know
Crucial Looks 1:19 TRASH Everything is Trash...
Ghosts  2:20 Guttermouth The Album Formly Known...

Monster Mash  (background) 2:38 Sha Na Na Halloween Oldies Party Holiday
Wally World Massacre 2:13 Fred Fredburger Kevin Spacey's Summer Camp for Boys
Cheeto Fingers 4:03 Sordo Split with PowerXChuck
Johnny Shoot 'Em Up 2:01 Malice Thoughts Infancy (2015-2016)
Slacker 1:06 Shot in the Face Shot in the Face - Demo 2001
I've Heard It Before 1:40 Black Flag The First Four Years

The Purple People Eater (background) 2:16 Sha Na Na Halloween Oldies Party Holiday
Dogends (Ventura) - Fat Kids 2:11 ...So this is Progress Demo Comp #1 - 2006 
Political Destruction 1:00 Rich Kids On LSD Its A Beautiful Feeling
How Jello Got His Groove Back 0:41 Bohemian Crapface Concrete Candy
In My Blood 2:24 Shit Talking Drunx Thee Take Over In My Blood (2013 Demo)
our savior 1:52 FALSE CONFESSION - demo 1983 (oxnard-CA)

Video Killed The Radio Star (background) 3:16 The Buggles
Can't Relate 1:24 Strike Fast S/T
Congress Backed Mass Suicide / Floor Punch in the Face 2:24 Heavy Atillery Split w_Regburn 7 2004
Welcome to the 805 2:26 The Assault The Assault Demo
It's Up To Me 3:16 Pennywise Unknown Road

Hocus Pocus 2:57 The Vandals Peace Thru Vandalism/When In Rome Do As The Vandals

Bonus track- Slash The Coping Common Enemy 0:37 (yeah I know it's not SoCal)