Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #235

Episode 235... Independence Day special for you. Don’t blow your leg off with a firework. A lot of punkers out there are blindly following the media’s narrative. Wake up. Only one 2020 tune this week from Bandcamp. Enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 235!!!!!!

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Team Punk, America...

Old Glory 1:06 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
Heres Your Warning  1:17 7 Seconds The Crew
A Country For Idiots  1:55 Rat Cage UK Screams From The Cage_La Vida Es Un Mus
Merica 2:56 Steve Jasper Solo Project

The American Way (background) 3:05 Hank Jr. America (The Way I See It)
I Hate Americans 0:43 Citizen Useless Don't Die For Lies
Fuck Me America 0:59 Misgovernment War Is Served 7EP 1994
Proud Americans 0:33 Aerosols ST LP_Youth Attack
American Paranoia (klax radio) 1:27 CONDEMNED (ATTITUDE) - 1986-1988
Fuck America 3:24 Riot 99 Were The Blood 2 Comp Inner City Uprising

Skateboard Anarchy 1:34 JFA Concrete Waves
Anarchy Is Dead 0:31 Government Issue Legless Bull
It's Anarchy 1:51 Rukkus Raw Shock Terror 7in EP 2007
Anarchy 2:48 Total Chaos The Early Years: 1989-1993
Myths of the American Meritocracy Pt. II 1:09 Seasick Eschaton 12"
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) 1:52 NoFX The War On Errorism

The Pogues (background) Body of an american 4:49
This Buds For Me 2:09 Screeching Weasel Kill The Musicians
Drunkard 1:43 FRANTIC Demonstration 2
Drink Too Much 1:54 Death Side Satisfy The Instinct_Selfish Recs
Post-Nuclear Drunk Warrior 2:08 Drunkards Cancer Spreading_Drunkards Split 7in
You Make Me Wanna Drink 0:44 Nobodys Smell of Victory
Stop This Wagon 2:23 Fight Music Never Go Full Retard

Surfin' USA (background) Pennywise 1:51
America 1:26 Pure Disgust Demo 2013
The Ungovernable Force1 2:25 Conflict The Ungovernable Force_Mortarhate Recs
THE GOV'T IS AFTER ME 1:07 ISS (Endless Pussyfooting)
Searching For Freedom 1:38 Chaotic Subversion Law and Order Demo
Freedumb 3:04 The Accidents Making Fun of Others

America, Fuck Yeah 2:07 Team America: World Police Soundtrack

Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #234

Episode 234... While we continue to suffer through the apocalypse, Punkbot-138 took over for us this week. Punkbot seems to handle business well. More Bandcamp 2020 grabs for you this week, along with barely a theme. Enjoy, earthlings!!

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Broken as PUNK...

Fuzzy Glue Buzz- PC Punx 1:26 The Wankys_Fuzzy Glue Buzz 45 RPM Noise Chaos MLP Byllepest Distro
Fred & Rattvisa 1:01 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
End On 9 2:07 Guttermouth Friendly People
Armageddon Time 1:47 Darkbuster A Weakness For Spirits

Galaxy Quest (background) 2:58 The Phantom Dragsters Surfin After Death 7in
Space Invader 0:56 SHARK ATTACK
judge and be damned 2:34 Sedition fe 12.5 - Sedition Pink Turds in Space - split lp
Muerete rĂ¡pido 1:23 Intenta Detenerme Fastcore Fiesta !
I Decide 1:20 S.W.T.Records Greed Force - 7 Inches Of Disappointment - 7"
Lifeless Void 2:27 Paradox The Ghosts That Haunt EP
Dr. Destroyer 1:41 Bones Brigade Endless Bummer

Covidiots 19 (background) 2:47 YESTERDAY NEWS PRM Vol.1
Future?!? 1:32 Galaxies Demo 2018
Poison Society 1:04 S.W.T.Records NUNHEX - Disruptive Deception
Bastards 1:34 Yadokai Yadoaki
Drainage Ditch 1:29 Capitalist Casualties / Human Trade DEMOCIDE e​​p
White Wash 0:57 Permanent Ruin 2011 Demo
Backlash 1:10 Better Than Your Hand Where’s Pete?

A​.​C​.​A​.​B.  (background) 3:21 ALL SUX PRM Vol.1
I Can't Breathe 1:00 Shitload Sounds Of Discontent (New Orleans)
Mind Your Business 1:56 Sunami Sunami 2020 (San Jose)
In Hell, I Shred 2:20 SkateGoat (NC) In Hell, I Shred (DEMO)
Politico Corrupto 1:53 Obsolescencia (Columbia) Atake Dbeat Raw Punk Split Disordera Recs
Love For All 1:34 Back From The Dead First In Line - Wake Up!
In Sickness We Prevail 2:46 Krum Bums Death Can Wait Sessions 2005

Fuck It All 4:18 CAPTURED! BY ROBOTS Broken As Fuck

Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #233

Episode 233... Way too much drama going on lately. I let my thoughts marinate for a couple weeks before doing another show. What happened to George Floyd is despicable and horrific. Racism completely sucks, and there is absolutely no room for it. I snuck away from the COVID theme (hmmmmm, imagine that). Enjoy some tasty 2020 grabs from Bandcamp.

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BROS GRIM 233!!!!!!!

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Punk death smog...

I Give Up 1:05 Common Enemy T.U.I.
Fascist in blue 0:51 Project Hopeless Project Hopeless
Guilty Of Being White 1:18 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
Pigs 2:05 Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs

Ocean Man (background) 2:07 Ween The Mollusk
White Silence 3:27 Pure Disgust Pure Disgust
Racist 2:32 HRA Heavy Roach Activity Good For Nothing_Houston 2013
Vaccination 1:54 Dr. Know The Best of Dr. Know
Bullshit 0:35 Guttermouth Friendly People
Loudmouth 2:14 Ramones ST Ramones 1976

Blue Scorpion Death Squad (background) 2:17 The Out of Limits Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptist with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll
Killed By Police 1:42 Dronez Corporate Funded Terror
Mass Communication Mindfuck 1:20 Insect Warfare World extermination Houston
Scooter Onslaught 1:15  SKATEGOAT DEMO
TDC - kids for life 1:08 SPITFAST / THRASHINGTON DC split
Play fast or apple pie 1:14 STRONG AS TEN s/t
Anti 2:03 The Vandals Fear of a Punk Planet

Tzar Bomba (background) 3:27 The Out of Limits Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptist with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll
I Cant Breath 1:16 Cornavirus Death Smog CxDxSx (Surf City, NC) Chapter 5: Human Capital Stock
Scared To Fight 1:09 Gone Wrong All Your Rage (Vermont) 2020
Spell It Out 1:35 AMMO Promo 2020 (New Jersey)
Cops 0:50 MTA ACAB 2020 (NY)
Pissed Off 1:58 Skumbag (Ohio)The Human Population Sucks
No Fun At The Beaches 3:13 Stiff Richards DIG LP (Melbourne) 2020

Don't Call Me White 2:33 NoFX Punk in Drublic