Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #241

Episode 241... making PUNK great again (as always). A bunch of random stuff this show. 2020 licks from Bandcamp of course. Stay masked up, and enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 241!!!!!!!

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PUNK service...

Dead End 0:45 Artificial Peace Complete Sessions 1981_Dischord
Wall of Hate 1:52 Raw Deal Demo 1988
Only Victims 0:36 Dropped Demo 2019
Voice of Memphis 2:13 Negro Terror The Bootleg
Arthur Conley Sweet Soul Music (background) 1967 2:18
No Respect 2:13 Toxic Energy California Sun
Pee In The Shower 2:30 Guttermouth Gusto!
Ψέματα 2:07 Μάτι ST EP
Ritual Fool 2:25 BAT Axestasy
Dropping Like Flies 2:32 The Accused Grinning Like An Undertaker_Rough Justice Recs

Blank Expression (background) 2:41 The Specials The Specials
Frat House Jesus 1:29 Gimic DEMO- UK
Instructor Stomp 1:22 Instructor Demo II- Belgium
Body Count 1:12 The Annihilated Demo 2020- London
The Holdout 2:05 POR106 THE FOG - Into The Fog- Berlin
Pacific Darkside (background) 2:30 Hawaii Samurai Let There Be Surf
My Grandma Fights 2:22 Tartar Control Holy Crap
Ambush 0:41 Tortur Demo LP 2016-2017
Level The Playing Field 2:14 Spermbirds Set An Example_Rookie Recs
Masked 1:12 Leather Lickers Demo_Cool Death Recs
Fake Hate 2:44 Since We Were Kids Skatecore

White Noise 2:19 The Interrupters The Interrupters_Hell Cat

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #240

Episode 240... A tad of a special. Some Sacramento punk (some new) (forgot to mention Rebel Truth as a Sac band) and a set of licks that start with drum fills. I forgot to mention the Warthog song and NOFX song both start with drums as well. Tunes to jam to for the Sturgis Corona spike headed our way. Enjoy!!

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THE BROS GRIM 240!!!! 

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Headed for a Punkout...

Fucking Human Race 1:11 Disflesh Fuck em All
H.C. Pigs and a Blanket 1:38 Manock Don't Even Core EP
Tomorrow Belongs To Punk 1:22 Glorious? WHO ARE THEY TO IMPOSE RESTRICTIONS?
Hopeless 2:17 Guttermouth 11 Oz. - EP

Hello, I Love You (background) 2:13 The Doors Waiting For The Sun
10.000 Offer 1:23 Desperat Demokrati Eller Diktatur? EP
Out For Power 1:30 Impalers Demo
No Más 1:53 Muro Ataque
Better Off Dead 1:27 MOB The MOB Collective
Culture? 2:22 Warthog Warthog

The Mar-Keys (background) Philly Dog 2:54
Damned to Be Free 1:58 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
In The Red 1:58 Rebel Truth ST EP_Version Sound
Last Countdown 2:04 Outo 正直者は馬鹿を見る 12" EP_Japan_Selfish Recs
Suburban Streetwise 1:12 Crucial Youth Posi-Machine_New Red Archives
Wilson 1:11 JFA Speed of Sound_DC Jams Recs
Just Another Cunt 1:39 Nobodys Generation XXX

Surf Rider (background) 3:18 The Lively Ones Pulp Fiction (Music From The Motion Picture)
Future Shocks 0:42 Glue Traps Future Shock 2018 Promo
Train wreck 1:28 Hassler Amorality EP
Falska Leenden 1:59 Katastrof Katastrof
Your Demise 1:00 Stigmatism Stigmatism
Vill inte vara med 1:19 Börn Rötten mögä 03 Börn Rötten / Pehemot: split

Hype Overload (background) 2:58 Discharge Hell Is War
Never Surrender 1:28 Blackout Headed For A Blackout- Sacramento
El Sueño Americano 0:24 MALANDRO La Frontera- Sacreamento
SIDE A//NO MORE 2:32 No More & BARC No More//BARC - Split - Sacramento
On Your Own 1:09 Laffing Gas It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch- Bloomington IL
Ballad Of Me And My Friends 1:48 NoFX NOFX & Frank Turner - West Coast Vs. Wessex

Eat The Meek 3:55 Frank Turner (background) NOFX & Frank Turner - West Coast Vs. Wessex
RocknRollIsKing (background) 2:57 Teencats
Rebel Girl 2:37 Bikini Kill Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #239

Episode 239... Another fine soudtrack for the scam-a-gedon. Some 2020 Bandcamp jams like we've done pretty regularly and a mixture of Noise Punk and hardcore-ish stuff. Enjoy!!

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THE BROS GRIM 239!!!! 

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Punk force...

Banned from the Pubs 2:34 Peter & The Test Tube Babies Punk's Not Dead: 30 Years of Punk
Injustice 1:24 Terrorizer World Downfall
False Prophet 2:13 Violent Minds Paincave Sessions
Evil's My Friend 2:08 Rancid Honor Is All We Know_Hell Cat

Land of 1000 Dances (background) 2:24 Wilson Pickett The Exciting WP
Persevere 1:55 SPHC Records  The Wankys - self-titled EP (SPHC-67)
The Facts 1:14 Blood Pressure Blood Pressure
Dogs body 1:37 Bootlicker Nuclear Family E.P.
Konkurrens Är Livet 1:35 Larma Larma
Famine 1:56 The Proletariat Soma Holiday LP_Non-U Recs

Rockin Rollin Stone (background) 2:49 Melvin L Rockbottom
I Could've Been a Killer 0:53 Loose Nukes Behind the Screen EP
Crisis 1:37 POR097 Sonic Warhead - Bleed Runner EP
7-Eleven Was An Inside Job 2:05 The Antidon'ts Buckwild and Foul LP
No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA 2:26 MDC MDC / The Antidon'ts split
tasa-arvo 1:03 Nallekerho mögäle 6 Nallekerho: Totaalisen tarpeeks

ICallItRocknroll (background) 3:24 Micke Muster
Squat the Red Zone 0:55 Carradine Choke Planet Fatigue (NZ) 
Psychic Levitation 1:55 CATSICK EP (NZ)
The End 1:22 Combat Force Never Stray_Youth Attack Recs (Denver)
Die Like A Man 1:36 Life Support Die Like a Man_Youth Attack Recs (Denver)
All Is Lost 3:05 Wasted Shirt Fungus II Famous Class Recs (Wash DC??)

RockAndRollBoogie1956 (background) 2:21 Tennessee Ernie Ford
Steak (The Underwater Version) 1:48 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Fight Fight Fight 1:28 Doomsday Massacre Stick A Fork In It!
Filed Down 0:49 Cadaver Dog Demo
Legacy of Anger 1:18 Driller Killer Total Fucking Brutalized_Osmose Productions
It Ain't Over 2:01 Clit 45 2,4,6,8...We're The Kids You Love To Hate_BetterYouthOrg

I Wanna Be A Somali Pirate 3:58 Brown Sugar Sings of Birds and Racism LP_Feral Kid

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #238

Episode 238... More than a fair share of Japanese Hardcore this episode. Along with some more 2020 Bandcamp rippers. It looks like Nosferatu also released the same album on La Vida in 2019, but again on Pissed Off in January 2020. I don't know the difference between the two. Oh well. A Corona strong soundtrack to keep you feeling swell. Enjoy!

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Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO.

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A solution...Punk...

Progress 1:13 Enzyme Howling Mind LP 2019_La Vida es Un Mus Recs
Pressing On 1:56 Gauze Equalizing Distort
Freedom 2:10 The Swankys The Very Best of Hero_Dogma Recs
Born On Your Knees 1:45 Napalm Death Scum

Summertime (background) The Jamies 2:00
Sow The Grass Seeds 2:25 Death Side The Will Never Die EP
Ignorant 3:24 Ripcord Defiance of Power_Manic Ears Recs
An Inviting Hand 3:07 RASHŌMON 病原菌X "Pathogen X” MLP
No Muscle 1:39 Re Zist Shelter Skelter flexi 7in EP Japan
Teri Yakimoto 3:27 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto

Bop 'Til You Drop (background) 2:12 Ramones Ramones Mania
バカコケ 2:04 THE COMES No Side LP_Dogma Recs
The Last Dog Alive 2:09 Spräckta 2019 Demo
Can't See 0:50 Leather Lickers Leather Lickers
裏表 0:50 Execute 1st Flexi_Japan
08 Bow Bow Now 1:32 Cereal Killer The Beginning and The End Of Cereal Killer

Fire (background) 2:45 Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced?
War 0:52 POR100 Nosferatu - Solution A Austin TX
Esta Es Tu Libertad  1:08 Regimen De Terror Inherente Del Poder 7in_ LaVidaEsUnMusManhid 1:01 namatay sa ingay (Filipino: Died of Noise) Ang Talim ng Galit New York
Zwykła śmierć (ordinary death) 1:20 JAD Wstręt E​.​P.  Poland
End of the Trail 0:57 Reek Minds S/T EP Portland

Shake It Up (background)  3:33 The Cars Greatest Hits New World For Them 2:53 Revulsion Ever Get The Feeling of Utter... Radical Change Recs
Spineless 1:59 AxeRash s/t
No sign of life 1:23 Warvictims Domedagen 12in
Stray Dog 2:10 Slon Tape II
This Is The Norm? 1:30 The Stupids Peruvian Vacation

Repulsion 1:49 Torso Build and Break