Monday, June 18, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #24

Overdose On Records a must to check out!

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Germ Attak- Children of War
Concrete Facelift- Wasted Again
Guttermouth- Pity
Bad Religion- Grrms of Perfection

Opposition Rising- Total Annihilation
Jerry's Kidz- I Don't Belong
Aggro Or Die- Insecure
40oz Folklore- Gear

Fight Music- Antiquated Fairy Tales
Damn Dirty Apes- Set Fires
Commie Death Squad- One Big Lie
All Systems Fail- Make Your Statement

Death Raid- Collective Stupidity
The Bloodclots- Pissed Out of My Head
Rat Pack- Tell Me How

Swellbellys- Revenge
Doggy Style- Rookie Cop
Endangered Feces- F.U.B.A.R.
Floating Roach- I Wanna Be a Race Car Driver

Yo!Scunt- (Doing Lotsa) Fucking Drugs
Carbonites- P.T.
Don't Know- Member of Society
Shitlickers- Armed Revolution
Magrudergrind- Conditioned Minds

Frustration- Grey

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