Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #134

Episode 134... Grabbed a handful of tunes from bands on a recent MRR Radio.  A.) They frothing rocked B.) Because they were right on good ole   

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Screaming In Fear  1:29 Bastard Sons Of The Apocalypse ST EP 2005 Distort Reality
Hardcore Life  1:36 Life Trap Demo 2014
Those who go and those who stay  1:52 URBAN SAVAGE Let Thunder Roar
Together  2:07 Guttermouth The New Threat split

Slap/Survive  (background whole show) 9:50 Sewer PuPPet Frustrations demo Punk Not Profit
Chaos Night  2:03 Kromosom Live Forever
Stranger Than Fiction  2:20 Bad Religion 80-85
Det Sista Kriget (Svart Parad cover)  1:53 Disfear Disfear 7'' Discore/Crust  0
糞ったれパンクスーkusottare punks-shitty punks  1:58 SEI TO SHI Life and Death
DESIRE-HANCURKAN  1:18 Desire Freedom Punker Vol 1

Romantic Gorilla - I'm on Diet  1:38 Spazz & Romantic Gorilla split
Generation Shit  1:38 S.H.I.T. Generation Shit 7"
Free at Last  2:02 Warzone The Victory Years
Solucion  1:53 Usura En Verga ep

Thirsty And Miserable  2:06 Black Flag Damaged
Tiny Dancer  1:23 mommy Demo
Is This Thing On?  0:40 Beartrap Fueled By Self-Hate
Modern Girlz  1:01 The Submissives An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer

Christie Road  3:33 Green Day Kerplunk!

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