Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #230

Episode 230... Still shredding through this apocalypse with the usual punk jams. Some 2020 jammers from Bandcamp and some older stuff this episode. I probably should have done a more significant special, but oh well. Keep washing your hands and enjoy!

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BROS GRIM PUNKCAST 230!!!!!!!!!!

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Corona (yawn) and punk distancing...

Happy Spaztik 2:13 Chaos UK 100 Percent 2 Fingers in the Air
Don't Forget the Chaos 3:00 The Exploited Horror Epics
Fear of a Drone Attack 1:13 Dronez Misc. unpressed tracks
Government Flu 2:06 Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters

LUDLOW - Nacho Job (background) 1:30 Dogtooth & Nail Continental Divide (split w/ Ludlow)
I Don't Wanna Die 1:30 Subhumans The Day The Country Died
Killing Fields 1:21 HEADSPLITTERS Tour Tape 2017
Pain Suffering and Misery 2:23 Eärthdögs SF SCUM SECT MCMVI
Drugs 2:26 Last Chaos Only Fit For Ghosts
Lock Down 3:53 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto

Night of the Living Surf  (background) 2:55 The 427's Mavericks
The Last Laugh 1:19 Exhibition Buffalo NY DEMO
World Crumbles 1:10 Time Crisis Denton TX Demo 2020
raw noise drunkard 1:53 Affect Sweden fucked reality
JODIE FASTER Punk police 1:29 CAFZIC (France Lille) BANDE SON du FANZINE
Death From Above 2:05 Combat Shock Ventura CA Distopian Urban Warzone

The Spy Invasion (background) 2:47 The 427's Mavericks
Evolve 1:43 N.E.G. II
Cryin 2:50 GBH Punk Junkies LP
magma 0:38 Cruelster terminal windmill 7"
Napalm fire 1:22 Discorpse War brutality never ends
World Gone Mad 1:18 PCP & The Knives LSD For Breakfast

Rhino Chaser (background) 2:39 The 427's Surf Noir
Sanity 2:45 Bad Religion No Control

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