Monday, July 27, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #237

Episode 237... Apocalypse shredding, masks and all.  Fresh 2020 grabs from Bandcamp including a banger from the Bros Grim back yard Santa Rosa, CA's Löckheed.  A set list filled with enough rage to handle a Portland crowd.  Enjoy responsibly!

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Punk might, COVID might... who knows...

Punk Will Kill us All 0:58 Brain Tumors Fuck You Forever_Deranged Recs
Drug Induced Paranoia 1:13 Drugcharge ST Flexi_Sorry State
Punk Ass Queers 1:08 Limp Wrist Discography
Ill die With My Boots On 2:09 Crux Keep On Running EP_No Future recs

Let's Dance (background) 2:30 Chris Montez The Hits
Show You Know Mercy 1:54 Cro-Mags The Age Of Quarrel
So Long As 2:26 Anti-System No Laughing Matter_Reconciliation Recs
Medical Fame 1:44 Malinheads Medical Fame_Germany_Pogar Recs
Raped Ass Pt2 1:16 Auktion D-Beat RocknRoll Mayhem_Sweden
Ill Sleep When Im Dead 2:20 No Problem and now this...
The Towel 1:56 Guttermouth Guttermouth/The New Threat Split EP

Believe Me (background) 2:28 Madness One Step Beyond
Catastrophe 1:35 Löckheed  Conflict Delirium EP Santa Rosa
Cadena Alimenticia 1:38 IRREAL 2020 EP_Barcelona LaVidaEsUnMus Recs
Smeared 1:13 N.E.G. Shackles Philly
I can see the future !  and its doom and gloom 1:25 Invalid Format Actual Behaviour EP
Sick To Death 1:53 Nervous SS Future Extinction_Bunker Punks Dist Macedonia

Surf or Die (background) 2:54 Hawaii Samurai Let There Be Surf
Madness 2:09 Mauser Isolation EP
Demoralize 0:45 POLLEN POLLEN E.P.
Samhälssystemets Kyrkogård 2:35 POR089 Zyfilis - Insane Compilation CS
Bone To Pick 1:16 Blackball ST_2016 Sorry State
Broken Home Blues 1:02 Able Danger ...Wing It!_Feral Kids Recs
Apocalyptic Hunters 2:39 D-Sagawa My Life Is In Panic

United Chaos and Anarchy 4:14 The Exploited War Now_Rough Justice Recs

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