Monday, October 12, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #247

Episode 247... Bad grade school equivalent grammar (if not less), and even worse pronunciation as always. Gearing up for E-Day with some themed bumpers. Enjoy!

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Punkers delight...

California Sucks 0:44 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
Steak Knife 0:58 Angry Samoans Back From Samoa
Not Enough 2:32 Fight Music Poster Boys For Birth Control
Change the World with My Hockey Stick 2:24 The Vandals BBC Sessions and Other Polished Turds_Kung Fu Recs
Big Man, Small Mind 1:34 Uniform Choice Screaming For Change
FUCK you forever 1:17 POR023 CRUTCHES - FörlOrAD CS
Rich Kids 1:33 Agression (V) Mystic Sampler #2
Guerra En Mi Cabeza 1:06 INVASIÓN La Caza MLP
Warped Beyond Logic 2:00 Napalm Death Smear Campaign

It Blows (background) 2:20 The Von Zippers Bad Generation_Estrus Recs
The Eye 1:51 Obnoxious Youth Mouths Sewn Shut- Finland
Mänskliga Sopor 1:45 Svaveldioxid Dödsögonblick (Re-mixed 2020) Cassette- Stockholm
Todaveya Corre la Sangre 2:28 Social Conflict PunX to the Bone #7
Alibi 2:47 Warfever Waste My Time EP- San Diego

Gotta Pull Myself Together (background)  2:27 Hi-STANDARD Angry Fist
End On 9 2:45 Guttermouth Live at the House of Blues
Britain Last 2:14 Decontrol Fear Is The Key
Skate Thrash Kill Yourself 1:28 Cat Massacre Blood, Guts and Tits
Abduction Boots 0:37 IRON LUNG Cold Storage I CS/CD
Urban Garfield 1:58 Government Warning Paranoid Mess LP

Love Gun (background) 3:19 Kiss Love Gun
No Island Of Dreams 2:50 Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary-Issue Two
doesn't matter who you are 2:09 Lummox Natural born swillers
14 Generation Shit 1:38 POR026 S.H.I.T - COMPLETE S.H.I.T
You Take Part In Creating The System 1:36 Discharge Hell Is War
I Got Vasectomy 2:19 The Wankys Weapons Of Musical Destruction 8"
To Prove That We Are Free 3:28 Dayglo Abortions Armageddon Survival Guide

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