Monday, December 28, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #258

Episode 258... Cheers to a year that everyone would like to forget. A long set of the best stuff we heard in 2020.  It was pretty successful as far as writing material. 2020 licks from Bandcamp. Mad Max was set in 2021, go figure. Enjoy!

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In your Punk face...

260,000 Dead 1:34 DEATHRAID The Year The Earth Struck Back_Agipunk Recs93
Insane System 1:54 Disorder Pain Headache Depression EP_Trujaca Fala Recs
I'd Rather Die Than Listen To NOFX 1:02 MENTAL DISTRESS Demo TAPE
Asshole 1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People

Walking The Dog (background) 3:08 The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones 1963-1971
I Sniff Glue 0:35 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Alcoholic Slam 1:26 LOCKJAW Gang Violence LP 1985
Time To Eat 1:13 C-4 Goes To War
Mr. Popular 1:19 Time to Escape Time To Escape EP
The End Is Nigh 1:48 The Varukers Varukers: The Punk Singles 1981 - 1985
No One Is Innocent 1:02 HOLEHOG RADIATION BLUES_Sacramento

I Wanna Be Sedated (background) 3:21 The Jimmy Psycho Experience Mosh Pits & Mai Tais: The Ultimate Punk Rock Lounge Party
Coronavirus aka COVID-19 0:43 THE PISSED ALPACAS Singles Collection
Insanity of War 2:02 Affect Fucked Reality_Sweden
Energy Vampire 1:30 Real Trouble PROVING GROUND DEMO_MS
Earth's Revenge 1:53 Genome Young, Beautiful & Free_Sweden
Distopian Urban Warzone 2:30 Combat Shock Distopian Urban Warzone_Ventura CA
Violent Majority 1:36 Spy Service Weapon_Bay Area SF

My Head On A Platter (background) 2:50 Ugly Fly Guys Colt of Buzz
You're All Controlled 0:32 AGENT ATTITUDE First Two EPs
Dropout 1:17 Response Stand Strong
All Hail The Taco Avenger 1:26 IN DEFENSE Discography CD
You Hate, I Hate, Who's Gonna Win? 0:59 CRIPPLED FOX More Fun!! More Thrash!! LP
Zombie Apocalypse 1:21 REPROACH The Bitter End LP

Swamp Ratz - Swamp Rat (background) 2:35 Productions Impossible Records Label Sampler 2020
Everybody's Getting Banned 1:00 GOVERNMENT ISSUE 1982 Demo Double floppy
Lost In Space 1:02 Deep Sleep Three Things At Once
The Fucket List 0:53 Shift Demo 2 (Unmastered)
Quick to Judge 1:01 SPIT Poison In Your Head
Say Again 1:44 Time Again The Stories Are True

Goodbye Year, Goodbye 2:08 X Alphebetland

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