Monday, January 11, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #260

Episode 260... D-Beat special. I know I know, I strayed away from the traditional D-Beat a bit and a few of these bands don't really fit. Enjoy regardless!

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Punk Biden sniffers...

Nothing But Shit 1:45 Stàte Of Fear The Tables Will Turn... And It's You Who's Going To Suffer LP
feed the machine 2:03 Disflesh Fuck em All
Realities of war 1:10 Barracuda A tribute to Discharge: why...again
You Tear Me Up 2:25 Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen
Death To The Dogs (background) 3:04 English Dogs We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will!
Tlazolteol 1:34 Permanent Ruin Are You Ready To Sacrafice? Agipunk Recs102
No Peace 1:59 Scum Scum demo 2011
The New Age 1:55 WARCRY Re-release: Not So Distant Future_Agipunk Recs105
Blistering light 1:59 Discard Death from above 7"
Weeded Out 1:21 Shitfucker Human Disorder demo 2006
Creme of Human Soup 2:30 Whorehouse of Representatives Discography 1993-1999

Shooting Up the World (background) 2:35 Discharge Shootin Up The World
When I Fight 1:17 Wolfbrigade Prey To The World_Unrest Recs
A Taste Of Their Own Medicine 2:04 Disaffect Discography CD
Bro Code 1:37 Warsh E.P. II_Charlottetown
Deranged Socialite 1:43 Stagger Abuse of Power_Philly
Lack Of Intelligence 1:05 DISRUPT Unrest_Relapse Recs
I Used To Be 20 1:32 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Victims - Doomsday (background) 2:10 VA - A Tribute To Discharge In Defence Of Our Future
The Screams Of Dying Cowboys 2:01 Consume Consume
Εφιάλτης 1:01 PissSniffers Piss or annihilation_Athens
Corrupted system 1:31 Discorpse Pawns of warmachine
Blinded by Fear 2:03 Genöme Young, Beautiful & Free
Relentless Slaughter 1:41 Disgust Thrown Into Oblivion [Lost & Found]
For Goat's Sake 1:27 Gasmask Terrör Architects Of Death EP
I Am Not From Here (background) 2:57 Spermbirds Go To Hell Then Turn Left
Coffin Ride 2:15 Warcollapse Deserts of Ash LP
Total Bomb 2:34 DISKELMÄ Kiss of Chaos LP
False Control 1:50 Mercy Killings Mercy Killings
There is No Crime 1:47 Disbar Sounds of war
P.T.S.D. 1:31 Svaveldioxid Split LP w/ Absolut 2017
Suspicious Activities 1:49 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Medley: The End (background) 2:49 Acursed In Defence Of Our Future - A Tribute To Discharge

Bet Wyboru 3:41 Disgusting Lies Split No Choice, No Way_ Agipunk Recs30

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