Monday, September 14, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #244

Episode 244... Keep shredding through the scamdemic with some righteous tunes. Some 2020 licks as usual from Bandcamp and random stuff.

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Punk reality...

Pose-Machine 0:43 Crucial Youth Posi-Machine_New Red Archives
Self Destruct 1:35 Malicious Grind Welcome To Life_New Wave Recs
Irritation 0:40 Charles Bronson Diet Rootbeer EP_Six Weeks
Out Of Reach 2:08 Vice Squad The Rarities (1979-1985)
The Tarantulas - TARANTULA (background) 2:08
Kuollut & Kuopattu 0:59 Tampere SS Kuollut & Kuopattu EP
Super Punk Man 2:00 Gess Suffer Damage Demo_Japan
I Wanna Burn My Parents 1:34 Sick Pleasure Sick Pleasure EP_Subterranean Recs
Tarnished Words 1:50 Necros Conquest For Death_Touch And Go
Voices In My Head 1:35 The Freeze Guilty Face EP_Modern Method Recs
Superinvaders - We are not space invaders (background) 2:35 Productions Impossible Records
Be All You Can Be 2:54 Corrupted Morals Chet 7"_Lookout Recs
Dumb As Fuck 1:17 Liquids nervous sessions INDIANA 2020
Chronic Isolation 1:14 SCUMRAID Rip Up EP_Iron Lung
Torture 1:37 Junk Schizo Pity To THe Ignorant 7in_Japan
Radical Mental Truth 1:33 Lip Cream Kill The I.B.M. CSS_Dinamighit Recs
Two Tone Club - Heaven time (background) 3:18 Productions Impossible Records
I'm About To Climb A Fucking Bell Tower With A Goddamn Sniper Rifle 0:36 MK Ultra V/A Tomorrow Will Be Worse Vol 2
Class Traitor 2:17 ALL HITS Men and Their Work_Iron Lung 160 PORTLAND 2020
Society 1:43 Subhumans EP-LP
First In Line - Wake Up 1:11 Back From The Dead First In Line - Wake Up! UK 2020
Working Class Hell 2:26 Oxblood 6 Hard Years

Radio Radio (background) 3:09 Elvis Costello Sounds Of The Seventies
The Way It Is (ALT) 2:29 A Global Threat Alternate Recording of Kids Will Revolt 7" (1997)
Octopus Hairpiece 2:19 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
society is bondage 1:59 Affect fucked reality SWEDEN 2020
Apokalipszis 2:31 Lecsa - Punk Legális Pusztítás
Dude 2:25 Circle Jerks Wönderful
Vaya Con Dios (background) 2:58 Hank Snow & Chet Atkins Snow South of the Border
Joker In The Pack 2:50 The Adicts Uk/Dk - The Original Sound Track

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