Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #245

Episode 245... Just trying to keep it fresh. Crazy Nancy at the end. Enjoy!

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Urban Punk-zone...

Annoyed 0:29 Void Sessions 1981-83
Positive Outlook 1:21 Youth of Today Can't Close My Eyes
Can't Play An Instrument 2:35 Pepper Spray Tray Smart In The Stupidest Way
Fightstarter Karaoke 2:18 Dropkick Murphys Do Or Die
Rock Lobster (background) 4:39 The B-52's Sounds Of The Seventies
Mass Hysteria 1:00 Knife Fight Isolated_Pain Killer Recs
Skinhead Youth 1:22 Warzone Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets_Fist Recs
Punk Inn'it 1:20 Conflict Deploying All Means Necessary-Issue Two Miscellaneous 0
I Don't Need It 1:47 Verbal Abuse Just An American Band_Fowl Recs
Style Identified 1:33 Crown Court Trouble from London
Stranded 2:08 NOFX The Longest Line [EP]

Cheerleaders From Outerspace Must Die (background) 3:38 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Agency 2:11 Lockheed Conflict Delirium EP SANTA ROSA, CA
Niégalo Todo 1:33 Fuga Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP CHILE
Bleed The Fucker 2:18 Combat Shock Distopian Urban Warzone VENTURA, CA
Swine 0:54 Coronavirus Death Smog CxDxSx Chapter 5: Human Capital Stock NC
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile (background) 3:41 David Allan Coe 17 Greatest Hits
My Chemical Imbalance 1:53 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
Infinite Arguments 2:03 Tape It Shut Dinosaurs VS Robots
Target of Shame 1:45 The Varukers Murder_Cleopatra Recs
Nightmare Man 1:07 SLICES Cruising LP (LUNGS-012)
Friend Or Foe (1984 Rehearsal @ Don Fury's Studio) 1:13 Agnostic Front Raw Unleashed
Blackout 1:45 the Fuck You Pigs the Fuck You Pigs - Cops are just people
Tell Us The Truth 2:49 The Business Under The Influence

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