Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #251

Episode 251... What seems like a bad parody of Groundhog's Day, the election has taken us into the next week. Plenty more political banter. Don't worry, Sleepy Joe the corpse will still give you plenty of writing material for the next 4 years. New tunes from Mad Ax and El Matador, and some 2020 Bandcamp grabs.

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Ground-punk daze...

Plentiful 1:34 Retching Red Get Your Red Wings
Sumu 1:39 Hangover Overdose Profane Existence Magazine #54
Fuck The System 1:57 Total Chaos Pledge of Defiance_Epitaph
All We Do Is Work 1:14 Mad Ax/El Matador 40 Years, 40 Beers, 10 Bad Songs
Mustang Sally (background) 3:04 Wilson Pickett The Very Best of
Punx On The Beat 2:05 Onward To Mayhem Onward To Mayhem
Leaders 2:18 Oi Polloi Pigs For Slaughter
One Consumer's Responsibility To The World 1:55 Reckless Deerhunters Life
Right To Live 2:50 Nausea The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1
Living Common Grave 1:08 The Human Error Profane Existence Magazine #54
Wiped Out 1:13 OFF! Off!

Project Tobacco (background) 2:53 The Out of Limits ...from the Grassy Knoll
Airborne Toxic Event 1:42 Alien Nosejob Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP (LUNGS​-​155)  Australia
Honey Pot 0:48 Haircut Cake_11PM Recs Richmond, VA 
I Want A Refund 1:08 Xylitol I’m Pretty Sure I Would Know If Reality Were Fundamentally Different Than I Perceived It To Be EP_Thrilling Living Recs Olympia, WA
Marked For Life 2:05 Electric Chair Comp. 1 Fresh Out
Mining For Power 1:11 Impalers Comp. 1 Fresh Out
Two Tone Club - (background) King of dance hall 4:26 Productions Impossible Records
Binary Bleach 1:32 Deformity Deformity Bug Collection+
I Can't Relate 0:46 Agnostic Front The American Dream Died
Hands Up! 1:54 The Loudmouths The Loudmouths
For Sale 2:37 Petition Anchored In
Conditions Of Extreme Discomfort 1:20 Voorhees 13
Rich Get Richer 1:21 Poison Idea The Early Years
April 29, 1992 (Sublime) 3:49 Guttermouth Forever Free: A Sublime Tribute Album

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