Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #253

Episode 253... I recorded a couple shows live on Podunk for the first time in 4 years. I stepped away from doing that because the recorded quality wasn't as good. I figured out how to record in stereo and the quality is even worse. Maybe the program is outdated. I make the mistake saying it's #252 as well. The same punkness on this show as usual. Crank up and enjoy!

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Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNKRADIO.

Shave Punk hairy legs...

Nic Fit 1:01 Untouchables Flex Your Head series_Dischord
Splendid Wars 1:42 The Proletariat Soma Holiday LP_Non-U Recs
I Don't Want To Follow You On Twitter 2:11 Active Minds The Age of Mass Distraction
Another Fucker 2:10 Nobodys Less Hits, More Tits
We Can Work It Out (background) 2:16 The Beatles Por Siempre Beatles
Burn Down Wagon Town 2:27 Short Changed Short Changed
Harder Than Who 2:12 Murphy's Law The Best Of Times
Traitor 1:37 Skeptic 100% Hardcore Punk • The Most Definitive Hardcore Punk...
Nothing Done 1:09 SSD Control 3 12in Records on a CD
Recognize 1:11 Stinkpalm Death Infected Vol 1
The I.N.S. Took My Novia Away 2:25 Manic Hispanic Mijo Goes To Jr. College

Hellbats - I am them (background) 3:01 Productions Impossible Records Sampler 2020
Evolution Letdown 1:07 Android CHAPTER 001 Orlando FL
AR-15 1:02 Kaleidoscope Comp. 1 Fresh Out
Horrendous 1:36 Demolition Demolition - Shadows of Death LA
I Hate The Beach 1:39 ROLEX Self Titles EP LA_11PM Recs LA
Dictated In Red 1:18 POR100 Nosferatu - Solution A TX

Jenifa Taught Me (background) 3:27 De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising
Bleeding Ears 1:37 Vicious Circle Born To Destroy
Burn It Down 2:31 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
The Beer Hunter Bong Meister 2:11 Submachine Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks
Reagan Hijo Puta 1:48 Delirium Tremens Presagio De Muerte 7"
Beef Curtains 1:52 Slut Fungus Shitting Pretty_Cherry Bear Recs
Anti Social 1:43 Criminal Class Blood On The Streets

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