Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #341

Episode 341... A few Memorial Day jams. Plus a brand new one from The Slime (Toronto) from their upcoming new EP this week. Also on from (Eugene's) DFS. Keep Shredding and thanks for your service out there.  Enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 341!!!!!!

Airing Wednesdays 7pm PST on PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION & Fridays 7pm PST on RIPPER RADIO.

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Living on Punker time...

Real Garbage 1:19 The Slime Living On Borrowed Slime EP (5/27/22)
Anti-Hero 1:21 Dead Fucking Serious KLANDEMIC (6/14/22)
Everyone's Grandparents Are Racist 1:14 Gutser Gutser Sucks!
Fack oof 1:41 STATE POISON Fack oof - flexi 7"

Unknown Soldier (bkgrd) 3:05 Sanction Anti War - Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol I
Yesterdays Heroes 2:31 Dogsflesh Vision of Hell
Useless Generation 1:21 Combat Force Never Stray_Youth Attack Recs
La Guerra II 0:41 Setiembreonce No Estamos A Salvo 10''
Guilty Conscience 3:05 The Defects Politicophobia

Antiwar (bkgrd) 2:55 Dirt Anti War - Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol I
March Them Off to War (This is Business) 2:38 Common Enemy As the World Burns
New Mexican Disaster Squad - The Ultimatum 1:24 Sampler Vol. 3 - Fueling The Flames Of Revolution (AF037)
Chicken Box 1:28 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Scheisse Minnelli: Skateboard The Freeway 2:28 Scheisse Minnelli Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Government lies 1:56 Anti System Anti War - Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol I

Doomsday (bkgrd) 2:26 Law/Less Punx Unite
Belushi 2:06 Sniffing Glue Sniffing Glue - Cold Times
War - Std grabbag 1:17 STD grabbag PUNKS VS. GOVERNMENT
Human Wave Attack 1:32 D-Sagawa Is This A Fucking Solution?
Power For Control 1:47 Corrupted Youth Class Struggle
Asexual 1:16 A Bit Of Braindead VA - Thrash Up My Ass Tape
Now You Can't Breath Either 0:24 Cornavirus Death Smog CxDxSx You're In A Cult_Surf City NC

Forgotten Hero (bkgrd) 4:29 A-Heads Anti War - Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol I
SF Stuck 1:01 HOGG Arahant
Oakland INSIDE 1:03 Greyhound SCORCHED EARTH
France DYSFONCTIONNEL 1:29 pogorecords TRØMA "A MORT" (pogo 167)
Rat Bastard 1:45 Rude Television Pest Control
Pu Skudlar Mer Ad Vera Sexy 1:23BÖRN Drottningar Dauðans (LUNGS-186)

Partisan (bkgrd) 3:07 SYNDICATE MRR 400 - The Shitworker Comp
Lies - gag Order 1:59 Gag Order PUNKS VS. GOVERNMENT
Wheels On Fire 0:52 Boiling Point VA - Thrash Up My Ass Tape
Jacob's Ladder 1:06 HATRED SURGE Human Overdose (LUNGS-041)
Noise Nest - Hedge Off 1:24 Owlripper Recordings Comp3 - Prowling For The Blasts #1
The Hippy War Generals 1:43 Nuclear War Punk Shit Vol.1

Another Dead Soldier 2:37 Anti-Pasti The Punk Singles Collection

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #340

Episode 340... A social media/cyber theme this week. Some classics and some new stuff. Try not to be a follower. Enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 340!!!!!

Airing Wednesdays 7pm PST on PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION & Fridays 7pm PST on RIPPER RADIO.

Send us stuff  to brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com.

Punk media...

Bullshit Media 1:31 Pisschrist Victims of Faith
Social Media 0:46 Disjawn Blunt Smoke Night
Thought Provoking Sonic Device 2:09 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto

Cybergod (bkgrd) 4:09 Nausea The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1
media 0:40 Power is Poison unreleased
Hipster Holocaust 1:54 Media Circus Skate Attack Vol. I tape
Society's Victim 1:17 Dismama Realities of Qwar
Frenzied Media 1:26 Warcycle Legalised Onslaught
Media blitz 1:30 Germs (GI)_Slash  Recs

Media!  Media! (bkgrd) 2:27 The Panty Liners FTW!
Murder Media 0:39 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties
Media's Portrayal 0:36 Six Brew Bantha Self Titled LP
Mainstream Media Killed All My Friends 1:23 Henry Fonda Unicorns From Hell split 7" w/ Nihil Baxter
Cyber God Belief 1:59 Vivisick Underground Asia Compilation CD
Domesticated 0:58 Short Fuse Short Fuse - So Long! 7''
fuck the media 1:49 AntiDote Back In Year Zero

Damaged Cybernetics 5:14 Out of Tune Discontent Producers
Sac Dystopian Reality 2:10 HOLEHOG DYSTOPIAN REALITY
Brazil Social Hypnosis 1:31 ARAME Prison Dead split with FARCADA
L.A. Desensitized 2:39 Defamation DEMO 2022
Richmond VA (Symbols of) Human Failure 1:30 Destruct Onward to Collapse: Live 2021
Indiana Losing Control 1:23 ZHOOP Top Shelf

Time Will Tell (bkgrd) 3:19 Jimmy Cliff Reggae Spectacular
Mystical Media Exploration Of The Backward Of Human Thought 1:22 Proletar Back to Hatevolution CD
Media 0:25 Impulse Manslaughter Live at WFMU
MEDIA WHORE 1:36 Chemical Threat Vicious
Media Scam 1:58 Anti God Can't Bounce

Walk Together, Surf Together (bkgrd) 3:26 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Media Blackout 1:41 Aus-Rotten Not A Single Fucking Hit Discography
Media Fakes 2:30 Carradine Choke Planet Fatigue
Media Obsession 1:38 Traumatized Demo 2014
Controlled Media 1:49 Do You Think I Care? Infected By Religion
Cyber Butt 0:58 Piss Pants Surf Skate Masturbate
Paid Programming 1:00 Joyride SHOW & TELL - A Stormy Remembrance Of TV Theme Songs

Media Spin 2:14 Grindmother Age of Destruction

Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #339

Episode 339... Underlying themes galore (nukes, pro-choice, COVID) and a set of new stuff as usual from Bandcamp. I said "RPMs," but I meant "BPMs." Mistakes and stuttering as usual as well. Enjoy!!

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BROSofGRIM 339!!!!!!

Airing Wednesdays 7pm PST on PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION & Fridays 7pm PST on RIPPER RADIO.

Send us stuff  to brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com.

Feed us a PUNK...

Mirror Image 1:49 Kanker Sores Pivot 7in EP
Nukke'Em All 1:08 Nukke No More Peace (D-Takt & Rapunk)
It's Quite Alright 1:31 Rancid Rancid 2000

Instigator Baby (bkgrd) 3:09 Coffin Flag Coffin Flag
ABORTION TRUCK 3:41 Captured! by Robots Broken As Fuck
Living Abortion 1:06 Oppressed Logic It's Harassment
Sheep breed sheep 0:48 Fatal Birth Same ep
Cause For Abortion 1:08 A Global Threat What The Fuck will Change?_Punkcore Recs
Con Especial 1:51 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Legalize Everything (bkgrd) 2:17 Population Reduction Each Birth a New Disaster
used to be in love 2:15 Dayglo Abortions feed us a fetus
You're Deformed 1:49 Birth Deformities [BE-03] Demo
Cornered 1:50 Scarecrow Demo
Positive Mental Attitude 0:54 Buff Shit Highschool Was Okay tape
One Answer 1:30 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes

impossibilities (bkgrd) 2:53 the Bastards Schizo Terrorist
Forgotten 2:08 Deathraid All life ends
dead end system 1:11 SYSTEM BASTARD - demo 2013 (groningen) demo 2013
Politics 0:33 Offside Demo JP session
Betty Crocker Punk Rocker 1:22 Furious George Heide Sez: Lookout Records 1996 Sampler

Nuclear Hell (bkgrd) 3:13 Deathdealer Freedom Punker
Ukraine Earthquake 1:20 ПхШх Вперед ногами
Chicago Prisoners of Urges 0:43 Weak Pulse OP#15: Weak Pulse - EKG EP
MATRAK ATTAKK - Het Is Class War 1:36 Owlripper Recordings Comp7 - Prowling For The Blasts #2
GENESTEALER - Ego Vomit 0:59 Owlripper Recordings Comp7 - Prowling For The Blasts #2
Melbourne Virus 0:33 Apocalypse Accelerationist ON005 - Apocalypse Accelerationist

Revelator Dub (bkgrd) 5:17 The Defects Politicophobia
Florida 1:24 Badeatinghabits Skate Attack Vol. I tape
No Love For The Fucked Up 2:01 Anthrot The Fucking Tape
Beer Beer Beer 0:35 Mind of Asian Small Elephant In A Large Forest_Sound Pollution Recs
Beer Beer Beer 1:30 Dirtheads Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Incomplete 2:29 Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction

I Lost My Mind- The Ramones- Half Way To Sanity 1:34