Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #269

Episode 269... Playing along with the Democratic War Machine.  A few new Bandcamp grabs as usual.  Enjoy!

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Punk around...

Dont Like It 0:46 Assbackwards Inebriation Euthanization
Enemy Winds 0:59 Artificial Peace Complete Sessions 1981_Dischord
Pot 0:34 Guttermouth 11 Oz - EP
Life Ain't Fair 1:41 EEL Split With Radio Active

Wave Rodeo (background) 2:37 The Propellers Propellers Attack
A glimpse of hell 1:41 Warvictims Domedagen 12in
Yksi Miljoonassa 0:43 Terveet Kadet -  Piinaavanautinto EP (SPHC-35)
We All Die In The End 1:50 No Statik Everywhere You Aren't Looking
The Hippy War Generals 1:43 Nuclear War Punk Shit Vol.1
Just A Reminder 0:39 Asshole Parade Student Ghetto Violence Power Violence
Smash It Up 0:54 Gross Negligence ST EP
London's Burning (background) 2:13 The Jimmy Psycho Experience Mosh Pits & Mai Tais
We Bite 1:10 Bitchfits We're Still Pissed!!! vol. 4
Bombed To Shit 1:42 Visions Of War I Can Only See A Better World Built From The Ashes Of This
decaying flesh of human carnage 0:49 Inhuman Beings Demo_ Philly
Kult Krusher 1:28 Bordger War of Extinction EP_ NZ
Liquored For Life 1:05 Brutalize Fuck Around and Find Out_ Vancouver BC
Elder Mutant Stomp 2:09 Spazz Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan & Katon

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #268

Episode 268... Salty like always.  A couple new ones and the same ole same ole.  Enjoy!

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Preemptive Stabbing 1:05 OUT COLD Living Is Killing Me
What About You 1:26 Stopcox Demo 2002 Germany
Forced Opinions 1:38 Last Words Last Words LP
Beat Up The Mods 2:12 Peter & The Test Tube Babies Loud Blaring Punk Rock
The Tarantulas - (background) TARANTULA 2:08
Innitial Shock 1:11H.P.T. Bipolar - H.P.T Split EP_MS
Life's Hell 0:53 Bipolar ''In Despair''_Greenland
No Mas 2:00 N.A.P.A. Nadicos Al Punk Anarquista
No Friends 1:34 Sad Boys Ground Zero
Left Wing Cannibals 0:45 Narrow Views Out of Control
When Hell Freezes Over 1:19 Guttermouth Musical Monkey

El Conquistador (background) 1:46 Tsunamish Supersecreto
Jealous Again 1:52 Black Flag The First Four Years
Veteran Of Loserhood 1:05 P.L.F. Pulverizing Lethal Force CD
Street Jam To The Second Power 1:07 Powerxchuck Spazzin To The Oldies - A Tribute To Spazz
Now's About The Time 1:29 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
Society House 2:49 Mickey And The Big Mouths Laid Off Catalog

Bonus song: I Don't Like You 1:05 Nobodys Greatasstits

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #267

Episode 267... Shredding through the apocalypse as always. A couple more new 2021 songs I found on Bandcamp and usual soap opera drama. Enjoy!

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Gnarish Punk...

Fleeting Fury 1:21 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance_Dischord Recs
Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There Is One) 1:14 Stretch Marks Who & What: The Complete Studio Recordings
Kill Yourself 1:57 The Loudmouths Singles
Hope 2:01 Descendents Milo Goes To College_SST Recs
The Good The Bad and The Ugly Theme Song (background) 2:53 The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
The threat is real 1:37 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers! Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1
Mainonta Vs. Ihmiset 1:18 Hangover Overdose Huippumalli Haussa
Don't Blame Us 1:06 The Partisans The Partisans_No Future Recs
Grenade 0:27 No Qualms No, You Calm Down!
Violent World 1:55 Antischism Antischism
Violent World 1:34 Misfits 13 Hits From Hell
Alice Bag - (background) Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice 2:47
Godina Haosa 1:21 GNAR Demo_Montenegro
DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSES 1:05 ... ..._St. Icky Tapes
Dark Side of the Spoon 1:29 FYPM Dumbed Down
Labor Dogs 0:36 Kombat Wombat P.I.T.
Hypocrite 1:47 Negative approach Total recall
Foot-Long 1:56 Guttermouth Gusto!