Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #299

Episode 299... Some known and some not so known as we gear up for the episode 300.  A batch of 2021 Bandcampers with some loud and fast.  Enjoy!

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Airing Wednesdays 7 p.m. PST on PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION & Fridays 7 p.m. PST on RIPPER RADIO.

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Faith 1:10 Rights of The Accused Innocence
Breaking Out 1:25 Rotten Blossom Let's Hang Out
Still Hope 1:25 The Minorities Dissatisfied
Senior Citizens Today: Soylent Green Tomorrow 1:08 Evil I Official Bootleg 1983_Alona's Dream Recs

Corona (background) 2:26 Minutemen Jackass The Movie
Still bored 1:52 The Restarts Outsider
Refuse 1:45 Call the Police 1984 in 2003
Bootstraps 1:42 Heavy Discipline Heavy Discipline_Pain Killer Recs 82
Scumbag Boogie 1:20 Pizzatramp Blowing Chunks
Jalang 2:22 Lái Pontianak
Beer Olympics (background) 2:54 The Lancashire Hotpots A Hard Days Pint
Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps / 7t's 2:17 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Surfin' Tel Aviv 1:10 SPIT Toxic Noise
Ohjelmoitu Voittaja (programmed winner) 1:45 Kohti Tuhoa Kohti Tuhoa EP
Stains 0:48 They Live A Taste of The Good Life_625 Thrash #22
Explode 2:28 Smut Peddlers The Two Old Ones
The Surfites (background) Surfville 2:21
HOAX 1:20 UGLYBONES 2021 Bandcamp Single_ Chicago
C-4 1:50 LYSOL Soup for My Family_Seattle
High on Guilt 0:48 Nothing Clean Disappointment-UK
Gone Away 1:49 Nervegas Nervegas E.P._Denmark
Herd The Sheep 1:28 Bootlicker ST LP_Neon Taste Recs

Jan And Dean - (background) Sidewalk Surfin' 2:35
Terrible Taraval 0:54 MACRODOSE First Dose (Demo)
Knocking Out a Small Horse 0:24 Ona Snop split 7" w/Nothing Clean
Restart 0:59 HOLY The Age Of Collapse
Sit There 0:55 Lethal Overdose Unfinished Business LP (remastered 80's)
The Chemist & the Acevities - Not a scientist anymore (background) 2:08 Productions Impossible Records Sampler 2020
Clarkson Is A Nazi Prick 1:05 FETUS CHRIST WEEDGRINDER
Devils Lettue 1:33 Greedy Mouth Seitan Worshipping Power Violence
Donde 1:24 Obsessió Obsessió MLP
The Clenched Fist of Human Greed 1:53 The Fight Endless Noise
Larmes De Crocodile (crocodile tears) 2:41 Rixe Collections LP
Rocket USA 2:13 Bambies 2019 Bandcamp Single

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #298

Episode 298... Lots of griping this week about the weak AF (as the kids say) cancel culture and pro sports, but if we don't hear any 7-minute long collaborations with jello, we'll be happy. 2021 finds from Bandcamp with the usual. Enjoy!

Download and stream here (iTunes as well):

Airing Wednesdays 7 p.m. PST on PUNK ROCK DEMONSTRATION & Fridays 7 p.m. PST on RIPPER RADIO.

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Punkers delight...

No Punk 2:22 ASKÖ Punk?
Sutter And Call 1:36 GESS Suffer Damage
Eat A Bowl Of Fuck 0:44 Quincy Punx We're Not Punks... But We Play Them On TV
Teenage Kicks 0:56 Pink Turds In Space Dancing For The Fallen Comp
Down On The Street (background) 3:42 The Stooges Eastbound And Down Soundtrack
Beer 2:05 G.F.I. Unknown Album
Get Lost 1:46 The Side Eyes So Sick
Climate Fail 1:14 Riot Cop The Violence
Slogans - The Griswalds 1:37 Various Artists Screech Like A Weasel
Bakers Dozen 2:10 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Lookouts - Big Green Monsters  (background) 1:59 Very Small Records Make The Collector Nerd Sweat Compilation 10" 1989
Last Chance 1:36 Kraut an adjustment to society_ New Red Archives
Missing In Action 0:42 Assault & Battery The Complete Session May 1981
GUTTER - Fixed Solutions 1:42 Various Artists Maximum Rocknroll Sound The Alarms!! Comp
VERRUGAS - Revuelta 1:39 Various Artists Maximum Rocknroll Sound The Alarms!! Comp
LEI DO CÃO - Relapso 0:57 Various Artists Maximum Rocknroll Sound The Alarms!! Comp

Dads Growing Older  (background) 2:07 Nuclear Baby Food (V) You Can't Argue With Sucksess
Karen Killer 1:36 P.I.S.S. The Yellow Demo_Long Beach
2 Faced 1:22 Bootlicker Bootlicker LP_Van, BC
Rising Tide 1:51 Rotting Hammer Clinging to Life_Cincinatti
Disable - Mindless Delusions 1:41 Disable & Löckheed Disable / Löckheed Split
Löckheed - Pill Mill 0:57 Disable & Löckheed Disable / Löckheed Split
When I Think  (background) 2:44 Verbal Assault
Till the day I die 2:04 Casual Nausea Demons
Punk Sudaka 0:45 PURGÄ Noise From Hell
Shut Up 0:39 ANF Gymnasium Violence
Useful Idiot 0:43 TWAT Degentrification
Take A Little Time 1:00 Evil Knievel Rice Mr. Grover's Room EP
Night of the Living Dead  (background) 2:01 88 Fingers Louie
Cavemonster 1:57 Deathraid All life ends
Fire 1:04 Warehouse Value Fucked Up On Lo-Fi
At What Cost? 1:42 Headsplitters Headsplitters LP_Desolate Recs
Disgruntled Ex Worker 1:21 GURKHA Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru
I've Done Everything For You 1:56 Nobodys Greatasstits
45 Revolutions 1:42 Blitz All Out Attack Punk Not Profit

Sunday, July 18, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #297

Episode 297... Extreme this and radical that. We'll shred along as we inch closer and closer to another lockdown. Some 2021 grabs from Bandcamp as usual. Enjoy!!

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Rest in PUNK...

Lost Cause 1:39 DEAD CITY Trap Tapes, Vol. 1
GUILT/ANGER/FEAR 1:32 SHIT COFFINS Termination_ Iron Lung Recs
Phone in sick 2:45 REST IN PISS Peace off!
OUT OF THE DARKEST RUT 1:22 Mutilated Tongue Fuel The Flame
Chariots 7 (background) 1:08 Chariots of The Gods Chariots of The Gods Soundtrack
Came Without Warning 1:47 Scream Still Screaming_Dischord Recs
Fight 0:55 Bored Youth November 1981
Döda tröga kids 2:00 Beyond Pink Pride and Prejudice
Die Suffering 1:52 Besthöven Just Another Warsong-EP
Bored With Life 1:10 Crazy Eddie Eddie Goes To Night School
Memphis  (background) 2:31 Lonnie Mack Sa-Ba-Hoola! Two Sides Of Lonnie Mack
A Day At The Office 2:26 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Pick Your Poison 2:36 Massive Blowout Armageddon E.P.
No Power; No Slave 1:25 Invasión Invasión demo 2005
No Place to Hide 1:30 Running For Cover Demo LP_ Pain Killer Recs 53
Spiky kids are innocent 2:01 THE ADDICTION VOICE OF BRISTLE PUNK
Beatnik Fly  (background) 3:01 Johnny and the Hurricanes Sweethearts and Stolen Kisses Because They're Young
Numb 1:44 Cell Rot Slowly Falls Apart_ Convulse Recs_Oakland
Dispel 1:57 CHAIN WOLF Dispel &Third Eye promo_LA
Al-Zuki Akbar 1:47 TAQBIR Taqbir_Morocco
Descent to Insanity 1:52 Skull Ripper Doomed Future LP_Portland
Mortal Disdain 1:40 Nervous SS Skoje Vs Sheffield Rat Cage Split
Ghost Riders In The Sky  (background) 2:10 The Ramrods Psychobilly: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Accident 1:58 The Naked Lady Wrestlers Thrasher flexi
Mienten 1:00 Discos Enfermos DE #04 GOBIERNO MILITAR 7″
Nous martirs 0:48 Discos Enfermos DE #05 AMENAÇA “demo 2009″ 12″
You're Just a Lie 0:45 Bracewar Juggernaut
Pigs in Space  (background) 2:44 Free Beer Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 2 "Blazing Wheels And Barking Trucks"
hYPERsphere 1:03 PSUDOKU Space Grind
Wired 1:35 LYSOL "Wired" B/W "Knucklehead"
By Death or By Force 1:52 Oiltanker The Shadow of Greed
Total Restart 1:41 OBEDIENCE MMXIX
Ignorance and Arrogance 2:37 Social Unrest SU-2000
The Power Of Beer 3:12 Alpha Boys Mother's Dream