Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #145

Episode 145... Still the worst punk show around.  Listen in, scary at times and filled with good ole hardcore.

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Punk's scariest...

Mull On Liian Lyhyt Sänky  0:44 Terveet Kadet Kadet Suojelee EP 1983 Alcoholocaust Recs
Vapaa Pohjola  0:49 Terveet Kadet Kadet Suojelee EP 1983 Alcoholocaust Recs
Mangled Puzzle- Slurping At The Cosmos Spine  2:07 Dawn Of Humans
Panic  1:34 Annihilation Time II

Gay Jesus For President (background)  2:54 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
3-Never Forget Your Root(s)...Beer  1:40 Teen Wolves The Tape
Fosterland  2:36 Disarm Domd
Drones  1:37 Life Lock Who'll Make Noise Not Music?!! demo 2011
Last Minute Panic  2:28 Worse Than Death Mortal
Reason  0:43 Mental Waste Meltdown

Napas Peradaban Yang Beracun (background)  3:39 Krass Kepala Freedom Punker
I Didn't Jerk  1:07 Drunken Cholos (queers) Livin La Vida Loco
Neglect  2:09 Protestant The Hate. The Hollow
War Stories  1:16 Citizens Patrol Citizens Patrol
Straight Edge Revenge  1:19 Project X Straight Edge Revenge
Inadequacy  0:26 Chainsaw To The Face Agonizing Pain And Perpetual Misery : Collection CD

Get Out Of My Vision (background)  2:33 The Murderburgers The Helltons/The Murderburgers Split 7"
De Socialized  0:32 Cheap Art E.P.
You're Only Punk Once  1:48 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
We're Drunx, Not Punx  1:40 RKC SBRKC Split
Before false  1:06 Recide Demo II
Upside Down Space Cockroach  3:06 Guttermouth Shave The Planet

No End In Sight  3:36 Mudhoney Piece Of Cake

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #144

Episode 144... Been missing awhile, but no one noticed.  Some female fronted and the usual.  Find Teen Wolves for free on bandcamp as well.

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Happy Punkril 8th...

Rumpelstilzchen  2:01 Vorkriegsphase Auf In Den Tod
Vi Kan  0:52 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
Dig Your Grave  1:29 Bitter Taste Demo II
Cheese, Where's My Slice  2:17 NoFX Ribbed

Walk  (background) 5:17 Pantera Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits
Brats Bite  2:01 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids
Three Wheels And A Tank Of Nitros  1:57 Submachine Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks
Fiorucci Nightmare  0:44 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance E.P
Cement Floor  1:22 Phibes [BE-02] Demo
It's A Fact  2:06 The Vandals The Quickening

Cadaver Class (background)  3:20 The Meatmen War of the Superbikes, Vol. 2
Conditions Of Extreme Discomfort  1:20 Voorhees 13
The Monster With 21 Faces  1:49 Municipal Waste The Fatal Feast
Pay No Attention  0:56 Youth Brigade Possible
Problem Hasn't Gone Away  2:04 Whorehouse of Representatives Discography 1993-1999
TEEN WOLVES (U.$.A.) - bedtime stories  1:26 VA - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 6 2012

Won't Conform (background) 2:34 Monster Squad California Republic Split
Gas Out  1:57 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
Under The Gun  1:44 Peroxide Youth Generation Advert: Age of Misinformation E.P.
Soldiers Of Satan  1:25 Disflesh Warmaggeddon
Mercy Bullet  1:18 Dirty BS_Murder 7in Slasher Recs 2006

Lithium  4:11 Vice Squad Smells Like Bleach: A Punk Tribute to Nirvana Tribute