Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast with Mark Adkins #61

Episode 61. No podcast in the land has "A Beer With Guttermouth"! Lead singer Mark Adkins (above) stops in for a chat! The lack of response from bands has halted our ability for audio. Stussey pays a visit, and a new song from the Sickoids!

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Venkman- Classic & Aw Shit pt2
Entropy- This Is Comedy
Common Enemy*- Egg Raid On The Mojo (free DL at
Chula Violence- Nothing Special
Bros theme

Assbackwards***- Johnny
Capitalistic Casualties***- Drainage Ditch
S.N.A.F.U.-  Snafizzle Televizzle
Bros see you in the pit!

Zero Boys- New Generation
FYM- P.C./ The Bowl
Submarine Screendoor*- Skateboard Junkie
White Pigs- Victims/ Dropout
Screeching Weasel- Pervert At Large

Sickoids- Delusion
DRI- I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Invierno Nuclear- No Mas Policia
Justin Thrasher

Full Scale Panic**- Deep End Party Zone
Downcast- Hate Comes Easy
SiCKPiG- Graveyard Earth
Guttermouth- Gas Out

"A Beer With Guttermouth (Mark Adkins)"

Guttermouth- Perfect World
Vandals- Marry Me
The Nobodys- Another Stupid Song
Dog and Ax bump

New Society Of Anarchists**- Idiot Breed
Antiseptic**- Look Ahead
Rabies- Gonna Fuck You Up
Disorder- Drop The Bomb
Fat Mike Podunk

NOFX- Dying Degree
Bullet Treatment- In Your Memory
Kismet HC- Botox Beauty (Freedom Punker vol 3)
Down To Kill- Killed By The Law (Freedom Punker vol 6) promo

Varukers- All Systems Fail
The Nipples- Fuck Up
The Accidents- 7 Inch/ We Don't Like The Ramones
The Booze Brothers- Take A Ride

Farewell? We are no longer on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!

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