Sunday, February 28, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #269

Episode 269... Playing along with the Democratic War Machine.  A few new Bandcamp grabs as usual.  Enjoy!

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Punk around...

Dont Like It 0:46 Assbackwards Inebriation Euthanization
Enemy Winds 0:59 Artificial Peace Complete Sessions 1981_Dischord
Pot 0:34 Guttermouth 11 Oz - EP
Life Ain't Fair 1:41 EEL Split With Radio Active

Wave Rodeo (background) 2:37 The Propellers Propellers Attack
A glimpse of hell 1:41 Warvictims Domedagen 12in
Yksi Miljoonassa 0:43 Terveet Kadet -  Piinaavanautinto EP (SPHC-35)
We All Die In The End 1:50 No Statik Everywhere You Aren't Looking
The Hippy War Generals 1:43 Nuclear War Punk Shit Vol.1
Just A Reminder 0:39 Asshole Parade Student Ghetto Violence Power Violence
Smash It Up 0:54 Gross Negligence ST EP
London's Burning (background) 2:13 The Jimmy Psycho Experience Mosh Pits & Mai Tais
We Bite 1:10 Bitchfits We're Still Pissed!!! vol. 4
Bombed To Shit 1:42 Visions Of War I Can Only See A Better World Built From The Ashes Of This
decaying flesh of human carnage 0:49 Inhuman Beings Demo_ Philly
Kult Krusher 1:28 Bordger War of Extinction EP_ NZ
Liquored For Life 1:05 Brutalize Fuck Around and Find Out_ Vancouver BC
Elder Mutant Stomp 2:09 Spazz Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan & Katon

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #268

Episode 268... Salty like always.  A couple new ones and the same ole same ole.  Enjoy!

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Preemptive Stabbing 1:05 OUT COLD Living Is Killing Me
What About You 1:26 Stopcox Demo 2002 Germany
Forced Opinions 1:38 Last Words Last Words LP
Beat Up The Mods 2:12 Peter & The Test Tube Babies Loud Blaring Punk Rock
The Tarantulas - (background) TARANTULA 2:08
Innitial Shock 1:11H.P.T. Bipolar - H.P.T Split EP_MS
Life's Hell 0:53 Bipolar ''In Despair''_Greenland
No Mas 2:00 N.A.P.A. Nadicos Al Punk Anarquista
No Friends 1:34 Sad Boys Ground Zero
Left Wing Cannibals 0:45 Narrow Views Out of Control
When Hell Freezes Over 1:19 Guttermouth Musical Monkey

El Conquistador (background) 1:46 Tsunamish Supersecreto
Jealous Again 1:52 Black Flag The First Four Years
Veteran Of Loserhood 1:05 P.L.F. Pulverizing Lethal Force CD
Street Jam To The Second Power 1:07 Powerxchuck Spazzin To The Oldies - A Tribute To Spazz
Now's About The Time 1:29 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
Society House 2:49 Mickey And The Big Mouths Laid Off Catalog

Bonus song: I Don't Like You 1:05 Nobodys Greatasstits

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #267

Episode 267... Shredding through the apocalypse as always. A couple more new 2021 songs I found on Bandcamp and usual soap opera drama. Enjoy!

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Gnarish Punk...

Fleeting Fury 1:21 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance_Dischord Recs
Tomorrow Will Be Better (If There Is One) 1:14 Stretch Marks Who & What: The Complete Studio Recordings
Kill Yourself 1:57 The Loudmouths Singles
Hope 2:01 Descendents Milo Goes To College_SST Recs
The Good The Bad and The Ugly Theme Song (background) 2:53 The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
The threat is real 1:37 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers! Power Bomb Anthems Vol. 1
Mainonta Vs. Ihmiset 1:18 Hangover Overdose Huippumalli Haussa
Don't Blame Us 1:06 The Partisans The Partisans_No Future Recs
Grenade 0:27 No Qualms No, You Calm Down!
Violent World 1:55 Antischism Antischism
Violent World 1:34 Misfits 13 Hits From Hell
Alice Bag - (background) Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice 2:47
Godina Haosa 1:21 GNAR Demo_Montenegro
DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSES 1:05 ... ..._St. Icky Tapes
Dark Side of the Spoon 1:29 FYPM Dumbed Down
Labor Dogs 0:36 Kombat Wombat P.I.T.
Hypocrite 1:47 Negative approach Total recall
Foot-Long 1:56 Guttermouth Gusto!

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #266

Episode 266... Trying a new 30-minute format for a bit. No one cares anyway. At least with the acquittal you all can put your energy into something useful now. A few newer Bandcamp grabs. Enjoy!

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Punk humanity...

Survive 1:02 The Helpless Nuclear Fire Tape
Traffic 0:37 Cross Class Split w/ RAD_Sacramento Recs
Pecking Order 1:21 Bato Not For The Weak Records Compilation I
Not Ugly Enough To Be A Ramone 3:01 The Young Hasselhoffs If it Ain't Tasty it Ain't Melted​.​.​.Melted Recs Sampler

In The Dark (background) 2:53 Manifest Destiny Mystic Sampler #1
Viva America 1:12 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Ghouls Night Out 1:44 Goldfinger Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits
Sniper Parade 0:48 VEINS VEINS EP_Youth Attack Recs
Spokesman For No-One 0:42 Code 13 Code 13 Discography 1994-2000
Selfish Few 1:36 Chaos UK 100 Percent 2 Fingers in the Air
Baja (background) 2:45 JFA We Know You Suck comp
COVID DREAMS 1:25 Zero Again Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity​.​.​._UK
FOIL - Stuck In A Slump 1:48 FOIL_KC FOIL/ SYLVIE S split_Dirtbag Distro_KC
Viral Warfare 1:10 Hellish Inferno Demo_Oakland
Do You Conform 1:25 Black Uniforms Faces of Death
Release The Hostages 2:29 NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo

Walk Together, Surf Together (background) 3:26 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Punx Unite 3:56 The Casualties Underground Army Punk

Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #265

Episode 265... I mention the impeachment trial, but it's over before the show is even posted. New Bandcamp tunes and the usual rage. Thanks and enjoy!

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Punk meds...

Problem 1:03 Grimple Up Your Ass_Oakland_M&E Recs
#FuckYou 2:11 El Matador 40 Years, 40 Beers, 10 Bad Songs
Secure Horizons 2:50 Guttermouth Covered With Ants
Gutter Dreams 1:53 POR029 No Time - You'll Get Yours CS

Jane Says (background) JA Barf Bros 90's Radio 
Throwaway Kids 2:05 The Virus Still Fighting For A Future_Charged Recs
Lack of Intelligence 1:04 Disrupt Deprived
The Wine Runs Red 2:24 Dissober Outcasts of Sobriety_D-Takt & Rapunk Recs
Awaiting the Siege 1:27 Löckheed Löckheed//Affect Split EP
Har du sett mina nötter? Have You Seen My Nuts? 0:55 Skogstokig Hällristningar i nyllet Rock Carvings In The Stuffing
Bootlickin' Boy 1:27 The Resistance 1981
Teen Idol 0:35 JFA We Know You Suck comp
Devo 1:09 Groovie Ghoulies 99 Lives_Green Door Rec Co

Dead In The Saddle (background) 3:44 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
JUSTIFY 0:38 KAGAMI Demo 2021 Tokyo
Who Will Care 1:08 Negativ Epicrisis
Apple Store 1:20 CTRL Group 2020 Demo_Sorry State Recs
Crushed To Dust 1:00 Stiff Meds Exciting Violence CS
Battlefield of Hell 1:14 Disclose Nightmare Or Reality_MCR
The New Highscore 1:18 MyManMike I'm Pregnant
Cause For Abortion 1:05 A Global Threat Dubbed Cassette Demo '97

Human Fly (background) 2:16 Cramps Sounds Of The Seventies
Warped In World 8 1:36 Common Enemy Living The Dream? LP
Land Monster 1:02 Traffic Death Don't Be A Projectile
Drill 1:25 Instructor Demo 2019
Mutant Stalker 1:13 POR050 ZODD - Demo 2017 CS
Demonomania 1:04 Flesh Temple Misfits - Earth A.D. The CVLT Nation Sessions
Criminal Trap (Anti-Cimex) 3:33 Selfish Doom/Selfish Pro-Life Control split_Ecocentric Recs
War Machine (Anti Cimex) 1:54 Doom Doomed Again_Agipunk

Nobody's Hero 4:05 Stiff Little Fingers All The Best

Monday, February 8, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #264

Episode 264...Same chaos and punkness as usual. If there's one thing punx hate, it's war. A few 2021Bandcamp finds and a few later 2020 stuff mixed in as well. Enjoy!! 

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Stigma 0:33 Mangled State Stigma_Youth Attack Recs
Same Scam 1:14 Direct Control Direct Control
Nascent Peter Panism 1:34 Wheelbite Complete Discography 1998-2003_Flat Spot Recs
Lock up your government 2:05 DCOI Dcoi S/T Vol 2
Beggin' (background) 2:46 Frankie Valli Jersey Beat
Planet's Dying 2:19 Hellish Views Holy Horrors
Be Suburban 1:59 Leather Lickers Leather Lickers
This Song (Is A Dick!) 0:52 Sick Burn DEMO 2018
Contaminated Dead Atmosphere 1:44 Krupskaya Sandokhan vs Krupskaya
False sense of security 2:20 Downshift Before you knew me...
Foiled Again 1:34 Lagwagon Duh
Hypocrite 3:23 Guttermouth The Album Formally Known As A Full Length LP
Hoochy Koochy Man / Ton Of Bricks (background) 3:08 Various Iron City Punk
American Dream 1:16 Street Weapon Quick To Die_Not For The Weak Recs
tomando los golpes 1:03 Los Crudos fe 22.5 - 'canciones para liberar nuestras fronteras' lp 
All Doves Die Here 1:34 Burial Order DEMO 2019
PTSD 2:22 Shiv Demo 2016
Kuoleman Tanssi 1:30 Rajoitus Split w/Utanförskapet
Whos Responsibility 2:20 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Be A Good Robot 2:26 The Vandals Hollywood Potato Chip_Kung Fu Recs
Acid (background) 2:43 Game No One Wins
Celine Freon 1:36 Dogbreath Isang Bagsak_NY
The Primarch System 1:25 Galaxies Machine Dancers_Indonesia
Sniff Out The Nazi 0:47 THOUGHT CONTROL Shock To The System_NJ
Destruir Todo 1:46 Disraid Desprecio Total por la Vida_Argentina
I'd Clap, But I'm Holding A Beer In Each Hand 0:42 xTom Hanx The Experience_Sacramento

Not As Much As Football 3:47 Mojo Nixon Whereabouts Unknown

Sunday, January 31, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #263

Episode 263... More griping this week. Yeah, I brought up the pipeline again. Found some more 2021 stuff from Bandcamp and a new rad one I came across from Boston's Face First!  Enjoy!

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Punk in your pipeline...

Nothing's Changed 0:48 Vile Life Vile Life_LA
Exhaust Filled Damnation 1:27 Look Back and Laugh 2003 Demo
Deranged Socialite 1:43 Stagger Abuse of Power
Working Class Hero 2:08 Decontrol Still Fucking Angry!

I Heard It Through The Grapevine (background) 3:59 The Slits Cut
Disneyland 2:01 Guttermouth Friendly People
Government Takeover 1:34 Violent Future Demo '12
Bow To No Man 1:44 JFA Speed of Sound_DC Jams Recs
Forvinda Grin 2:06 Katastrof Katastrof
I Need Air 1:46 Abraham Cross End Of Time cassette
The Truth 1:31 THE BOSTON STRANGLER Outcast demo 2010
Parents 1:40 M.O.D. U.S.A. for M.O.D.

Disco Killers (background) 2:32 POR035 CINDERBLOCK S/t CS
Worry 1:09 Pisscharge Incubation Period_Noise As Freedom Dist.
Dystopian Buffet 1:19 Terminal Bliss BRUTE ERR​/​ATA_Richmond VA
Disinformation Detonation 2:08 Scoundrels of Slaughter 2020 A.D._Chicago
Disquiet 1:34 Primative Blast Animalistic_Sydney
Exiled From Life 2:53 Face First Demo II_Boston

End of the Line (background) 3:56 Underclass UK Gratuitous
Skate Zombie 1:30 Grippe Attack of the Skate Zombies
I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole 1:15 A389 Recordings IRON REAGAN Worse Than Dead
I WON'T APOLOGIZE 1:26 UTTER FAILURE Eroding Forces_Vine Hell Recs
Regenerate 1:12 IRON LUNG Cold Storage I CS/CD
Noise 1:26 Post Atomic Dogs Demo [2012]
Breaking Worlds 1:48 Jughead's Revenge Elimination

California 2:10 Blatz The Shit Split_Lookout! Recs

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #262

Episode 262... Corn Pop, Bernie memes, and COVID themes. Found some 2021 grabs from Bandcamp. Keep shredding through the apocalypse! Enjoy!

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Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO

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Punk art...

Ready To Fight: The Expansion 0:15 RAD RAD - Split w/ CROSS CLASS
Bloodshot 0:31 Cadaver Dog Dying Breed_Youth Attack Recs
Is This The Future? 1:18 Mock Execution Reality Attack EP
Dog 1:01 Judy And The Jerks Roll On Summer Holidays
get out of the gutter (background) 3:04 The Varukers Hellbound
Pandemic 1:35 Caltrops Do We Have A Future?_Denver
Standing United 0:59 Stalag 13 Fill In The Silence
Destrukcija 1:53 GNAR Demo_Montenegro
Esclavo 1:10 Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer Terminal Filth Wimpcore Killer/Agathocles split (2021)
Violent Saccharification 2:04 Trappist - Hetze Trappist / Hetze EP
Heckler (background) 2:49 Poppa Wheelie Rockband or Racehorse Rock
Human Spawn 1:18 UNDER ATTACK Through The Blade 7in_Iron Lung Recs
A Gringo Ate Your Baby 1:15 Turbo Torpedo Turbo Torpedo- Akrabut Split 7in
Death Race 1:47 SYSTEMATIK SYSTEMATIK LP_Deranged Recs
Grab Ahold 1:54 Civil Disgust DEMO
Hate System 1:30 Police Charged démo

Drum fills to start...
Kangaroo Court (background) 3:06 GBH Punk Junkies LP
Business punx 1:42 AxeRash Head VS Wall
Only Friend 1:50 Gouge Away Burnt Sugar
Too Young To Die 1:16 ANTI YOU Blank Stares_Agipunk Recs95
Suffer Damage 1:06 Gess Suffer Damage Demo_Japan
King of The Party 2:55 The Smugglers Rosie_Lookout Recs
Land of Desolate (background) 3:10 Portside Self-Titled EP
Lucky The Donkey 1:59 Guttermouth Live at the House of Blues
I'm So Useless 0:44 Nobodys Greatasstits
Walk On Water, Run In Place 1:04 Lotus Fucker Forever My Fighting Spirit LP
Dislike 1:43 Capitalist Casualties The Art of Ballistics
Bone To Pick 1:57 Iron Boots Complete Discography LP_Grave Mistake Recs

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #261

Episode 261... A few tracks from Dar's Picks Volume 1 (Podunk Radio/Sick Boys Radio) new compilation and a few 2021 Bandcamp finds.  Keep shredding through the apocalypse! Enjoy!

Stream and download here (iTunes as well):

Catch us every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO.

Send gripes and complaints to

Punkers picks...

Still Pist 2:12 The Pist Ideas Are Bulletproof LP_Elevator Music
The Word Or The Fist 1:20 Rekoning Force Rekoning Force_Not For The Weak Recs
Corrupt System 1:11 Disbelief The Chaos Continues_Greece
DisPosable Weathercock 1:44 Melt-Banana Scratch or Stitch!
Angry Days (background) 3:14 Lagwagon Duh
The Creepoids - Illuminati 1:46 The Sick Podcasting Collective Dar's Picks A Comp Vol. 1
Killed By Florida - Pray The Gay Away 2:25 The Sick Podcasting Collective Dar's Picks A Comp Vol. 1
Look and See 1:27 The Slime Coming Soon to an Alley Near You
They Declare It 1:08 Dismama Realities of Qwar_MN Cyber Discharge
Hellbent On Destruction 1:16 Hellish Inferno Demo_Oakland
House Of Maniacs (background) 3:33 Gatecrasher Image of Pain
Quarantine Me 1:03 BLOCKHEAD Blockhead Demo 2015_ Slow Death Recs
Full Steam 1:40 Free At Last Embrace You_Triple B Recs
Who Says No 1:56 POR038 TARANTÜLA - 8 Songs CS
History Of Error 1:19 D-Clone Creation and Destroy_Agipunk Recs92
Hand Over Fist 0:58 Funeral Shock 2002 Demo
Black N' Dekker Crusty Wrecker/Knucklescraper 0:37 BOAK Spazzin To The Oldies - A Tribute To Spazz
I Can't Sleep (background) 2:31 Kicker Pure Drivel
profit from death 1:05 Electro Hippies FE 02 - Generic  / Electro Hippies  split lp
Slaughterlords 1:39 GutterSkull Crawling In Disgust
(In)Voluntary Human Extinction 1:26 POR091 NON PLUS - Demo 2019
We shouldn't go long anymore 1:51 Battle of Disarm Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"
Nothing to Offer 1:13 Coke Bust Confined_Grave Mistake Recs
Steel Rule (background) 3:24 Poison Idea War All The Time
Defeat Of Civilization 2:20 Framtid Defeat Of Civilization LP Hardcore 0
Another War 0:56 Arseholes PHL 2019 7in Flexi_Flexickers Vol. 3 Symphony of Destruction
Choke 1:05 Civic Duty Burden of Hate 7in_Triple B Recs
War Without End 1:47 Discider Profane Existence Magazine 52/53
Dead Scene 2.0 1:09 WARFARE Declaration_Triple B Recs
Season 1:59 Guttermouth Eat Your Face

Drool Brothers - Rats 2:18 The Sick Podcasting Collective Dar's Picks A Comp Vol. 1

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #260

Episode 260... D-Beat special. I know I know, I strayed away from the traditional D-Beat a bit and a few of these bands don't really fit. Enjoy regardless!

Stream and download here (if Zuck and everyone else will let you):

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO.

Punk Biden sniffers...

Nothing But Shit 1:45 Stàte Of Fear The Tables Will Turn... And It's You Who's Going To Suffer LP
feed the machine 2:03 Disflesh Fuck em All
Realities of war 1:10 Barracuda A tribute to Discharge: why...again
You Tear Me Up 2:25 Buzzcocks Another Music In A Different Kitchen
Death To The Dogs (background) 3:04 English Dogs We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will!
Tlazolteol 1:34 Permanent Ruin Are You Ready To Sacrafice? Agipunk Recs102
No Peace 1:59 Scum Scum demo 2011
The New Age 1:55 WARCRY Re-release: Not So Distant Future_Agipunk Recs105
Blistering light 1:59 Discard Death from above 7"
Weeded Out 1:21 Shitfucker Human Disorder demo 2006
Creme of Human Soup 2:30 Whorehouse of Representatives Discography 1993-1999

Shooting Up the World (background) 2:35 Discharge Shootin Up The World
When I Fight 1:17 Wolfbrigade Prey To The World_Unrest Recs
A Taste Of Their Own Medicine 2:04 Disaffect Discography CD
Bro Code 1:37 Warsh E.P. II_Charlottetown
Deranged Socialite 1:43 Stagger Abuse of Power_Philly
Lack Of Intelligence 1:05 DISRUPT Unrest_Relapse Recs
I Used To Be 20 1:32 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Victims - Doomsday (background) 2:10 VA - A Tribute To Discharge In Defence Of Our Future
The Screams Of Dying Cowboys 2:01 Consume Consume
Εφιάλτης 1:01 PissSniffers Piss or annihilation_Athens
Corrupted system 1:31 Discorpse Pawns of warmachine
Blinded by Fear 2:03 Genöme Young, Beautiful & Free
Relentless Slaughter 1:41 Disgust Thrown Into Oblivion [Lost & Found]
For Goat's Sake 1:27 Gasmask Terrör Architects Of Death EP
I Am Not From Here (background) 2:57 Spermbirds Go To Hell Then Turn Left
Coffin Ride 2:15 Warcollapse Deserts of Ash LP
Total Bomb 2:34 DISKELMÄ Kiss of Chaos LP
False Control 1:50 Mercy Killings Mercy Killings
There is No Crime 1:47 Disbar Sounds of war
P.T.S.D. 1:31 Svaveldioxid Split LP w/ Absolut 2017
Suspicious Activities 1:49 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Medley: The End (background) 2:49 Acursed In Defence Of Our Future - A Tribute To Discharge

Bet Wyboru 3:41 Disgusting Lies Split No Choice, No Way_ Agipunk Recs30

Monday, January 4, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #259

Episode 259... Just bringing on the new year with some ragers! New song about turning 40. To be young again... Enjoy!

Stream and download here (iTunes as well):

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO.

Send tunes for air play to

Punk promises...

You Ruined Everything 0:59 The Alligators Time's Up, You're Dead_Bridge 9 Recs
Victims of Government 0:55 Anarchy 6 Hardcore Lives_Giant Recs
M.A.D. 1:50 Zodiak TKY 20207in Flexi (Flexickers Vol. 4) Symphony of Destruction
Losing Grip 1:54 Utter Failure Utter Failure EP

Duppy Conqueror (background) 3:43 Bob Marley and The Wailors Burnin'
Matador Turns 40 2:00 El Matador 40 Years, 40 Beers, 10 Bad Songs
Who's To Blame? 1:56 A Global Threat Who's To Blame? split
Occupy You Time 2:06 Sickoids No Home_Grave Mistake Recs
Seal Our Fate 0:48 ANTI YOU Blank Stares_Agipunk Recs95
Ублюдки (Bastards) 0:46 GLAUCOMA 4 Track Flexi_Flexickers Vol. 2 Symphony of Destruction

Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard (background) 3:00 12 Tops
BBB 1:40 Guttermouth Gorgeous
I Don't Need Your Friendship 0:50 DIFERENT PEOPLE Fuck Your Promises
Wha Cha Know 1:17 C.I.A. C.I.A._Incas Recs
A-Förmedlingen = Skitförmedlingen 1:08 KRIGSHOT Örebro-Mangel LP_Sound Pollution
No Surrender 0:55 Nails Abandon All Life

Runaround Sue (background) 2:42 Dion The Rock 'N' Roll Era  1961
School Not Cruel 0:45 OBSESSIVE KOMPULSIF The Taste Of Thrash CD
War Story 1:06 DFI DFI / Unlogistic split EP
On A Path To Nowhere 1:04 EVERYBODY's ENEMY Selected discography 2003/2009
Concrete Walls 1:34 POR042 LUBRICANT - Slave Driver CS
Violent Country 1:35 POR020 LOCK OFF - Fuck the System CS

After School Rock 'N Roll (background) 1956 2:10 The Capri Sisters
You Mosh Like Shit 1:29 WEOT SKAM When Cops Attack Split EP
Napoleon Dynamite Ungleich Punk 0:49 NxD Nur Flops
Wretched Existence 1:17 Stoic Violence Stoic Violence 12"
Lost Cause 1:46 The Aftermath Dumb and Unaware
Abortion Truck 3:41 Captured! by Robots Broken As Fuck

We Are Old School 1:56 Dayglo Abortions Holy Shiite