Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #173

Episode 173...  Good PUNK tunes this week.  Usuals and some new stuff from Bandcamp!

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Bros Grim173

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Reality Strikes  2:43 Call the Police 1984 in 2003
The Argument  0:53 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Genitalia  2:38 Crocodile Skink st 7"
The Real World  1:35 Jughead's Revenge It's Lonely at the Bottom/Unstuck in Time

Rock Monster  (background) 1:52 Toxic Narcotic 21st Century Discography
Kiss Ya 1:19  Nobodys   Greatasstits
Monday Vikings 1:24  Ois II Men All Yous Cunts Can Fuck Right Off!
In A Crowd 1:13  Negative Lifestyle EP 7
Sentenced To Life 1:31 Krömosom Krömosom demo 2010
System Hell 1:18  Nerveskade Perdition / Nerveskade Split EP

Pipeline (background) 2:16 Apache 64 Greatest Surf Guitar Classics
Season 1:59 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
What Goes Around 1:25 Youth of Today We're not in this alone
Poison 1:47 Fuse Promo 2017
Cowards Song 2:36 Code Thirty Worlds End

Bombora  (background) 2:58 Apache 64 Greatest Surf Guitar Classics
Kannibalerna 1:15 Appäratus Härdcore Religion!
Aborto 0:53 Krata Álbum desconocido
Putos modernos, puta basura 1:02 TOTÄLICKERS Totälickers / Power is poison "split ep"
Empty Void 0:50  Coke Bust Split Coke Bust & Vaccine

Bath Of Least Resistance  1:47 NoFX Counting Sheep