Monday, November 26, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #45

Episode 45 has plenty of left over turkey...

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Songs this week...

Common Enemy- Nihilistic
Assumptions- Anxiety
Anti- Club Me Like A Baby Seal
Sick Pig- Nightmare, Reality
Hi-Fives- Angie

Guttermouth- Abort Mission
Surf Nazis Must Die- I Am Angry
Armless Children- Nuclear Power Plant
The Idiots- Nuclear War
MOAB- Tweaker Waste
Faith- In Control
Brazen Hell- Torment
Jughead's Revenge- Stabbed In The Back

Government Issue- Anarchy Is Dead
Crutches- Intro/ Let's Start A Fire
Outpatients- Balloon Head
Fleas And Lice- Negative
Furan- Trk3 1990 Demo
Dropend- Inequality
Don Don- The Nightmare Continues
DYS- Brotherhood

DRI- Abduction

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #44

#44 eat some more... Turkey!

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songs this week...

Quincy Punx- Ugly American
Vitamin X- Get In The Pit
Defiance- Death Squad
Agent Attitude- Nothing But A Big Mouth
Guttermouth- Pot

Iron Reagan- Paycheck
Absurdo- Rota
Verbal Assault- No Choice
Boston Strangler- If I Was You
King Generator- The Death Machine
Jerrys Kids- Desperate

Tom And The Boot Boys- Piss Off MTV Punks
Olho Seco- Lutar Matar
Toxic Reasons- Can't Get Away
IRA Graves- Maggot Colony
Icons Of Filth- No Fucking Choice
Negative FX- Citizens Arrest

Discocks- Punk And Proud

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #43

Episode 43 is filled with patriotic tunes!

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A ton of tunes from

song list...

Call The Police- War Power
Antidote- No Nazis In Punk
A.N.S.- If You Don't Get It Now

Mosquito Teeth- No
Rex 84- d.u.m.b.s
Face The Rail- Burnt Out
Disposable Society- Chain Fight
Peligro Social- 20 anos
The Restarts- Terror Breed
Total Chaos- Systems Downfall (The USA is Dead)

Kicker- Lager And Chips
Strung Up- Death By Cop
Verdugo Social- Terroristas
The Antics- Social Disease
Instant Asshole- Fucked Up Face
Slag- Perpetual Ego Trip
Oiltanker- Last Words
Guttermouth- American Made

Shitty Fucker- Pirate Hooker
Pre-Nods- Puny Humans

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mark Adkins Guttermouth Interview

From March 22, 2012 the best damn Guttermouth interview you'll hear! Originally aired on on March 28, 2012. This is a repost of The Brothers Grim Punkcast #12... Which should have put the Bros Grim on the map! The random squeaks are my shitty equiptment or the seat in the van (that the interview was done in). Stream it below.

Download from this safe link...

Song list:
Guttermouth- Sid Vicious Was Innocent
Chaos UK- Army
Discharge- Why

Major Accident- Twisted Mind
The Partisans- Bastards In Blue
Infa Riot- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Bullet Treatment- Dropout
Fight Music- Oil Spill 2010
Common Enemy- Skate That Shit

The Distillers- Hate Me
The Exploited- Chaos Is My Life
Deprived- The Blood Is On Your Hands

NOFX- Everything in Moderation
Culo- Toxic Vision

Guttermouth- Runner Up
The Virus- Day By Day

Guttermouth- Bakers Dozen
Copyright Chaos- Violence

Chaotic Alliance- 1984
Magrudergrind- Hitler Only Had One Testicle

Classics of Love- Dissolve

Guttermouth- The Towel