Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #67

Episode #67 is an all-vinyl show. Pulled a bunch of gems out of the Bros Grim lost archive (record collection). Odes to the '80s, '90s, and present! Fat Mike even mentions how humongous Fungus 53 was! Enjoy! Oh, The Skitzos (picture below) are from Calgary!... And I say that I play a tune from "The Jury"... I forgot to rip it in.

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Common Enemy- Heart Surgery
Dog Assassin- Animal Liberation
Unamused- Living In Fear
Wet Reckless- Tall Cans

Guttermouth- Sid Vicious Was Innocent
Oppressed Logic- Winos
Public Execution- Vampire Girl
NOFX- Fungus/ I really Like Bad Religion

Yadokai- To A Flame
Stressors- Disingenuous 
Instinct- ...For The Better
Gnats Sucker- Go Down

Hostile Intent- Humanity's Apathy
Dregs of Humanity- Feel The Pain
SBV- Corpses Are Fine With Me
Feelin Fine- Inhale Your Death

Permanent Ruin- White Wash
The Skitzos- Sinking Fast
One Day War- Trench Rot
Dirty BS- Mercy Bullet

Napalm Raid- Run Like Hell
Derrota- Critter
Effluxus- Darkness

NOFX- Golden Boys

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #66

Episode #66... Some extreme PUNK licks! Thanks to our boys Submachine for some new tunes!  They have a ton of downloads at http://submachinepgh.bandcamp.com/   A bunch of songs from the first 7 Freedom Punker's (*). Check it out on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exgs2SYHwPs  they all have download links in the wording.

Submachine (Pittsburgh, PA)
Sniper cover art

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The Nobodys- Don't Touch Me 
Useless Pieces Of Shit-  Puppycore
Christian Club- Paradise Lost
Brown Sugar- Try Harder
Bros Grim Theme

Guttermouth- (Mark) The Chubby Chaser/ Newport Sweater Fat
Deathrat- Let Down
Stab- Fascism Brings Death
Jughead's Revenge- Rules Don't Apply
Mad Ax bump

The Casualties- 40oz Casualty
RKC- Skate Martians 
Stepdad SS- Strangled
Last Chaos- Total Dismay
Surf Nazis On Ecstacy- Mb Vacation
Dep Dog Tunein app bump

Exploited- Psycho
Street Trash- Don't Need It
Sordo- Malo
Grimple- Think
BER girl bump

Look Back and Laugh- Throne Of Blood
Eastwood- Dropdead
Agression- Ripped Off
The Old Timers- Turnball AC's
Podunk stampede bump

Face Up To It- Pizza Boxes and Duct Tape
Michael Crafter- Mosh Dawg
Aghast- Bombs Fain From The Heavens
Inmates- Jogging In Place (Hamster Fight)
Blogspot bump

Little Chaos- Dunia Dosa *vol 1 
Sick Pig- Brain Dead *vol 2
40oz Folklore- They Don't Get It *vol 3
Execute My Killers- Come Back From The Plague vol 3
BER jack hammer 

Born Of Freedom- Born Of Freedom *vol 4
Disease- Endless War *vol 5 
Obama's Youth- No Way vol 5
Desperata Skrik- Warlords *vol 6
BTiH bump

Dis-Boikot- Political Bastard *vol 6
Burnt Cross- Remain Compliant To Dtate Control *vol 7
Sadico- Corre vol 7
Desire- War vol 7
Fight Music bump

Submachine- Mongoloid

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #65

#65... And we're still alive... barely!   Get a gas mask cause this one will melt your face off!!   Brand new one from Common Enemy!  Get it over at www.overdoseonrecords.com A bunch of tunes from www.tolivealie.com Thanks Will at To Live A Lie Records for all the badtastic tunes!!! Do your homework on this one... a ton of free licks!!

                                                      Mark Adkins in Reno Aug 2013

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Punkness this week...
Common Enemy- You've Got The Wrong Idea
Warcola- Goin Turbo
Neverland Ranch Hands- Complicated Hair Cuts Are For Poodles, Not People
The Scandals- Fight Back
Bros Theme

Beercan!- Police State
Another Damn Disappointment- The Riot
Guttermouth- Secure Horizons (Live From The House Of Blues)
Dep Dog and Adkins Podunk bumper

Street Sharks- Slummin It
BWCS bumper

Bail Out- Untitled 1
Media Circus- Coffee Shop Dropout
Pure Scum- Born To Hate
BlogSpot bump

Sect- Money
Obnoxious!- Love Your Money
Officer Down- House On Fire
Danny from Fight Music Podunk bump

Crunky Kids- Terrorist Attack
Hellkrusher- Confused
Invasion- W of M D
BER homework bumper

No Comply- South Park Crew
Rat Byte- Frustration
ACxDC- Turtle Power
(bugs on my deck)

DYS-  Stand Proud
Bullet Treatment- In Box We Trust
Assfort-  Track 1 from 1997 EP
Fat Mike Podunk bumper

NOFX- Nowhere
Sidetracked- Wasted
Antidote- Drinking In The Sun
Furious About- Pessimist
Dave from Moral Decline bumper

Replublicuns On Welfare- Music Is Not A Crime
*Revolucion X- E.Z.L.N.
*Ataque Frontal- Asco
*Abuso Sonoro- Sangue a Destruco
(*from Latinocore II)
Bros pit bit

Deras Krig- Why Must The Children Die
Government Flu- Shut Your Mouth
Randums- I Need A Beer
Steve Jasper Solo Project- Merica

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #64

Episode 64... It may be a bore... NOT! Punk's not dead, but our show might be. A brand new unmastered track from our boys Fight Music (Chico, CA)! Some new videos from the Guttermouth Reno show are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Check one of them out below:

Send us comments & tunes to brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com. Support touring bands and the underground punk scene! AND PLAY F'IN LOUD!!! Listen to Episode 64 below:

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Episode 64 Set List:
A.N.S.- Dawn Patrol
Minor Threat- I Don't Want To Hear It
Electro Hippies- Run Ronald
The Loudmouths- Rockin' At The Rollerderby
Bros Theme song

Fight Music- Pit The Cock In Caucasian Common Enemy- Punk's Dead, You're Next
Fight Music bump
S.N.A.F.U.- Buck Fush
Greedy Mouth- Wax On Wax Off/ Drunk Ollie
Los Crudos- Que Paso Con La Paz
DRI bumper

DRI- Stupid, Stupid War/ Counter Attack
Zodiacs- Cult Persona
Sawn Off- Execution Justice/ Threat of War
Pink Turds In Space- Indie Shit
Mad Ax brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com bump

A.N.S.- Skate Zombies Must Shred
Disaffect- Humane Humans
Dr. Bob's Nightmare- Street Justice
Guttermouth- God's Kingdom
Stampede bump

Stressors- Corpse (free on bandcamp.com)
Youth Of Today- Put It Aside
Bad Logic- trk 3 from "Beers, Bongs, and Bad Logic"
Cerebral Scrub- Pipe Dream!
BER grandpa bump

God and I Don't Speak- Here We Are The Enemy
Generic- Civilised
Drop Dead- Unjustified Murder
Health Hazard- Societies Rejects
Jacks' Bros bumper

Urban Waste- Ignorant 
Glam- Miseria Eterna
Sedition- Police Story
Blogspot bit

Moms On Meth- No Fun
RAD- this Is Not A Final War
Public Disgrace- Future Past
Poison Idea- Reggae (I Hate)
Darkbuster- Hometown Zero

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #63

Show #63 is nothing for the record books, but you'll get your fill!  New tune from Seattle's Frustration and the usual tricks. Listen to 63 below:

Support the underground and listen to the show at:



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Send your band's punkage to brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com.

The gripes the past few weeks are courtesy of our good friend Stussey. Find his show (the best around) at worstcasescenario.tumblr.com. Punk action this episode:

Frustration- Drawing Blanks
FeaRection- Dr. Knowy
Direct Control- World War III
Bear Trap- God, Fesring Children
Bros Grim Theme Song

Altered Boys- Ask A Punk
Ego Trip- Punk Complex
Madcow Dizeaze- Punks For Profit (Life Sentence)
Mosquito Teeth- Mentruel Psycho
Guttermouth- West Side
Mark Adkins and Dep Dog bumper

Nihilist Cunt- Salvia D-Beat
Certified- Warcunt
Bite Down- Life Sentence
Sweet Gravy- Skate Gangs
BER jack hammer

Poison Planet- Boycott Everything 
Blow Your Brains Out- Ignorant
Cisma- No Integracion
Die- Futility
Blogspot bit

The Pogo- Bobby Was A Bastard
Odio Social- A.A.S.O.S.
PSO- No Sympathy 
Toxic Holocaust- Nuke The Cross
Stussey gripe

Augmentor- $30 Work Day
Big Ginge And The Nobodies- Fall Of The Conformity 
The Caravans- The Dinosaurs Will Die

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #62

Episode 62 is more punk than you! Low on the words again, but whatever. Brand new tunes from Common Enemy, The Bugs, and Gag Order. This S#%* SHREDS!!!! Please support the underground scene, and go to real shows with real bands. Both Guttermouth and Common Enemy (www.commonenemy2000.com)  are shredding the East Coast and Midwest right now. Listen to 62 below:

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Archives at:

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Punk songs this show:

Guttermouth- Day At The Office
Diswar- intro
ATO- Ask Your Doctor If Paxil Is Right For You
Submachine- Corruption 
Spazz- Dwarf Goober Militia 
Bros Theme and words

Common Enemy- Dude, Seriously 
Deathraid- Eye Of The Beholder
Heresy- Never Healed
GutterMark bump

The Bugs- Apeman
The Queers- Monster Zero
Idiot Talk- Nobody's Friend
Citizens Patrol- Panic Attack
Nuclear Tomorrow- Keep It Short & You Don't Listen
Jacks Bumper

Vapo Rats- I Play Football
Government Flu- Holes
Attack SS- Where Is The Future?
Dissober- Earthwide Suicide
Lebenden Toten- The End
Mad Axe bump

Bored To Death- I Don't Care/ Pose As A Skate
Human Error- Front
Smart Cops- Quel Dubbioso Manganella Rosa
D-Beatles- Sota Tuhoaa
Sudor- Chicos Del Regimen
Bros Blog Bump

Sk8NIKS- Beer Break
Beer Junkies- I Hate People
Disease- Nuclear Disaster (Freedom Punker four way split)
Logic Problem- Too Slow
Masspollution- The Bloody Dawn
Stussey and BER bump

Burnt Cross- Remain Compliant To State Control 
Die Zlaskhinx- Musiken e Allt
Break The Cycle- A Poet's Gift
(all 3 from Freedom Punker: Vol 7)
Gag Order- Land Of The Free
Cuttin Loose- Skatehate

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast with Mark Adkins #61

Episode 61. No podcast in the land has "A Beer With Guttermouth"! Lead singer Mark Adkins (above) stops in for a chat! The lack of response from bands has halted our ability for audio. Stussey pays a visit, and a new song from the Sickoids!

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Stream and download here:


Venkman- Classic & Aw Shit pt2
Entropy- This Is Comedy
Common Enemy*- Egg Raid On The Mojo (free DL at www.overdoseonrecords.com)
Chula Violence- Nothing Special
Bros theme

Assbackwards***- Johnny
Capitalistic Casualties***- Drainage Ditch
S.N.A.F.U.-  Snafizzle Televizzle
Bros see you in the pit!

Zero Boys- New Generation
FYM- P.C./ The Bowl
Submarine Screendoor*- Skateboard Junkie
White Pigs- Victims/ Dropout
Screeching Weasel- Pervert At Large

Sickoids- Delusion
DRI- I'd Rather Be Sleeping
Invierno Nuclear- No Mas Policia
Justin Thrasher

Full Scale Panic**- Deep End Party Zone
Downcast- Hate Comes Easy
SiCKPiG- Graveyard Earth
Guttermouth- Gas Out

"A Beer With Guttermouth (Mark Adkins)"

Guttermouth- Perfect World
Vandals- Marry Me
The Nobodys- Another Stupid Song
Dog and Ax bump

New Society Of Anarchists**- Idiot Breed
Antiseptic**- Look Ahead
Rabies- Gonna Fuck You Up
Disorder- Drop The Bomb
Fat Mike Podunk

NOFX- Dying Degree
Bullet Treatment- In Your Memory
Kismet HC- Botox Beauty (Freedom Punker vol 3)
Down To Kill- Killed By The Law (Freedom Punker vol 6)
http://werstcasescenario.tumblr.com promo

Varukers- All Systems Fail
The Nipples- Fuck Up
The Accidents- 7 Inch/ We Don't Like The Ramones
The Booze Brothers- Take A Ride

Farewell? We are no longer on a weekly basis. Stay tuned!

Free tunes at:

*** www.bandcamp.com
** www.fuckyeahsbsrecords.com
* www.overdoseonrecords.com

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #60

Episode 60 filled with the same bag of tricks and a little more! Featuring the new segment "A Beer With Guttermouth"!!! Our good buddy Dave (guitars) from Guttermouth stops in for a chat. No new tunes this week. A hand full off "Short Songs For Short People".

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Punk songs this week...

Active Minds- Slaves To Fiction
Public Nuisance- Crooked Edge
Altered Boys- Time Bomb
The Ataris- The Radio Still Sucks

Deathraid- Give In
Wednesday Night Heroes- FAQ
Fucking Christ- Keeping It Wolf
Desperat- Suicide Attack
Code 13- Send More Cops

Aggro Or Die- Waste Away
Time Again- Lost In Hollywood
Chix Diggit- Quit Your Job

Guttermouth- NRAA
The Submissives- Castration Squad
Anal Mucus- Ga-Ca
Bar Feeders- Outhouse Of Doom

Red Scare- Keep America Beautiful
Dead Noise- Insanity
D-Clone- What Color The Sky?
The Grim- Trk 7 from Getting Revenge In Merica

Doctor Snitch- Terror Hands
Hi Standard- Asian Pride

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #59

#59... Featuring a chat with Common Enemy's Justin Thrasher! He catches us up with Common Enemy, recording, touring, music, Overdose On Records, and life. Even catches The Dep Dog by surprise. The things we learn. 

Go support http://www.overdoseonrecords.com/

Go get the free Podunk records comp at http://podunkrecords.bandcamp.com/   A new song from Attitude as well!

Hit Common Enemy up at http://www.reverbnation.com/commonenemyofficial

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Punk action this week...

SSDecontrol- The Kids Will Have Their Way
Mickey and The Big Mouths- D.A.W.G.
Discharge- Where There's A Will
Common Enemy- 4 Wheels And A Board

FeaRection- Fuck Off And Die
Iron Reagan- Artificial Saints
DRI- No Religion
Enabler- The Heathens
Common Enemy- Skate That Shit

Common Enemy- Mind Games

Common Enemy- One Up
Vitamin X- Deal With It
Human Error- Fucked Up School System
Spazz- A Legend In Your Own Mind

Stevie Bastard- Are You Ready For A Third World War?
Animal Train- Thin Thread
Guttermouth- This Won't Hurt A Bit
Attitude- Sick Of It

Chaos UK- Disgruntled


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #58

Episode 58... What could be better than a new theme song from our mascot band, Fight Music! Caught up with them while they were in the studio and they donated their studio time to The Grim Bros' cause! El Matadore, Uncle Logan and Danny Altur produced a cool little ditty! Thanks fellas! A new track from Gag Order as well! Lots of firsts' this week... The first time we ever replayed a song, First double shot of a band...

Stussey's Worst Case Scenario moved to Fridays at 1:00pm live on BER! Get in the chat!

Download and stream here:


Same bad ass stations each week:

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Check us out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BrothersGrimPunkcast/ 

Punk songs this week...

RAD- Sacramento is RAD/ It's All You Ever Say (You're Not RAD)
No Mistake- FBLA
NOFX- Thalidomide Child
Guttermouth- A Date With Destiny

Fight Music- This Music...
The Nobodys- I Can't Take It
The Casualties- Destruction and Hate
Short Temper- Waste Of Time
Bad Religion- Frogger
Electro Hippies- Am I Punk Yet?

Gag Order- We Got Da Bong
Asshole Parade- Launch Ramp
Charles Bronson- As Fucked As Gator
Despise You- You Can't
Side FX- Hidden Hand
Seitan- K.D.U.
The Violent Threats- Here's Your American Dream
Power Is Poison- Deported

Mr. T Experience- Dumb Little Band

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #57

Episode 57... The curse of The Accidents lives on. Cancelled shows, bad weather, you name it! So it's been awhile since the Grim Brothers did a show together, so I called the Mad Ax up for what turns out to be a classic episode. Starting with a surf theme to brighten this crap hole up!

Our boys Fight Music are back in the studio. They recorded a new theme song with yours truly on vocals. Debut next week.

Stream and DL here:


Always find us at...

Tuesdays 4pm PST at www.podunkradio.com

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Punk songs this week...

Beartrap- Surf
Guttermouth- Octopus Hairpiece
The Wedge- Surfing Is Good
Wadge- Vestige of Surfly Remains

Effluxus- Destroyed From Within
Infernoh- Besk Oblat
Negative FX- Hazardous Waste
Krakdown- Sick Society
Moms On Meth- History Repeats Its Self

Dishonorable Discharge- Nightmare Vision
Boston Strangler- Hit And Run
RIP- Kaos
Paranoid- AF Raid Of Life
Noose- Obstructed
Feld Hure- CousCous & Skate
Skiplickers- Drink, Skate, Puke

Pennywise- Homesick

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Twitter: @BrosGrimPunk

Send requests and mp3s (for us to play) to brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #56

#56... Like an un-catered badly planned Bar Mitzvah. No excuse for the listeners. So listen twice. Get off Facebook. Shredding many of our favorite bands this week!

Listen and download here (even from your smart phone)...


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Punk songs this week...

Atoxxxico- Nicotina Divisiones Absurdas
Guttermouth- You're Late
Minor Threat- Out Of Step
Resist- Social Security

Common Enemy- It's A Beautiful Day For Hardcore
Crocodile Skink- State Bustar
The Freeze- Sacrifice Not Suicide
Bones Brigade- Thrashin USA

NOFX- I, Fatty
Crude SS- Nazi Go Home
Concrete Facelift- Sneak Attack
Masspollution- Killed Dreams
Jerry's Kidz- Uncontrollable

McRad- Prevent That Tragedy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #55

Episode double Nichols!  Punk You and Punk Off!!  A little correction on the Assbackwards boys.  Find their brand new album at http://assbackwards.bandcamp.com It Shreds!!!

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As well as iTunes and Sticher!

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Punk action this week...

Toxic Holocaust- Wild Dogs
Dogsflesh- Fuck All
Guttermouth- I Won't See You In The Pit
Assbackwards- Run Your Mouth

Obnoxious- Bastards
Swellbellys- Don't Pick On Me
Koszmar- Smierc Gwizdze Nad Toba
Boycot- Airmiles And Burger Points
Shards- Bleach
Alert! Alert!
Los Viejos- Proud To Be

Cancer Alley- Global Lockdown
Forca Macabra- No Purgatorio Davida
Antidote- Victim
Dark Ages- More Aggression
Terminal Disgust- Liberal Fascist
Thurneman- Ingen Framtid
Jesus Christ Posse- Burn Rubber
Oi Polloi- Leaders

Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #54

V-Day and the need for PUNK! I wish it took this much effort each week to shred some righteous tunes. The usual goodness but not as much of. Short and sweet like your love life. We hope your allergic to chocolate and flowers.

Stream and download below:


Support the underground music scenes at:



Lovely PUNK songs this week...

Guttermouth- When Hell Freezes Over
Mob 47- Rustning Ar Ett Brott
American Dream- Get A Grip
Mosquito Teeth- Party Till We  Puke
Murder Disco Experience- Torture Inc

White Kaps- Big Top
Aparat- The Staff Of Life
Deathraid- Enough To Make You Sick
Absent- Monju Warning
Digger- True Blue
The Nobodys- Temporarily Blind

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #53

#53... Being a loser sucks! So raise your glasses to all the losers in your life. Bunch of killer PUNK as usual. An unmastered track from To Live A Lie Records' Last Words from Raleigh, NC. And some fresh off the grill Assbackwards (Sac, CA) that will tear you some new earholes!!

Stream and download here...


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Sundays 3pm PST at www.brutalexistenceradio.com

Tuesdays 4pm PST at www.podunkradio.com

Punkness this week...

DRI- Who Am I?
Nausea- Battened
Last Words- FL
The Queers- Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy

Assbackwards (AKA: SSA)- Beer Break
Disorder- Fast Food
Beartrap- Drop Like Flys
Against All Authority- Pestilent Existence
Glom Da!- D- Takt
Manipulation- Under The Influence
Municipal Waste- Idiot Check

Romantic Gorilla- Get A Chance
Death Rats- Sense Of Entitlement
Citizens Patrol- Disposable
Heckle- Along For The Ride
Lab Rats- 54 Waiting
Stripmines- Peer Beating
Coke Bust- No One To Impress
Guttermouth- Don Camero Lost His Mind

Groovie Ghoulies- (She's My) Vampire Girl

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #52

Episode 52.... Just the usual Post Traumatic Punk Disorder. Some Bay Area and Moral Decline to start the show off. Along with a mailed gift and a bunch of Sorry State Records. http://sorrystaterecords.bandcamp.com

Stream and download below...


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Tuesdays 7pm EST at www.podunkradio.com

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Punk tunes this week...

Nihilist Cunt- Skate Killer
Moral Decline- Web
Kicker- Two Hats
John Baker and The Malnourished- Malnourished Nothings

Gag Order- I Don't Like You
Oiz II Men- Chug and Chuck
Thick Skin- Nowhere To Run
Gifted But Twisted- 3 Cheers To My Guttermouth...
Guttermouth- 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash

Bukkake Boys- Trend Junkie
Wormeaters- Human Cargo
Koro- Nauseous Again
Instangd- Hjartattack

Direct Control- Nuclear Tomorrow
Smart Cops- King Of Punk (KOP)
Pure Scum- I Don't Care
UX Vileheads- Down Again
Libyans- Blood And Rust

Sloppy Seconds- The Thing From Your Uranus

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #50

The "DIS" show #50! Everybody does one so it's our turn to bore you. We actually cheat a bit with the Guttermouth song, but we always play some Guttermouth tunes! And it's our one-year anniversary being on PoDunk Radio www.podunkradio.com. And really just being a stupid Podcast. Thanks Jacks for having us since episode #1!

Stream and download here...


Or stream below:

Catch us Sundays at 3pm Cali time on...


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"DIS" songs this week...

Disflesh- Soldiers of Satan
Disgust- You Have No Right
Disaster- Victim of...
Dischaos- D-beat Holocaust
Discard- Sounds of War

Disaffect- Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing
Dishumanity- Rafal
Disfortune- In No Certain Terms
Disassociate- Life In A Bottle
Disarm- Sag Nej

Guttermouth- DISneyland (live)
Dissucks- Puke To You
Dispense- Disorder
Displeasure- Neanderthal
Diskelma- Reality Strikes Again

Disclose- Crawling Chaos
Disable- Wojna
Disengage- Straight Ahead
Diskonto- Nutidens Mengele
Dispair- Reality War Games

Disclaim- Rude Head
Disfear- Underang
Displague- Dejar Ser
Discharge- Society's Victim

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #15

Repost of Episode 15! Originally aired at www.podunkradio.com sometime in May 2012. Nothing beats an old episode. Stream it below:

Or stream it here: http://archive.org/details/TheBrothersGrimPunkcastPunkArchives

Songs we shredded...

Resist- United States Of Apathy
Disflesh- The Blood Runs Red
Oiz II Men- Drinking Day

Thrash Compactor- Blowhole
Against The Grain- Suicide Steve
Strychnine- Moron

Pour Habit- You Suck
E.N.D.- It's Alright
Certified- Fight To Fight

5 songs from To Live A Lie Records' 3 year sampler****
Apathetic Ronald McDonald- Gimme Waffles
Final Draft- Drenched In Blood
SMG- Mincing The Fascists
Terminal Youth- Bridge Game
Godstomper- French Fry

Crucifix- Predjudice
Guttermouth- Australia
Crippled Old Farts- Convictions Turning To Rust

Bombed Out- Human Disease
NOFX- Dinosaurs Will Die
Dayglo Abortions- Dogfarts

Nazi Dust- Fervor
Rodents Of Unusual Size- Addicted
Middle Class Trash- Stand For Something

Holier Than Thou- Drug Court
Weekend Nachos- Unholy Victory
Yo! Scunt- WTF
Meat Shits- The Nightmare Continues (Discharge)

Million Kids- Transmit Radio

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #51

Episode 51... Yes 51 before 50 (kind of crazy, get it?...51/50).  Start it out with The Dep Dog's Xmas present from The Mad Ax!  A gift certificate from www.interpunk.com is a gift that keeps on giving!  Look out for Moral Decline's new album coming in April (4/20/13).  Closed it with a bunch of Cali Bay Area jams! Stream it below.

Same site to stream and download from safely...


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songs this week...

Burnpile- Chemical death Dealer
Common Enemy- Park Scabs And Ramp Tramps
OFF!- Borrow And Bomb
The Pogo- The Fury

Moral Decline- Creepin
Rutabega Suicide- Ashtray
Chaotic Dischord- 22 Hole Doc Martains
Hellspawn- Dying Breed
Frustration- Delusional

Guttermouth- Carp
Fuck Ups- I Think You're Shit
Look Back And Laugh- Run Silent/ Run Deep
Proto Regime- Vengeance
Bettercore- Fuck Your Pride

No Reward- Back Slap
Opressed Logic- Deranged
Capitalistic Casualties- Government Clean Up Plan
Stressors- Stressed Out

Operation Ivy- Smilin'

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #49

Episode 49, all Bay Area PUNK but two with The Deputy Dog! Stream below. It was supposed to be both Brothers this week but shit happens! Tunes from Reno's Slut Fungus this week!

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Songs this week...

Voetsek- Blue Print For The Perfect Circle Pit
Effluxus- Slow Suicide
Midnite Brain- Triangle Shirt Waist
Slut Fungus- Coagular

Mickey And The Big Mouths- Meth Breath
Replica- Becky's Rite
Anal Mucus- I'm Ain't No Florist
Slag- Corporate News Cancer
The Dwarves- Fukhead

Beer Junkies- I Like Cops Dead
Authority- I Hate Cops
The Dead Smurfs- You Have A Home
Capital Punishment- Racism Is Ignorance
Rhygin- Religious Freaks
Exodus- A Lesson In Violence

The Poor Luckies- Gold
Guttermouth- Vacation