Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #192

Episode 192... Happy holidays! Started off this show in the same vein as last week. Make sure you grab that 12" split with The Wankys and Fuzzy Glue Buzz. Along with some newer stuff I found again on Bandcamp. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays.

Download and stream from your new smart device here:

Bros Grim 192

Catch an old Christmas special here:

Old Bros Xmas Special

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Yule Tide Punkings...

Gaz-Fluids Fuzzy Glue Buzz 3:01 Split 12" with The Wankys
America the Myth 1:55 Christ on Parade Sounds of Nature
All I Want For Christmas is a Bag of Weed 1:54 Common Enemy As the World Burns
Ain't Life a Bitch 2:12 Guttermouth Punk Rock Halloween - Loud, Fast & Scary!

Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby (background) 3:28
Taken For Granted 2:00 Deathraid Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
Statens Maktspel 1:40 Absurd EP 7"
Brutaali 1:32 SPHC Records Terveet Kadet - Lapin Helvetti LP (SPHC-59)
War game 1:00 Crocodile Skink Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"
Christmas Thrash 1:11 Hybropsyche The Drunken Christmas Cylinder Ride

Holiday Road (background) 2:12 Lindsey Buckingham Holiday Road
Human or Android 1:49 Disturbance Tox Populi
Predator Roleigh NC 1:31 Scarecrow Demo
Inhuman Execution Finland 1:16 Disapprove Agony of War EP
Scabies Song Vancuv 1:34 Dep Bag Put Me Out to Pasture

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree (background) - Brenda Lee - HD Audio 2:08
Shatter the Beast 1:22 Vitamin X About to Crack
The Blood Became The Sauce 1:30 Los Viejos A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two
The Night Before Drug Running 1:47 Banshee Noise A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two
Slay Bells 1:47 Jason And The Kruegers A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two A Grindcore Christmas
Bible Stories 1:08 Poison Planet Ugly Truths vol 1

The Ventures - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (background) 2:04
Better Homes and Gardens 2:20 SNFU If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish
Bled 1:09 N.E.G. Shackles EP
Chinese Cabbage 1:14 Logic Problem Logic Problem Demo
dropdead - EASTWOOD 0:32 Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Boredom 1:46 Legion of Parasites Empty Skulls Vol.#2 - The Wound Deepens
Up the Punks 2:30 Fleas and Lice Early Years

BECAUSE I GOT DRUNK 1:49 Whisker Biscuit S/T '16

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #191

Episode 191... Your ear drums are doomed! Pretty much all Raw/Noise Punk this time! Some shreddage sent in by Richie from Throat Rip (Martinez, CA). Enjoy!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 191

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PoDunk Radio and replays throughout the week.

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Full body rip PUNK...

Sack O' Shit 1:28 Impulse Manslaughter Burn One Naked and Nuke It Ep
SxUx 2018 1:27 Square Up Vol. II
Upside Down Space Cockroach 3:06 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
BLOOD BAG 1:08 Throat Rip Demo 2018
HC - Oi - Punk 2:50 Cólera Dê O Fora
Stuck In The Gutter 2:05 PISS St EP2
Pointless Existence 2018 1:12 Shit Being Shit Being
1 from Side One 2:39 Public Assault No Way Out

Ammunition Anthem 2018 1:49 SYNTAX Cis Nightmare Still Continues
Who the fukker?? 2018 1:00 Snubnose Demo
Can't Stand This World Sober 2017 1:42 Powerage Demo
Drugs and Money 2018 1:10 CHIKARA Speedtrain/CHIKARA/Rubberduckyz 3 WAY SPLIT
Cop Riot 1:07 Urban Savage 4 Song EP
Drugs 2:26 Last Chaos Only Fit For Ghosts
Pigs is Pigs 1:13 Dronez Misc. unpressed tracks
Run Like Hell 2:38 Napalm Raid Mindless Nation
Darkest Armies 1:27 GutterSkull Crawling In Disgust
Homophobia is a Disease 0:41 xLAATOx No Surrender, Our Revolution Continues!!!
10 years of war 0:56 Your Fathers No Surrender, Our Revolution Continues!!!
I Believe In Anarchy 1:51 The Exploited Singles Collection
Bad Reputation 2:49 Joan Jett Bad Reputation (Expanded Edition)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #190

Episode 190... Into the holiday season.  blasted a handful of 2018 releases along with the usual.  Enjoy, nerds!!!!

Download and stream here, doofus:

Bros Grim 190

Every Tuesday 4 PM PST and replays throughout the week on Podunk Radio

Sorry for the poor response on emails.  I didn't realize my gmail account was missing the password to get notified.  Seems impossible, but...

Punk burns in the 3rd...

A Grand Exclamation of Go!-ing 0:52 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Starvation 0:47 Siege Drop Dead
Stagnant 1:40 Tashme Promo
Terrorist Attack 1:46 The Spits Kill the Kool

Low Rider (background 3:12 War Why Can't We Be Friends?
Martraðaveröld 0:49 D7Y Demo 2018
Ceramic Dish 1:31 Bruised ...introduction to Rotten Codex 2018
Confessions of A Nihilistic Alcoholic 1:55 The Antidon'ts We Reap What You Sow 2018
Always the Victim 1:33 Slimy Member Ugly Songs For Ugly People
You're Late 1:16 Guttermouth Friendly People

So Long 0:51 Mickey And The Big Mouths  S/T
STABBED IN BACK - Hopeless Romantic 2:07 Various Artists Basement Records Compilation 2012
CLAPTRAP (the netherlands) - gut feeling 1:25 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation #8 2013
TEEN WOLVES (U.$.A.) - bedtime stories 1:26 VA - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 6
Plastic Bullets 0:26 Antidote One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk 7''

read on speed 1:26 Systematic Death for the punx and thrashers
Foreign Faggot Policy 1:24 The Satans The Satans
My Attitude 1:34 Cülo My Life Sucks and I Could Care less
Bloody Concrete 1:01 Dirty Work S/T 7"
When My Blood Is Pumping 1:07 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
Corpes in Disguise 2:38 The Faction Collection 1982-1985
Put it Aside 1:33 Youth of Today We're not in this Alone
My Board, My Rules 1:08 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Dark Thoughts  1:50 Corrosion Of Conformity Eye For An Eye + Six Songs With Mike Singing
What Can I Do 0:53 Romantic Gorilla S/T

A Lesson in Violence 3:50 Exodus Bonded by Blood

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #189

Episode 189... Happy election day, so go do your job or shut your mouth. A couple new tunes and the usual shred. Ripped a song off of Sonic Overload's set list for general Dodger-hating purposes.

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 189

Every Tuesday 4 PM PST on PoDunk Radio

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Bled blue punkin...

Negative Threat 1:38 Septic Death Need So Much Attention 12"
I'm Offended 1:48 Rabid Assault Garage Demo
Authority Fight 1:13 ¡BLUNT! Pass the BLUNT Demo!
Boston Not La 0:25 The Freeze This is Boston, Not LA

Your Love (background) 3:43 The Outfield Big Innings: The Best of the Outfield
A Day At The Office 2:26 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
putdown 1:07 RUDE AWAKENING - slaves of freedom demo 1983
Two Fer Flinchin 2:08 Poppa Wheelie Rockband or Racehorse
Who's The Banned? 0:55 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Humanity's Final Breath  1:02 Starvation 5 Track Demo

Nation Of Sedation (background) 3:45 Girlfixer Girlfixer
Kids Of The K-Hole 2:17 NoFX So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
Product 1:50 Concrete Sox Lunched Out Ep
Nightstealer 2:38 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Bomb Cult 1:45 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Relentless Slaughter 1:41 Disgust Thrown Into Oblivion [Lost & Found]

America (background) 2:26 Burmese Burmese is Dead
Document One 2:51 G.I.S.M. Detestation
Devilock 1:29 Burmese Burmese is Dead
Patrickviolence 1:14 Goolagoon Patrickviolence Demo
Dead People Having Sex 2:33 Mobs Diabolism
Is This What You Voted For? 2:02 Self-Inflicted Genocide Demo/Is This What You Voted For?

Seventy Seven 3:01 Blunt Proud & Punk

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #188

Episode 188... Wow, back so soon. Kinda in a Halloween way, but not really. Nothing new, just some shredders that will take some skin off your face.

Download and stream from your smart device here:

Bros Grim 188

Every Tuesday 4PM PST with some replays thrown in on Podunk Radio

Send us tunage

Demonomania 0:45 The Misfits Earth A.D. / Die, Die My Darling
Corporate Deathburger 1:16 MDC Millions Of Dead Cops - More Dead Cops
When Hell Freezes Over 1:19 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
(Fuck the) U.S.A 3:22 The Exploited The Exploited Anthology

Matter of Trust (background) Billy Joel
What's Your Claim? 0:31 Infest No Man's Slave
Mango 2:22 GRINDERS Sk8 Punx VIVOS / SPLIT
Hesitate To Have My Share 2:10 Man Friday Man Friday demo 1999
Blood Drunk 1:14 M.E.H. 2012 Rehearsal Demo
Exhaust Filled Damnation 1:27 Look Back and Laugh 2003 Demo
Mislead And Deranged 0:33 Lack of Interest Spazz/Lack Of Interest Split - Double Whammy Split EP

Beer of nothing 1:30 Wormrot Wormrot / Diseptic
Hooked on Drugs 1:18 False Alarm Buspar For Bedbug
Delusions 1:51 Raw Nerves Burnt Skin
Breaking Skin 1:11 In Flux No More Macho Bullshit Demo 2016
Blind To Breed - DISTRICT 1:09 v/a - Banned In Nagoya v/a - Banned In Nagoya compilation tape Kids Are Devided - NINE CURVE 1:47 v/a - Banned In Nagoya v/a - Banned In Nagoya compilation tape
Sistema 1:24 ATO Ato
Jeff Gillooly 0:44 Gillooly ST tape Feral Kid Records
The Bomb Raid 1:07 Skullkrusher The Bomb Raid demo 2001

50,000 Spaceships 2:38 The Groovie Ghoulies World Contact Day

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #187

Episode 187... A little Octoberfest theme this week with beer, beer, beer. Nothing new, just a quick episode to pump you up lol. Enjoy and Cheers!

Download and stream here at the archive:

Bros Grim 187

Every Tuesday 4pm Cali Surf time and play throughout the day on Podunk Radio

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Drunk Punx Brrrrrrrrp...

Just One Beer 2:02 The Wankys The Very Best of Hero
Too Much Beer 0:31 Romantic Gorilla ST
Beer Bong 1:03 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Six Pack Girls 0:36 NoFX Maximum RockNRoll

Primitive Tribes: Searching Through The Couch For Change For Beer (background) 2:21 Very Small Records "Songs About Drinking" Compilation 1995
Beer junkies-Fake a smile 0:22
Let's Drink Some Beer 1:06 Yacopsae Massgrav.Yacopsae Split ep
Beer 1:52 Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys Shut Up and Drink
Beer Nazi 1:46 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
Apostles On Strike: Schaefer Beer 2:31 Very Small Records "Songs About Drinking" Compilation 1995
One Beer Left 0:58 Arsenal of Empties Arsenal of Empties
Old Man 2:34 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP

the Independents: Beer Song (background) 3:32 Very Small Records "Songs About Drinking" Compilation 1995
The Bronze 1:53 Warcola Dallas Punks
Lazer Toch Op! 0:57 Deportation Deportation
Systems Winning 1:54 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Coldbringer 0:29 Gasmask Terrör Architects Of Death EP
Ethnical Cleansing 1:31 Misgovernment War Is Served 7EP 1994
Progreso = mentira 2:24 Venganza / Antidroga Venganza / Antidroga - "Zaragoza Letal"

Beer Can Baby 2:39 The Deities Six Armed Ditties

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #186

Episode 186... Late to post the blog but oh well. Jammin' skate rock sound from a co-worker's band Burnout this episode from their new EP you can find them on Reverbnation. A couple songs along the way to touch on some current events we've missed along the way.

Download and listen here (also iTunes and Stitcher):

Bros Grim 186

Every Tuesday 4pm PST on Podunk Radio and plays throughout the day.

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Boycott Punk...

Buried Alive 1:29 The Accused The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Systems Suck 1:32 Deadly Reign Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Hardcore Scene Loser 0:41 Narrow Views Nationalist
Dirthead 1:41 Burnout 2018 EP

Black Betty (background) 3:58 Ram Jam The Very Best of Ram Jam
Viva America 1:12 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Stand and Stare 1:33 Natterers Demo '16
7 Bands Fight Music 3:52
Raise A Family 1:36 Lagwagon Physical Fatness
Sick Of You 1:25 Nobodys Greatasstits
I Wrote Holden Caufield 2:47 Screeching Weasel How To Make Enemies And Irritate People

Deadhead 1:21 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance E.P.
Methamphetamine 0:18 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties
Jobs 0:28 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties
Dickin' Out 1:46 Provoked Infant in the Womb of Warfare LP
Street Jam To The Second Power 1:07 Spazz Crush Kill Destroy
Battlefields 1:59 Collapse Society Collapse Society demo '93 Punk
Nike A Go Go 2:15 The Misfits Walk Among Us

Give Me A Cure Or Give Me Death (background) 4:09 Istukas Over Disneyland Underground Asia Compilation
System Fails But The Law Prevails 1:55 Detox Underground Asia Compilation CD General
Glory Days 2:11 STRIKE FAST DEMO 2013
Sick 1:41 SKIZOPHRENIA VA - Kärnvapen Attack Tour 2011
Descente 0:51 Veuve SS Demo
Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid 2:06 Dead Fly Insult to Injury

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 4:51 Nirvana In Utero Rock 0 1

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #185

Episode 185... Back and still shredding on PoDunk Radio! Same time, same place. The most current show is in the auto DJ to repeat a few times per day. Special thanks to the fellas at Sick Boys Radio for taking over the PoDunk formatting. Raging lick from Fixation who just got back home from a short West Coast tour (sorry I missed you) and released their new Marked E.P.  Image below. Enjoy!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 185

Catch us Tuesdays 4PM West Coast time on PoDunk Radio

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Punkation across the nation...

Intruder 1:23 Krimewatch Krimewatch
Candy in the Mix 0:58 Fixation Marked
open-mind surgery 1:36 DOOM Doom To Extinction
Dead City 3:25 Captured! by Robots Endless Circle of Bullshit

I Can See Clearly Now (background) 2:47 Johnny Nash The Best of Johnny Nash
Mull on liian lyhyt sänky 0:44 Terveet Kädet Kädet Suojelee
Police Bastard 3:15 CHEAPNESS
Rules    1:06 B.G.K. White Male Dumbinance Ep
Product of Society 1:58 Urban Assault s/t EP
That's Life 2:30 Guttermouth Live At The House Of Blues

Rise, Killbot, Rise!!! (background) 5:26 Ghoul Splatterthrash
It's Not Enough 1:11 Unamused Haven't You Been Deceived
Gift In A Curse 1:56 TV TRAGEDY My Life (demo tracks)
Deprogram 2:36 Dr. Know Burn
Too Mixed Up 2:30 NOFX Maximum RockNRoll
Innocent Victim 2:15 Dogsflesh Revival Of Species

Dukes Of Danger (background) 2:24 Peter Pan Speedrock Killermachine
Relationshits - N.C. 1:20 Nihilist Cunt Nihilist Cunt - You're Next... 7"
Bury the Hatchet 2:56 Ghoul Splatterthrash
tomorrow 1:21 WASTE (the netherlands) st 7''
weak persons 1:43 D.O.N.D.O.N. Skulls EP
Condicionamiento humano 0:57 PesticidaSS En el centro de la nada...

Bodies 4:25 Danzig Danzig III: How the Gods Kill

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #184

Episode 184... Getting ridiculous the chunk of time between our shows. Alas, enjoy the righteous tunes!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 184

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PoDunk Radio

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Ageless Punk reaction...

Corporate Dream 1:29 Active Minds The Age of Mass Distraction
Emo Kids blown to Shit 0:37 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
Blow Up the Embassy 2:12 Fearless Iranians from Hell Fearless Iranians from Hell - EP
I Don't Wanna Go to the Party 2:20 The Riverdales Storm the Streets

Santa Monica (background) 3:12 Everclear Sparkle and Fade
Back to the Future 1:26 Brown Sugar Sings of Birds and Racism
Deathraid –  The Crush 1:36 Deathraid Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
Desperat – Garanterat Mangel  1:32 Desperat Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
Insulto 1:52 Annapura ANNAPURA II
Unaware 2:21 Swing Low MMXIV
Police Informer 2:43 The Exploited Apocalypse '77 The Best Of The Exploited

All BWM Drivers Are Assholes (background) 3:44 100,000 Body Bags 100,000 Body Bags
Ride the Toxic Surf 2:59 D.I. Caseyology
Next Time 1:13 Electro Hippies fe 02 - Generic  / Electro Hippies  split lp
War Threat 1:27 SSD The Kids Will Have Their Say
Ultra Positive 1:16 Youth Crusher Demo cassette 2018
**** Don't Stink 1:00 Concrete Facelift Loud Fast Raw

Vanilla Sex (background) Rancid 2:28
Make A Effort 1:40 Romantic Gorilla
Priviliged 0:16 Coke Bust Fuck Bar Culture
Die On Your Knees - POISON IDEA 2:38 V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria
The Towel 1:54 Guttermouth Split w/ The New Threat
Nazi Go Home - CRUDE SS 1:12 V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria

Janie Is A Nazi 2:37 Sloppy Seconds Destroyed
The Return 2:08 Mad Ax Solo Project

Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #183

Episode 183... Finally after 5 weeks of editing, the two bros are back with an annual brothers special from Reno. Lots of '90s reminiscing. Crap load of sarcasm including many songs that are "the baddess ass song ever," calling songs by their wrong names and getting album names wrong (if you're wondering).

Download or stream here:

Bros in Reno 2018

Please send us fitting MP3s to

Like always catch us Tuesdays 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

Never gonna be as PUNK...

Never Gonna Die 2:40 Pennywise Never Gonna Die

The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Abroad 1:35 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Fleas 1:48 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Punkhouse 2:18 Screeching Weasel Kill The Musicians
Email From A She-Male 1:14 The Bugs THE BUGS

Surfin 'n Spying (background) 3:12 Jughead's Revenge Elimination
Bed Bugs 1:44 Crazy Spirit Crazy Spirit LP
Bugs in My Ass 1:27 The Dead Smurfs Concord's Most Wanted 1996 demo
Bed Bugs Are Back 1:09 Dipers Demo tape
Green Corn 1:44 NOFX Ribbed
The Checkered Demon 2:08 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Lock Down 3:53 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto

Sidewalk Surfin' (Background) 2:31 Jan & Dean
Titty Twister  1:57 Diesel Boy Cock Rock
Get Beer 1:37 White Kaps Cannonball Man
Joe Queer Kicked Me Out 1:31 Nobodys Hussy
I Am You 2:34 Off With Their Heads From the Bottom
Redemption Song 2:38 No Use for a Name Leche Con Carne

Keep Holy the Surfing Sabbath (background) 2:16 The Fully Blown 3-Some in Sparta
Octopus Hairpiece 2:19 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
I am Angry 0:52 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
masturbation vacation - SURF NAZIS ON ECSTACY 1:08 v/a - Fast//LOUD v/a - Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Surface 0:35 BearTrap Sleep Eradication 7"
Pray for Surf 2:21 The D.I.'s Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
Surf combat 1:17 Naked Raygun Demo 1983

Surf Bunky (Background) 1:26 Jan & Dean American Treasures Vol.1
Baseballs 1:04 Class Of '93 Demo's 2017
Badass 2:38 The Bouncing Souls Badass - Single
Two-Faced Bastard 2:28 88 Fingers Louie Back On The Streets
California Drought 3:14 NOFX First Ditch Effort
This is Not the End 1:57 Rancid Trouble Maker (Deluxe Edition)

The Fugitives - The Fugitive ~ (background) Surf Instro 3:05
Live While You Can 2:38 Pennywise Never Gonna Die

Monday, May 14, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #182

Episode 182...  Been more than a while, but back with a boom! A week later than planned, but hey. New stuff again from Bandcamp. Some rips from my vinyl collection as well. Enjoy!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim182

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

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PUNK attractions as follows...

Touch and Die 0:58 Romantic Gorilla S/T
Apart From The Crowd 2:07 Blind Approach 
Space Invader 0:56 SHARK ATTACK Discog
Uncontrollable Urge 3:11 Devo Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!

Heart and Soul (background) 4:11 Huey Lewis & The News Greatest Hits (Remastered)
Use Your Mind 1:51 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Fuck The Cops 2:03 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
Systeemi Tappaa 2:29 Järjestyshäiriö Demo '82
Dissect- VKPM 2:10 Split w Los Rezios 2004 DNA Recs_PowerItUp Recs
Future Dreams 1:49 Attak Murder In The Subway

The Surf Riders - I'm Out (background) 2:23
Contradict- Contradict  1:44 Contradict Potential For Something More split Sounds of Revolution Recs 1999
Thee Outcasts- Scared Straight 1:56 Thee Outcasts Potential For Something More split Sounds of Revolution Recs 1999
Chronic Seizure- Sleepwalker 1:10 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005
Apostles On Strike- To The Grave 0:54 Torrid Tales of The Super Hate 7in 1996 Johanns Face Recs Chicago
Fat Pockets 1:33 Exit Order Demo (2013)

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Polly Put The Kettle On (background) 2:52
D.I.Y 0:45 The Tickturds Never Mind The Nostalgia
Odio I Crass 2:13 Charles Brigade Never Mind The Nostalgia
Outlet 1:25 Small Man Demo
Empty Bodies 1:07 SOCIETY NURSE Junk Existence 7" (LUNGS-011)

Mule Skinner Blues (background) The Fendermen
Making America Great Again 1:43 Narrow Views Nationalist
Canal Terror 0:36 better reality demo
Cheap Holiday 2:00 Lawful Killing Lawful Killing
Muñeca 1:19 Payasa DEMO

Goofy Goober Rock 2:54 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob's Greatest Hits

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #181

Episode 181...  Generating steam heat with some new and old!  Some more bandcamp newbees with ole' Stussey WCS feel.

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 181

Catch us Tuesdays high tide 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

Send us mp3's to

Punk truckin....

She's a Killer 1:57 The Accused The Return of Martha Splatterhead
Couch Slouch 1:44 D.R.I. But Wait...There's More! - EP
Bullshit Policies 0:58 Arms Race Demo 2013
Sh*tty Situation 1:33 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP

Hunger Strike (background) 4:06 Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog
RADIOACTIVE CHUNKS 1:50 Sunshine Ward V/A Cream of the Crop
Punk 4 Life 2:35 BLUNT UK
Channel 34 1:00 A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets
Fat Man 1:03 Death Hymn Number 9 Smokestack Frightening
Commando (background) 1:53 Ramones Ramones Mania
Armchair Killers 1:47 Extended Hell Extended Hell EP
Desocialized 1:49 Youth Crusher Demo cassette 2018
Condicionamiento humano 0:57 PesticidaSS En el centro de la nada...
Nada 1:45 Paniko Paniko
Whole 1:59 SMUT Demo
My Own Hell (background) 3:33 Still Alive My Own Hell
Die When You Die 1:43 G.G. Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies 12 inch
Wishing 2:17 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 2 (Disk 1)
I'm not anti Girls, Girls are anti me 0:53 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
Kul för dig 0:22 Svart Städhjälp Gatuvapen
Minä haluan paljon rahaa 0:48 Terveet Kädet Kädet Suojelee
War Business 2:21 Deathgrip Deathgrip Demo
DEAD OCCASION 1:43 Get Laid Demo
What It Is 1:23 Teen Wolves The Tape
Space Truckin' 4:33 Deep Purple Machine Head Rock

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #180

Episode 180... In the spirit of Worst Case Scenario, I added a set of stuff right off the shelf. Along with some usual. Enjoy!

Stream from your smart device here (iTunes as well):

Bros Grim 180

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

Punkers all raw and shit...

Ready To Fight 2:18 CHEAPNESS
Breakdown 2:56 Agent Orange Living In Darkness
The Human Mulligan 1:56 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP
180 Degrees 2:10 NoFX So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes

Slow Ride O(background) 2:57 Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill
I Hate A**holes 1:03 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP
We Used To Be Punks 1:01 OMIT HardcorePunk
I Need Air 1:46 Abraham Cross End Of Time cassette P
180 Proof 1:53 UGLYBoNES 180 Proof EP
My Buick Goes 180 0:32 WhiteTrash Whiplash Whiskey Gun

We're A Happy Family (background) 2:39 Ramones Ramones Mania
Weekend Rocker 1:13 Booji Boys Weekend Rocker LP
Blood Oath 0:55 Raw Breed DEMO
All Bands are Hardcore Punk These Days 0:57 Puta Malaria The Dead Yesterdays / Puta Malaria - Split
I Have A Dream 1:06 7 Seconds Old School 12"

Needles & Pins (background) 2:22 Ramones Ramones Mania
Dred Song 0:40 10-96 No Retreat
Drug War 1:45 Good Clean Fun Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place
Don't Shoot 2:36 Alien Boys Self-Critical Theory
We got lost 0:32 RAD Loud & Fast
I Hate You 0:35 Greedy Mouth Wax On Wax Off
Man with Koozie Never Drinks a Hot Beer 0:18 Greedy Mouth Wax On Wax Off

rise above-institutionalize 3:28 EVIL DEAD rise above 12'' '89
Criswell Predicts 1:38 Groovie Ghoulies Travels With My Amp

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #179

Episode 179... New year, same old tricks for now. Going rockus with some usual fast punk! Thanks for listening.

Safe to download and stream here:

Bros Grim 179

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

Send us hate to

Still unsmused punx...

Third World  1:12 Unamused Red, White and Brainwashed ''7 EP
I Love Wrestler  0:27 Romantic Gorilla Spazz & Romantic Gorilla Split CD
Three Wheels And A Tank Of Nitros  1:57 Submachine Fresh Out Of Give-A-Fucks
Ticket To Quebec  1:12 Guttermouth Eat Your Face

Jump Around (background) 3:36 House Of Pain The Best of House of Pain and Everlast: Shamrocks & Shenanigans
Nothing's Wrong  0:57 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Tender Vittles  1:12 Spazz & Romantic Gorilla Split CD
Hazardous Material  1:05 Stressors Psychotic Break 7"
Olika Håll  2:02 Stress SS Fest (2015) 
schizo terrorist 1  1:45 The Bastards
Get Up and Go  0:53 Teen Idles Minor Disturbance E.P.

My City (background)- DOWNFALL  2:10 v/a - Later, That Same Year v/a - Later, That Same Year compilation
Welcome to My Humble Life of Disarray  2:43 SNFU If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish
Criminals (Album Version)  1:01 Time Again The Stories Are True
Perros de guerra  2:32 Invierno Nuclear Thrashing Metal Punk
Suffer And Die  0:55 Disapprove Life's Hell
Muren  1:52 Dom Där Dansa Vilt Min Själ

Roadkill (background)- BLATZ  3:26 v/a - Later, That Same Year v/a - Later, That Same Year compilation
Enemies  0:58 Die Kreuzen Self-Titled
Gallows  1:12 LIFE is HATE 8 Track EP   0 1
Zembu Uso Da-Ta  1:31 Nomad Nomad demo 2010
This Country Bumpkin Needs to Get His Fuckin' Ass Kicked  0:30 RKC (Roadkill Carnivore) Rangdangle Teaser
Idiots At Happy Hour  0:58 The Freeze This is Boston, Not LA
Prehistoric Fapmaster  0:33 The Fanboys Demo Gear Solid

Power And Mistakes  2:36 Criminal Damage Call Of Death
A Prosperous Nation  2:43 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock