Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #121

Episode 121... I recycled some old songs from Annihilation Radio at the start and I realized the beep sound before the Fight Music Bros Theme was also similar (didn't mean for that to happen).  Most righteous show check it out!

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Shortened Punk...

Massacred Millions  2:25 The Varukers One Struggle One Fight
Odio  2:11 Demenzia Kolektiva Demenzia Kolektiva - st
Nitad  0:55 Moderat Likvidation Nitad
Tank Pa Barnen  0:51 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
Together  2:07 Guttermouth The New Threat split

I Stopped Caring (background) 2:06 Hummingbird of Death Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD
Definate Choice  0:59 7 Seconds Old School 12"
Freedom fighters  2:24 the Terrorists The Terrorists
ЖИВОСЕЧЕНИЕ(Vivisection)  1:18 Raw Chaos Destroy Dis Freedom Struggle Continues Pt 3
Same Old Shit  0:57 Mörkersida Dis Freedom Struggle Continues Pt 3
Fixx  2:35 Holokaust Dis Freedom Struggle Continues Pt 3
Pissed Out Of My Head  2:17 The Bloodclots Chaos Day Is Almost Here

Moon Over Marin (background)  3:02 Skate Korpse Skate Korpse - Discography LP
Untitled 2  1:02 Bail Out! Skate Attack Vol. I tape
Ode to Agathocles  0:06 SMG Split 7"
Slaves to the Beat  1:30 Agathocles Split 7"
Dinero  0:26 Malparido Split 7"
Status Tats  0:42 Hummingbird of Death Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD

The Middle East Combat Area (background and more) 3:56 Clay JPN - The Middle East Combat
Menace  1:14 Poison Planet Oblivious
Death In California  0:50 Sick/Tired Lowlife Tape
Rotting in Line  1:03 Suppression  NoComply / Suppression - split 10"
Drain Your Pools (demo)  1:03 Skate Korpse Skate Korpse - Discography LP
Life You Lead  0:34 Growing Stronger Toxic Fumes

Don't Talk To Me (background)  2:24 GG Allin & The Jabbers Banned In Boston Part 1
Fight Till Death  3:37 Slayer Show No Mercy

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #120

Episode 120... The Dep Dog special! All dog related butt licks or dog band names! Try to enjoy and don't forget your pooper scooper! Another shot out to Torn Flesh Records, who always seems to make the specials!

Stream from your smart device and download here: Tuesdays at 6PM CST Sundays 5PM CST

Lie and Stink like a dawg...

Dogsflesh  2:28 Dogsflesh Vision of Hell
Dog Assassin- Terror  2:34 Dog Assassin_Imperial States of America_Spacement Recs reno
Frontside Grind  1:56 Underdog Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
Showtime  2:14 Doggy Style Don't Hit Me Up
Bros Fight Music theme

Mad Dog (background) 2:48 Dogpiss Eine Kleine Punkmusik
P.C.  2:18 Guttermouth Friendly People
Life's A Dog  2:15 Innocents Masho 7"
B-52 Launches Hound Dog Missle  0:20
in dog we trust  2:40 REAGAN YOUTH - 1983 demo's & live @ CBGB's new york-NY november 20th, 1982 1983 demo's
Dogz on Parole  2:10 Dogz on Parole Confinement
Dogfarts  2:05 The Dayglo Abortions Feed Us A Fetus
Noise  1:26 Post Atomïc Dogs Demo [2012]
Procrastination is the Mother of Invention, Cynicism is the Bastard of Progress  1:28 Scurvy Dogs Scurvy Dogs s/t EP

(He Beat) That Dog (background) 2:43 Yo! Scunt Damaged Goods And Gravy Sweat
go Down On My Dog  2:05 Ed Geins Car Making Dick Dance
Dog Shit  2:13 G.G. Allin Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies 12 inch
Losing Dog  1:22 Gil To Us Conflict is Not Important 7"
Dogs  1:59 Street Boundaries Radio Riot! Vol. 2
Heir Of The Dogma  1:43 The Lobotomies Big Bang Hangover

Dogmatic Deception -A F.w.S (background) 2:42 A Fight With Sledgehammers A Fight With Sledgehammers - Dogmatic Deception 7"
Hot Dog Water Popsicle in the Hand of Eric Wood  0:13 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Dog Log  1:49 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids
ANTI/DOGMATIKSS - I was a boy  1:10 Anti-Dogmatikss VA - La lucha continua
Man Eats Dog - RAISE CAIN  1:29 v/a - The Choice Is Mine v/a - The Choice is Mine compilation cassette Punk (japan)
Dog of the system  1:42 Atomic Pollution Discograbfree
isle of dogs - EVISORAX  1:17 v/a - Fast//LOUD v/a - Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Spare Some Change, My Dog Is An Alcoholic  0:47 Busted Bearings AZ KAOS and Gagging Maggot Records present Apocalypse Cow! Volume #1
Dogs of War  2:10 10-96 No Retreat

You Blister My Paint (background) 3:20 Screeching Weasel Bark Like A Dog
The Smoking Song  2:00 Dogpiss Eine Kleine Punkmusik