Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #190

Episode 190... Into the holiday season.  blasted a handful of 2018 releases along with the usual.  Enjoy, nerds!!!!

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Bros Grim 190

Every Tuesday 4 PM PST and replays throughout the week on Podunk Radio

Sorry for the poor response on emails.  I didn't realize my gmail account was missing the password to get notified.  Seems impossible, but...

Punk burns in the 3rd...

A Grand Exclamation of Go!-ing 0:52 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Starvation 0:47 Siege Drop Dead
Stagnant 1:40 Tashme Promo
Terrorist Attack 1:46 The Spits Kill the Kool

Low Rider (background 3:12 War Why Can't We Be Friends?
Martraðaveröld 0:49 D7Y Demo 2018
Ceramic Dish 1:31 Bruised ...introduction to Rotten Codex 2018
Confessions of A Nihilistic Alcoholic 1:55 The Antidon'ts We Reap What You Sow 2018
Always the Victim 1:33 Slimy Member Ugly Songs For Ugly People
You're Late 1:16 Guttermouth Friendly People

So Long 0:51 Mickey And The Big Mouths  S/T
STABBED IN BACK - Hopeless Romantic 2:07 Various Artists Basement Records Compilation 2012
CLAPTRAP (the netherlands) - gut feeling 1:25 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation #8 2013
TEEN WOLVES (U.$.A.) - bedtime stories 1:26 VA - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 6
Plastic Bullets 0:26 Antidote One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk 7''

read on speed 1:26 Systematic Death for the punx and thrashers
Foreign Faggot Policy 1:24 The Satans The Satans
My Attitude 1:34 Cülo My Life Sucks and I Could Care less
Bloody Concrete 1:01 Dirty Work S/T 7"
When My Blood Is Pumping 1:07 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
Corpes in Disguise 2:38 The Faction Collection 1982-1985
Put it Aside 1:33 Youth of Today We're not in this Alone
My Board, My Rules 1:08 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Dark Thoughts  1:50 Corrosion Of Conformity Eye For An Eye + Six Songs With Mike Singing
What Can I Do 0:53 Romantic Gorilla S/T

A Lesson in Violence 3:50 Exodus Bonded by Blood

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #189

Episode 189... Happy election day, so go do your job or shut your mouth. A couple new tunes and the usual shred. Ripped a song off of Sonic Overload's set list for general Dodger-hating purposes.

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 189

Every Tuesday 4 PM PST on PoDunk Radio

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Bled blue punkin...

Negative Threat 1:38 Septic Death Need So Much Attention 12"
I'm Offended 1:48 Rabid Assault Garage Demo
Authority Fight 1:13 ¡BLUNT! Pass the BLUNT Demo!
Boston Not La 0:25 The Freeze This is Boston, Not LA

Your Love (background) 3:43 The Outfield Big Innings: The Best of the Outfield
A Day At The Office 2:26 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
putdown 1:07 RUDE AWAKENING - slaves of freedom demo 1983
Two Fer Flinchin 2:08 Poppa Wheelie Rockband or Racehorse
Who's The Banned? 0:55 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Humanity's Final Breath  1:02 Starvation 5 Track Demo

Nation Of Sedation (background) 3:45 Girlfixer Girlfixer
Kids Of The K-Hole 2:17 NoFX So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
Product 1:50 Concrete Sox Lunched Out Ep
Nightstealer 2:38 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Bomb Cult 1:45 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Relentless Slaughter 1:41 Disgust Thrown Into Oblivion [Lost & Found]

America (background) 2:26 Burmese Burmese is Dead
Document One 2:51 G.I.S.M. Detestation
Devilock 1:29 Burmese Burmese is Dead
Patrickviolence 1:14 Goolagoon Patrickviolence Demo
Dead People Having Sex 2:33 Mobs Diabolism
Is This What You Voted For? 2:02 Self-Inflicted Genocide Demo/Is This What You Voted For?

Seventy Seven 3:01 Blunt Proud & Punk