Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #60

Episode 60 filled with the same bag of tricks and a little more! Featuring the new segment "A Beer With Guttermouth"!!! Our good buddy Dave (guitars) from Guttermouth stops in for a chat. No new tunes this week. A hand full off "Short Songs For Short People".

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Punk songs this week...

Active Minds- Slaves To Fiction
Public Nuisance- Crooked Edge
Altered Boys- Time Bomb
The Ataris- The Radio Still Sucks

Deathraid- Give In
Wednesday Night Heroes- FAQ
Fucking Christ- Keeping It Wolf
Desperat- Suicide Attack
Code 13- Send More Cops

Aggro Or Die- Waste Away
Time Again- Lost In Hollywood
Chix Diggit- Quit Your Job

Guttermouth- NRAA
The Submissives- Castration Squad
Anal Mucus- Ga-Ca
Bar Feeders- Outhouse Of Doom

Red Scare- Keep America Beautiful
Dead Noise- Insanity
D-Clone- What Color The Sky?
The Grim- Trk 7 from Getting Revenge In Merica

Doctor Snitch- Terror Hands
Hi Standard- Asian Pride

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #59

#59... Featuring a chat with Common Enemy's Justin Thrasher! He catches us up with Common Enemy, recording, touring, music, Overdose On Records, and life. Even catches The Dep Dog by surprise. The things we learn. 

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Punk action this week...

SSDecontrol- The Kids Will Have Their Way
Mickey and The Big Mouths- D.A.W.G.
Discharge- Where There's A Will
Common Enemy- 4 Wheels And A Board

FeaRection- Fuck Off And Die
Iron Reagan- Artificial Saints
DRI- No Religion
Enabler- The Heathens
Common Enemy- Skate That Shit

Common Enemy- Mind Games

Common Enemy- One Up
Vitamin X- Deal With It
Human Error- Fucked Up School System
Spazz- A Legend In Your Own Mind

Stevie Bastard- Are You Ready For A Third World War?
Animal Train- Thin Thread
Guttermouth- This Won't Hurt A Bit
Attitude- Sick Of It

Chaos UK- Disgruntled