Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #216

Episode 216... Another glorious Christmas special! I tried to get crafty with the few themes. Take it or leave it.  Not sure what I was thinking saying our original X-mas special was #12, it was #48. See you next decade.

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Bros Grim Christmas 216

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Punker stocking-stuffer...

Hit Machine 1:58 Guttermouth Gorgeous 
Party Harder 1:52 Common Enemy Living The Dream?
Antennas 1:13 Rancid 2000
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 1:49  Vandals Oi To The World

The Ventures - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (background) 2:04
Beer For Breakfast 1:32 Nobodys Hussey
Joy Ride 1:40 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 1
The Joy of Thrashing 1:07 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Christmas Monkey 2:08 Sarky Bastard Sarky Bastard

Midnite Surfer 1:57 Joy Boys Board Boogie: Surf'n Twang From Down Under
Jesus Meets the Stupids 2:34 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids
Jesus Fish Assholes Part II 1:19 Christian Club Final Confession
Jesus Var En Tomte-Jehova's Vu 2:05 Rovsvett Jesus Var en Tomte EP
Jesus Crust 2:19 Diskarrego Demo
Sandy The Christmas Ghost 1:30 Kindergarten Hazing Ritual A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two

Jesus Murphy: Kicked In The Head (background) 2:48 Very Small Records "Drinking About Songs" Compilation 2003
Jesus' Whore 0:39 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties Hard Rock 0
Jesus Was A Punk Rocker 0:25 Jesus Christ Posse The Shape of Monks to Come
Gay Jesus For President 2:54 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
Joy 2:24 Youth Avoiders Discography Tape
Jesus Freaks 2:30 World War IX Portrait of Sobriety

Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (background) 4:37 Nirvana MTV Unplugged In New York
What Are You Celebrating 0:43 BORED STRAIGHT VA - Welcome To 2013 0
A Shallow Grave For Christmas 0:45 Kusari Gama Kill A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two A Grindcore Christmas
Gallows Tree 1:37 Stripmines Crimes of Dispassion
Joys Of Noise 2:38 The Blood False Gestures Of A Devious Public
Fuck You Jesus 1:43 I Still Believe We're Still Pissed!!! Vol. 4

I'm The One Who Gunned Santa Down 5:31 Deadbolt 91 X-Mas Reel George Productions

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #215

Episode 215... kept it brutal, but sprinkled in some usual like a dash of cinnamon on one of those holiday coffee drinks. Just one 2019 release from Portland's Bothers.

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Punkers spazzing delight...

Kiss of the Sasquatch 0:43 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Wasting My Life Waiting To Die 0:39 BearTrap Sleep Eradication 7"
Diamond Studded Bumble Bee 1:33 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Gorillaman-Show 2:52 Romantic Gorilla ST 1998

Leaders 2:22 Oi Polloi Oi! Sound Of The U.K. + Instigators Live In Berlin
Metal free youth 0:34 Offside Demo JP session
Power Virus 1:21 Submachine Live Fast Die Dumb
Apathy 0:41 Deadline 8/2/82
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) 1:52 NoFX The War On Errorism

Crushing The Dream 2:43 The Wankys Moly Apina EP 2017 Lady Lasol Recs
What goes Around 1:25 Youth of Today We're not in this Alone
Rock Bottom 1:17 Goolagoon Patrickviolence Demo
No Need For Cruelty 2:00 Unamused Haven't You Been Deceived
The People's Pal 2:22 Jughead's Revenge Image is Everything

Shut In 2:57 Bothers Bothers Portland OR
Fighting Your A Go - SLAVER 2:15  v/a - The Choice is Mine compilation cassette
Body and Blood 1:02 Repercussions s/t EP
Dead Sect 1:35 Jagernaut S.W.T.Records Jagernaut / Terlarang - Split 7"
Taste The Steel 2:37 Beowulf Welcome To Venice Comp Suicidal Records

Gemini 4:53 Slayer Undisputed Attitude