Monday, September 23, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #65

#65... And we're still alive... barely!   Get a gas mask cause this one will melt your face off!!   Brand new one from Common Enemy!  Get it over at A bunch of tunes from Thanks Will at To Live A Lie Records for all the badtastic tunes!!! Do your homework on this one... a ton of free licks!!

                                                      Mark Adkins in Reno Aug 2013

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Punkness this week...
Common Enemy- You've Got The Wrong Idea
Warcola- Goin Turbo
Neverland Ranch Hands- Complicated Hair Cuts Are For Poodles, Not People
The Scandals- Fight Back
Bros Theme

Beercan!- Police State
Another Damn Disappointment- The Riot
Guttermouth- Secure Horizons (Live From The House Of Blues)
Dep Dog and Adkins Podunk bumper

Street Sharks- Slummin It
BWCS bumper

Bail Out- Untitled 1
Media Circus- Coffee Shop Dropout
Pure Scum- Born To Hate
BlogSpot bump

Sect- Money
Obnoxious!- Love Your Money
Officer Down- House On Fire
Danny from Fight Music Podunk bump

Crunky Kids- Terrorist Attack
Hellkrusher- Confused
Invasion- W of M D
BER homework bumper

No Comply- South Park Crew
Rat Byte- Frustration
ACxDC- Turtle Power
(bugs on my deck)

DYS-  Stand Proud
Bullet Treatment- In Box We Trust
Assfort-  Track 1 from 1997 EP
Fat Mike Podunk bumper

NOFX- Nowhere
Sidetracked- Wasted
Antidote- Drinking In The Sun
Furious About- Pessimist
Dave from Moral Decline bumper

Replublicuns On Welfare- Music Is Not A Crime
*Revolucion X- E.Z.L.N.
*Ataque Frontal- Asco
*Abuso Sonoro- Sangue a Destruco
(*from Latinocore II)
Bros pit bit

Deras Krig- Why Must The Children Die
Government Flu- Shut Your Mouth
Randums- I Need A Beer
Steve Jasper Solo Project- Merica