Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #71.9

#71.9... A ton of bandcamp.com bands this week but not on purpose. All these bands are just getting smart. A bunch of tunes at the end from my ripped vinyl collection. See you in the pit!


Live recording from www.podunkradio.com  replay Tuesdays 4pm PST. 

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Punk licks...

You're Not Vegan Straight Edge (and I'm Telling Everyone)  0:30 Vomit Violence s/t
Nameless In Life, Faceless In  1:13 MK-Ultra Split EP 129
Poder absoluto  1:00 TOTÄLICKERS Totälickers "El poder absoluto aniquila la vida"
Pinhead  2:46 Ramones Greatest Hits
Anarchy  0:22 Fight Music

Weakness (background)  2:56 McRad Absence of Sanity Alternative
La dominació no sorgeix del no res  1:28 Dissapte Més enllà de l'ombra amb la que et conformes
que paso- Periferia   0:47 demo
Checked Out  1:35 Sorry State Last Ride
Quantum  1:53 S.N.A.F.U. Fear the Future
AdkinsDepDog promo  0:27 Adkins promo
S. D. F. B.  1:46 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Malmö HC  1:34 Svart Städhjälp Gatuvapen

In My Eyes (background)  2:49 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
Noize You Can Trust !!  1:10 Primitive Prison Can't Stop Noize !!
Officer Oink  1:30 Peroxide Youth Generation Advert: Age of Misinformation E.P.
Greatest generation  1:50 The Nervous Genital Panic
Camp Win  0:32
Plain Words  0:42 Mean And Ugly Demo 2012
Watching the Grass Grow  1:06 Libyans A Common Place
Swallowed Whole  0:58 The Shitty Limits Beware the Limits

Look Back And Laugh (background)  3:17 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
SSA I dont like it  0:46  http://assbackwards.bandcamp.com/album/surrounded-by-pigs
Born to Hate  0:39 Pure Scum Pure Scum Demo
K Street Killers  2:07 The Insurgence Basement Records Compilation
Old School  1:06 10-96 No Retreat
Worst Case Scenario Promo-Brutal Existence Radio 0:36
Boredom On All Fronts  1:14 Haldol Haldol - The Death Drive
Lost in the Void  0:44 Rotting Christ Rotting Christ/Sound Pollution-The Other Sie of Life split 7"
Stranger among friends  0:23 Sound Pollution Rotting Christ/Sound Pollution-The Other Sie of Life split 7"

Screamin' For Peace (background)  2:49 Misled Citizen Hate And Chaos
Track 1 Gillooly 0:44 Feral Kid Records
Illusions  1:19 Paranoid Hardcore addict
Gallows Over Wallstreet  1:16 TENSION Demo 2011
Facts Bros Grim bumper  0:24 Common Enemy As the World Burns   1
Inquisition  1:49 Proto Regime 2012 Demo
Ol'Factory  0:50 Punch Punch

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba (background)  3:01 Mr. T Experience Love Is Dead
I wanna skate  1:23 Bloodstains Live Fast Stay Young
Too Cool To Dance  1:26 BAZOOKA Radio Riot! Vol. 1
World's Worst  2:39 Suzi Trash Radio Riot! Vol. 1
All I Need  2:22 Death Punch Ear Infection Vol. 1
Noize Violence  1:07 Dead NOISE Dead Noise demo (us)

You Don't Have To Die (background)  3:24 T.S.O.L. Deep Thoughts
Isolate and Contain- Bomb Builder  1:20 Drop The Big One ep Crucial Recs 2002
Flags And Slogans-  Regress 0:43 Look Who's Pulling The Strings_Lengua Armada 2003
Just Us-The Last Priority   1:50 The Last Priorty ep SmashEmOut Recs 2003
Jackhammer2Face  0:10 Brutal Existence Radio
Straightedge- Masturbation  2:23 ATN MB split Laid Off Recs 1995
I Won- Failure Face  1:20 Failure Face all pain no gain Ebullition_ Daybreak Recs 1994
Happiness Is Fools gold in A World Of No Emotion- Pigpile  1:01 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
Floorlord (background)  2:44 One Hit Wonder Deep Thoughts
Till The End  3:28 Endless Struggle Till The End (AF021)