Monday, May 28, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #21

This week all 80's Punk Hardcore whatever. I cheated and went with a re-recording on the first song. My original sounded too shitty.

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Useless Pieces Of Shit- Fuck Shit Up
JFA- Kick You
Life's Blood- Not For The Weak
7 Seconds- Young Till I Die

White Cross- Nuke Attack
Speed of The Presses
Cause For Alarm- Parasite
Hoax- Suicide Pact
Warzone- Dance Hard Or Die

Die Kreuzen- This Hope
SS Decontrol- Boiling Point
Bored Youth- No Chance
Battered Youth- Love You When You're Dead
Half Off- Make Every Minute Count

Youth Korps- 1969
Heart Attack- From What I See
The Abused- Drug Free Youth
The Germs- Lexicon Devil
Negative Approach- Can't Tell No One

Social Unrest- General Enemy
Crucifix- See Through Their Lies
Necros- No One
The Freeze- Trouble If You Hide

Angry Samoans- Right Side of My Mind
NOFX- My Friends
Wasted Youth- Teenage Narc
Ludichrist- Murder Bloody Murder
The Fix- Vengeance
Genocide- Stillborn

Guttermouth- Where Was I?

The Accidents- Sorry Mark (haha snuck that in. Not 80's by far)

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #20 is where you should be. Catch us at 4pm Cali time Tuesdays.

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This week...

Common Enemy- Late Night Skate
Gang Green- Skate To Hell
McRad- Tomorrow's Headline

Common Enemy- Thrown Away (new)
Guttermouth- Toilet
Mickey and The Big Mouths- Less Than Human
Multi-Facet- Ghost

Beer Junkies- Beer Me
Poison Idea- This Thing Called Progress
Deadline- I.C.A.
Teen Idles- Fleeting Fury

NOFX- My Step Dad's A Cop and My Step Mom's a Domme (new 7")
The Ghouls- Jekyll & Hyde
Monster Squad- Fire The Faith
Apeface- The End Is The Beginning

Sickoids- Bleached Bodies
Sick- Faces Or Faces
The Olympians- You
Human Error- Torture Culture
Health Hazard- Silent Scream

Vicious- Ugly Punx
Rampant Decay- Political Lemmings
4 Past Midnight- Police Story
Suffer- Crowds
Fucktard- Woodstock Punks Are Full of Shit
A Global Threat- Set Up

The Blood Types- Kats R Punx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #19

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This week we played...

Berzerk- Traitor
Bored To Death- I Hate Myself But I Hate You More
Call The Police- 1984

Short Temper- Short Temper
Detonators- Outta Line
Clusterfux- Read Between The Lies

The Milksnatchers- Ayia Napa Slapper
Mob 47- Logner
NOFX- Hardcore 84

Yodokai- Vows
Antischism- Violent World
Moral Decline- Creepin

Guttermouth- The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard
Olho Seco- Nada
Nuclear Attack- Ta Frandom Rika

Fleas and Lice- Take It Back from "They've Taken Everything" tribute to the Icons of Filth
Active Minds- Jackhoots and Graces
The Undercover Saints- 18 Wheels

The Filthy Cheaters- C'mon MF
World War IX- Destination Blackout
The Fuckers- F.S.N.
Executioner- 1984
Smeat- Come Loud
ACxDC- Milk Was A Bad Choice

Offspring- Smash

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast # 18

Listen to the show here. Set list as follows:

Deportation — Freedom is an Illusion
Unamused — Discrimination
FuckTard — Get Outta My Face

Guttermouth — Bingo
Weak Teeth — M-16 (Tribute to the Descendents)
Obni — For You Money Is Power

Sickoids — No Flags
The Faction — Lost In Space
The Bloodclots — Reveille

In Defence — Moshelle (Mosh You To Hell)
Peter Pan Speedrock — Roller Coaster
Kalashnikov — Nessuna Fiducia

Total Chaos — Lives Are Squandered
NOFX — Suits and Ladders
Rotten Youth — Drunktards

Los Olvidados — Personal Genocide
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp — Kamala's Too Nice
Death Wish V — Pork Chops and Ham Hocks

State of Franklin — Fuck You Cancer
Left Over Crack — Infested
Nobodys — Dead End Job

The Fully Blown — Fire Bush

Episode originally aired on Monday, May 7, 2012

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