Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #62

Episode 62 is more punk than you! Low on the words again, but whatever. Brand new tunes from Common Enemy, The Bugs, and Gag Order. This S#%* SHREDS!!!! Please support the underground scene, and go to real shows with real bands. Both Guttermouth and Common Enemy (  are shredding the East Coast and Midwest right now. Listen to 62 below:

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Punk songs this show:

Guttermouth- Day At The Office
Diswar- intro
ATO- Ask Your Doctor If Paxil Is Right For You
Submachine- Corruption 
Spazz- Dwarf Goober Militia 
Bros Theme and words

Common Enemy- Dude, Seriously 
Deathraid- Eye Of The Beholder
Heresy- Never Healed
GutterMark bump

The Bugs- Apeman
The Queers- Monster Zero
Idiot Talk- Nobody's Friend
Citizens Patrol- Panic Attack
Nuclear Tomorrow- Keep It Short & You Don't Listen
Jacks Bumper

Vapo Rats- I Play Football
Government Flu- Holes
Attack SS- Where Is The Future?
Dissober- Earthwide Suicide
Lebenden Toten- The End
Mad Axe bump

Bored To Death- I Don't Care/ Pose As A Skate
Human Error- Front
Smart Cops- Quel Dubbioso Manganella Rosa
D-Beatles- Sota Tuhoaa
Sudor- Chicos Del Regimen
Bros Blog Bump

Sk8NIKS- Beer Break
Beer Junkies- I Hate People
Disease- Nuclear Disaster (Freedom Punker four way split)
Logic Problem- Too Slow
Masspollution- The Bloody Dawn
Stussey and BER bump

Burnt Cross- Remain Compliant To State Control 
Die Zlaskhinx- Musiken e Allt
Break The Cycle- A Poet's Gift
(all 3 from Freedom Punker: Vol 7)
Gag Order- Land Of The Free
Cuttin Loose- Skatehate