Monday, December 28, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #258

Episode 258... Cheers to a year that everyone would like to forget. A long set of the best stuff we heard in 2020.  It was pretty successful as far as writing material. 2020 licks from Bandcamp. Mad Max was set in 2021, go figure. Enjoy!

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In your Punk face...

260,000 Dead 1:34 DEATHRAID The Year The Earth Struck Back_Agipunk Recs93
Insane System 1:54 Disorder Pain Headache Depression EP_Trujaca Fala Recs
I'd Rather Die Than Listen To NOFX 1:02 MENTAL DISTRESS Demo TAPE
Asshole 1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People

Walking The Dog (background) 3:08 The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones 1963-1971
I Sniff Glue 0:35 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Alcoholic Slam 1:26 LOCKJAW Gang Violence LP 1985
Time To Eat 1:13 C-4 Goes To War
Mr. Popular 1:19 Time to Escape Time To Escape EP
The End Is Nigh 1:48 The Varukers Varukers: The Punk Singles 1981 - 1985
No One Is Innocent 1:02 HOLEHOG RADIATION BLUES_Sacramento

I Wanna Be Sedated (background) 3:21 The Jimmy Psycho Experience Mosh Pits & Mai Tais: The Ultimate Punk Rock Lounge Party
Coronavirus aka COVID-19 0:43 THE PISSED ALPACAS Singles Collection
Insanity of War 2:02 Affect Fucked Reality_Sweden
Energy Vampire 1:30 Real Trouble PROVING GROUND DEMO_MS
Earth's Revenge 1:53 Genome Young, Beautiful & Free_Sweden
Distopian Urban Warzone 2:30 Combat Shock Distopian Urban Warzone_Ventura CA
Violent Majority 1:36 Spy Service Weapon_Bay Area SF

My Head On A Platter (background) 2:50 Ugly Fly Guys Colt of Buzz
You're All Controlled 0:32 AGENT ATTITUDE First Two EPs
Dropout 1:17 Response Stand Strong
All Hail The Taco Avenger 1:26 IN DEFENSE Discography CD
You Hate, I Hate, Who's Gonna Win? 0:59 CRIPPLED FOX More Fun!! More Thrash!! LP
Zombie Apocalypse 1:21 REPROACH The Bitter End LP

Swamp Ratz - Swamp Rat (background) 2:35 Productions Impossible Records Label Sampler 2020
Everybody's Getting Banned 1:00 GOVERNMENT ISSUE 1982 Demo Double floppy
Lost In Space 1:02 Deep Sleep Three Things At Once
The Fucket List 0:53 Shift Demo 2 (Unmastered)
Quick to Judge 1:01 SPIT Poison In Your Head
Say Again 1:44 Time Again The Stories Are True

Goodbye Year, Goodbye 2:08 X Alphebetland

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #257

Episode 257... Not a Christmas special, special, but not a special. The Yule "Tide" is out this year, so we ain't got much cheer. A pre-end of the year show with a long set of 2020 worthy tunes and an ever so popular Corona Covid theme. Enjoy the holiday season responsibly (mask up)! Cheers!

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Punk skin hats and mimosas...

Killing For Fun 1:15 Government Warning Arrested
Skate Or Try 1:02 Common Enemy Common Enemy / xLearnx Split EP
Fuck Off and Die 0:39 FearEction FearEction (Demo 2012)
Fuck Christmas 0:44 Fear The Record_Slash recs

The Surfaris (background) A Surfer's Christmas List 2:07
Enemies Of Common Sense 1:23 Wasted Time Wasted Time
World Diseased 1:15 Set To Explode Set To Explode
Sick To Death 2:17 A.F.K Ruled by the Insane
Fool Me Once 0:57 Cardiac Arrest Life's A Dead End
Stay At Home 1:24 The BRANNIGANS Broke TAPE
Thinning The Herd (The Cost Of Living LP) 2:09 Turning Seasons Discography
Los Straightjackets (background) rudulph the red nose reigndeer 2:19
Sick Of Life 0:47 FxAxSxTx I Don't Care About Your Shit!  7" EP
Underang 1:29 Disfear Disfear 7''
DIY not a special song 1:20 xLEARNx Common Enemy / xLearnx Split EP
Thrilling Murder 1:25 Night Birds Night Birds
Bag of Hope 1:46 Blackout Headed For A Blackout_Sacramento
Los Straightjackets (background) jingle bell rock 2:42
Flesh and Blood 0:55 The Slime Coming Soon to an Alley Near You_Toronto
Some Nerve 0:35 Laffing Gas It's a Beautiful Day in the Gulch_IL
Turmoil Fixation 1:26 Disrotter Plague Demo 2020_WA DC
Asphyxiation 1:45 Moment of Fear Covid Sessions 2020 EP_Beach Impediment Recs
No Revival 1:06 Public Acid Condemnation EP_B.I. Recs
The Dukes of Surf- (background) Aloha Christmas 3:09
Suicide Pact For Pigs 1:02 THRASHINGTON DC / KILLIN' IT! Split EP
Reality Strikes Again 1:35 Diskelma Fun Is Over
I don t want to be an emo kid because it is not good for my health 1:03 CHAROGNE STONE / FATAL NUNCHAKU Split EP
Fierce mohawks... lame attitude 1:30 YOUNG AND DANGEROUS Dangerous Youth And The Life Saving Thrash punk
God Save The Queen 3:18 Motorhead Under Cover
Los Straitjackets (background) Here Comes Santa Claus 2:11
Power Up 2:53 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Monday, December 14, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #256

Episode 256... Shredding through the apocalypse, but at least there's a vaccine out there starting this week. Was sent some raging tunes from The Slime (Toronto). Definitely some of the best stuff I've heard this F'd up year. I pre-recorded this show, and realized they put out a new album on Bandcamp the very next day. It sounds like I don't have my crap together like usual.

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Slimy Punk...

Surrounded By Filth 1:59 DETOX Sects of Violence EP_Lebenon
Beg Us To Stop 2:06 Barkhard Barkhard_Zorlac Skateboards
Hell On Wheels 1:18 Wheel Bite unreleased sessions
On My Own 2:00 Restraining Order The Demo
Surf on 7th Beat (background) 4:13 Space Streakings 7-Toku
The Day The Earth Stood Still 1:45 The Slime Coming Soon To An Alley Near You
Skull Fucked 0:38 Criminal Instinct Skull Fucked EP ATL
Galvanized Heart 0:40 ROLEX Self Titles EP LA_11PM Recs
Don't Let Them Leave 1:05 Xylitol I’m Pretty Sure I Would Know If Reality Were Fundamentally Different Than I Perceived It To Be EP_Thrilling Living Recs
Civilization 1:37 TASTE THE FLOOR Scam
Rudie Can't Fail (background) 3:28 The Clash London Calling
Use Your Mind 1:51 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Kill My Fun 1:03 Rules Self Titled
fascislamist 1:21 DEMOKHRATIA / MONDO GECKO No Religions-No States LP
Axe 1:09 DEMOKHRATIA / MONDO GECKO No Religions-No States LP
Trapped 0:49 GENITAL JIGGLING / JODIE FASTER 666 Cups Of Black Coffee Split LP
Hey! Let Me Go (background) 3:31 The Propellers Propellers Attack
Death Culture 0:32 Culo Toxic Vision EP
Magdalena 2:01 CzosnEk Sometimes
Saltamos el muro 1:34 Exilio Self-titled
They Wore You Down, They Burned You Out 1:01 JARADA | חרדה Ma'agal Sina'a LP
Δίψα Για Καταστροφή 1:50 Molisma Tainted Mass Ep
Disgrace on Jedi Forces 0:24 NoComply Split 7"
Trash On The Beach 2:16 Texas Thieves Forced Vacation

Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #255

Episode 255...The Pissed Alpacas pulled through with a request to remember the Altamont disaster in good ol' CA, marking the end of a culture with a ton of musical influence for everyone in that hippy era. Nothing of the sort would happen today because of the commercial greed alone. I think we've come a long way, but still people disagree. What followed was a pissed off America (Vietnam, etc.) and what do you know... Punk came along. Get the Pissed Alpacas YT link below. Cheers all!!!!

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Every Tuesday 4PM PST on PODUNK RADIO.

Flower Punker power...

Vampires 1:19 Lebenden Toten Synaptic Noise Dissociation LP (LUNGS​-​169) live at Vera Project
20th Century Ape 1:00 Straight Edge Kegger Hurt
Parents of the Devil 0:35 Capitalist Casualties Dope and War 7"
Closet Nazi 0:59 Enemy Soil Casualties of Progress
Under My Thumb (background) 2:50 Social Distortion White Light White Heat White Trash
December 6th, Altamont Remembrance Day 0:46 PISSED ALPACAS December 2020
Nothing's Wrong 0:57 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Petty Selfish Cretin 0:59 Scowl Reality After Reality...
Slave To Technology 1:44 Fight Music Never Go Full Retard
I Don't Give A Fuck  0:59 The Shotdowns This Party Is A Frat House 7in_Lookout! Recs

Ruby Soho (background) 2:32 The Jimmy Psycho Experience Mosh Pits & Mai Tais: The Ultimate Punk Rock Lounge Party
Gold 1:37 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Bone To Pick 1:45 Direct Control Direct Control
Apocalyptic Paranoids 0:37 SPIT Toxic Noise
Strong Enough To Change 2:04 Unseen Terror The Earache Peel Sessions
No Problems 1:13 NOFX Maximum RocknRoll
Jumpin' Jack Flash (background) 3:40 The Rolling Stones Swinging London single
El Fin Del Mundo 1:21 The Minorities Bandcamp Single_Maui 
Negativ arroz 1:26 VENENO Herejía LP Crapoulet Recs
FREEDOM FIGHT 3:09 PROJECT YOUTH MIDDLE EASTA World Divided Tapes_ Lebanon Recorded 2017
Whiskey Eyes 1:43 Hummer How Did I Get Here? Horn and Hoof Recs UK
Road Racer (background) 3:04 The Propellers Propellers Attack
Normal People 1:39 Nobodys Greatasstits
Duped 2:00 Bombardement Demo
Insatiable 1:50 Decontrol Fear Is The Key
Nessun Impulso 1:23 IMPULSO s/t ep
Bigot 1:15 Violent Arrest Criminal Record

Paint It, Black (background) 3:46 The Rolling Stones
Corona Virus Song 2:57 Skeleton 10/2020 Bandcamp Single