Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #64

Episode 64... It may be a bore... NOT! Punk's not dead, but our show might be. A brand new unmastered track from our boys Fight Music (Chico, CA)! Some new videos from the Guttermouth Reno show are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Check one of them out below:

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Episode 64 Set List:
A.N.S.- Dawn Patrol
Minor Threat- I Don't Want To Hear It
Electro Hippies- Run Ronald
The Loudmouths- Rockin' At The Rollerderby
Bros Theme song

Fight Music- Pit The Cock In Caucasian Common Enemy- Punk's Dead, You're Next
Fight Music bump
S.N.A.F.U.- Buck Fush
Greedy Mouth- Wax On Wax Off/ Drunk Ollie
Los Crudos- Que Paso Con La Paz
DRI bumper

DRI- Stupid, Stupid War/ Counter Attack
Zodiacs- Cult Persona
Sawn Off- Execution Justice/ Threat of War
Pink Turds In Space- Indie Shit
Mad Ax brothersgrimpunk@gmail.com bump

A.N.S.- Skate Zombies Must Shred
Disaffect- Humane Humans
Dr. Bob's Nightmare- Street Justice
Guttermouth- God's Kingdom
Stampede bump

Stressors- Corpse (free on bandcamp.com)
Youth Of Today- Put It Aside
Bad Logic- trk 3 from "Beers, Bongs, and Bad Logic"
Cerebral Scrub- Pipe Dream!
BER grandpa bump

God and I Don't Speak- Here We Are The Enemy
Generic- Civilised
Drop Dead- Unjustified Murder
Health Hazard- Societies Rejects
Jacks' Bros bumper

Urban Waste- Ignorant 
Glam- Miseria Eterna
Sedition- Police Story
Blogspot bit

Moms On Meth- No Fun
RAD- this Is Not A Final War
Public Disgrace- Future Past
Poison Idea- Reggae (I Hate)
Darkbuster- Hometown Zero