Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #199

Episode 199... Been busy lately but who cares. Found some new shredders from Invisible Audio (Florida) over at Bandcamp and some other goodies. A little bit of Skate Rock in memory of the great Jake Phelps.  Enjoy please.

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Bros Grim 199

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Bad smelling PUNK shit...

Two Sides of the Same Coin 0:41 SPHC Records Active Minds/Thisclose split 7' (SPHC-68)
Bad Shit - All Hail Cardiel 1:15 Skate Rock Vol 13
Billy Pepper's Fist in the Glass Eye of Jake Phelps 0:55 Spazz Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan & Katon
Your Wife 1:45 Switchblade Justice Let's Destroy The World Tonight

In the Meantime (background) 5:00 Spacehog Resident Alien
Their System 1:28 SPHC Records Thisclose - One Foot in the Grave LP (SPHC-53)
Sydänluoti 0:49 SPHC Records Terveet Kadet -  Piinaavanautinto EP (SPHC-35)
Pizza the Hut 1:04 Common Enemy Brain Dead
Rizzo In The Box 1:51 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Welcome to San Diego... Now Go Home 1:10 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls

ACDC - Who Made Who (background) 3:33 AC/DC
mongoloid 1:25 UHU #1
Slicker 1:36 Crucial Response Indonesia DEMO 2019
Monte Rio (Censored) 2:32 Kicker Russian River Relief Fund EP
Total Bomb 2:34 DISKELMĂ„ Kiss of Chaos LP

Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (background) 4:35
Gone The Way Of All Flesh 1:31 Deathraid Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
Halfpipe 2:05 Dehumanizers Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
Gonoherpasyphlaids 1:44 NoFX Ribbed
Vision Left Behind [#] 1:27 Berzerk Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
Listen 1:44 Pennywise Never Gonna Die

Men At Work - Down Under (background) 3:47
09 Smoke Yourself Sick 1:39 Retching Red
Satan n' Shit 1:00 RKC (Roadkill Carnivore) Rangdangle Teaser
Nightstealer 2:38 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
My Life 1:50 Christ On Parade Thrasher Skate Rock vol. 3 - Wild Riders Of Boards
Wetsheets 0:33 Nobodys Greatasstits

Twins 2:10 Guttermouth Gusto!