Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #149

Episode 149... late on the advertising but some NEW DRI from their EP "But Wait... There's More".  A set of Rapid City Punk this week (link below).  Like always (in a Mark voice)... Enjoy!

Stream the mean and download here (iTunes as well):

Bros Grim 149

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Punk fait... hardcore...

Against Me  2:12 D.R.I. But Wait...There's More! - EP
Kort Prosess - Politistat St ep  1:25
Circulate Pain  2:11 Death Side Wasted Dream LP
Con Especial  1:51 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Kill The Words (background)  4:44 D.R.I Thrash Zone
Stay True  1:27 Code 13 Code 13 Discography 1994-2000
chaos radical - setan perang   2:56 
You Are Being Followed  1:58 Atakke March to the Gallows
Chronical Diarrhoea - Go Slow  2:12  

Unknown Track (background)  2:35 Diarrhea of a Madman Practice
Rapid City SD Punk
Amerikkka (Unreleased)  2:22 Society's Trash Misc. Recordings
Sabotage  2:21 Clause 83 Demo
Drinking And Driving  1:15 Misplaced Aggression Demo
Unknown Track  1:36 N.H.C. Demo
Untitled 1 David Bowie  1:23 400 Miles Of Shit

Country Boy (background)  2:32 Black Hills Red Brigade Volume 1
Whos Responsibility  2:20 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
The Way to Survive  1:25 Bastard No Hope in Here
Flight 17  2:24 Destruction Made Simple Terror Stricken Youth (AF026)
Strange Fruit  2:17 Voetsek Infernal Command
Light My Farts  1:46 Dipers Demo tape   

The Badge Means You Suck (background) 3:52 AK-47 The Badge Means You Suck - 7"
Five Million Plastic bags  1:41 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Wastedead Party  2:59 WASTEDEAD Die For a Better Future
Wolfbrigade - Mindprowler  2:15 
Whoa On The Whoas  0:43 NoFX Catching Zzz's

anti fashion/ Mommy's Little Monster  2:18 Social Distortion

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #148

Episode 148... Same raddness!  Check out our homies You Dirty Rat (Detroit, Michigan)!  They shred. Download their new EP over on Bandcamp!

Download and stream the show here:

Bros Grim 148

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Skankin and moshin...

High Places  1:15 Zero Boys History Of Cassette
authority  2:11 Sedition fe 12.5 - Sedition Pink Turds in Space - split lp
Meat  1:43 Mickey And The Big Mouths 
Mind Control  1:29 Negative FX Negative FX
No Integrity  2:57 Betty blowtorch Are You Man Enough?

All Screwed Up (background) 3:23 The Queers Beat Off
Wine in a Can  2:58 You Dirty Rat EP
American Terrorist  1:54 Toxicology Shellshock From Birth [DEMO]
Give Up  0:38 Mental Waste Meltdown
Chumbawumba-Fuck Charles Day  0:36 Kruds Rampant Decay/Kruds Split 7"
Livre-Se  2:20 Nao Conformismo Basta   

She Is the One  (background) 3:02 The Hi-Fives Get Down!
Memories of State  1:32 Lebenden Toten Near Dark
Sketch it up  1:05 Haute Couture Demo ep
Nightmares  0:37 Nerveskade Perdition / Nerveskade Split EP
Rich's Song  1:11 No Mistake Connect the Dots...Complete the Puzzle
Marco-Polo  0:17 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP 

Midnight Train (background)  2:33 The Caravans Lying With Dinosaurs
City on Fire  2:18 Before Dishonor No Sale Radio Free Download Vol. 1
All The Same  1:36 Major League Still Have A Faith demo 1993
Nuke Baby  1:47 Lost Bombers Lost Bombers
God Bless AmeriKKKa  1:56 MFB This Is It
Not Even Phased  0:32 Spazz Crush, Kill, Destroy

High Balls (background)  4:25 Guttermouth Gorgeous
I Am Right!  3:47 The Dictators D.F.F.D.