Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #198

Episode 198... Usual blend of shred. New 2019 righteous tunes sent in by Human Ignorance (Holyoke, Massachusetts). Find them along with some other 2019 releases I found from across the globe on the almighty Bandcamp. Enjoy, nerds!

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Bros Grim 198

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Punk Ignorance aplenty...

Our War 2:52 Blind Approach  New Age EP
I'm A Ripper Too 1:32 Booji Boys Weekend Rocker LP
Going_Home 2:42  Screeching Weasel Wiggle
Tuesday At 4 2:16 The Yah Mos Off Your Parents EP

LOS OLVIDADOS - So Dull (background) 2:31
All You Can Eat 1:45 Detonate ST 2010 Minnesota
Sick & Tired (split w/RKC, 2015) 1:04 Savage Discography 2014-2017
Ill Die With My Boots On 2:10 Crux Keep On Running EP 1982 No Future Recs
New Car Smell 2:00 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP

The Quakes-Clone (background) 3:27
Stand Your Ground 0:55 Human Ignorance (MA) HUMAN IGNORANCE
L'or rouge 1:49 OTAGE (France) EP 2019
Valid Reasons 0:44 Coxinha (Italy) PEEP - S/T
Live Fast, Die Fast 0:46 ClayXRegazzoni (Switzerland) ClayXRegazzoni
THROAT RIP-CHAINED DEMO FINAL 1:33 Throat Rip (Martinez CA) Demo

Zombie Ghost Train (background)- Buried Next to the King 3:26
Mass Panic 1:41 Exit Order Seed Of Hysteria Boston 2017 Side Two Recs
Mislead And Deranged 0:33 Spazz/Lack Of Interest Split - Double Whammy Split EP
Never Adjust 1:17 Last Words Last Words LP
Lay your weapons down 2:31 Rich Kids On LSD Rock And Roll Nightmare
We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin 1:01 The Queers A Proud Tradition 7" 1982 EP

The Fendermen (background) - Mule Skinner Blues 2:28
Hurtin Crue 2:37 Descendents Enjoy!
hc punk capitalism 1:24 Crispus Attucks fe 39 - various - 'reason to believe' benefit
Voracious Vultures 1:41 Bombardement Demo
Demotivating Song 1:36 Fleas and Lice Early Years
War Is Insanity 0:58 Disclose Nightmare or Reality 1999 Japan MCR
Just As I Am 1:23 FaLse CoNfessiOn False Confession ep

The Sore Thumb 2:44 400 Blows Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones