Monday, July 30, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #30

Some more Rust and Machine Records this week.

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This week shredding was...

Dogsflesh- Kids Kill Kids
Career Suicide- Brought To The Brink
Offenders- No Chance
Striking Justice- Calloused

Inocentes- Morte Nuclear
Terminal Youth- Money and My Name
Before Dishonor- Give Up Or Win
Circle Jerks- Operation

See You In Hell- Utok
Napalm Raid- SSCD
Against Empire- Blank Thought
Auktion- Kulturens Pinrumspolitik

Guttermouth- Race Track
Reckless Deerhunters- One Consumer's Responsibility To The World
Thrash Compactor- Murder Song
Set To Destroy- Toke, Thrash, Beer

Aggro Or Die!- Ratbones Tearing Up The Asphalt
Rakitis- Futilt
NOFX- Thank God It's Monday
Jughead's Revenge- Perfect

Sickoids- Dive
Rodents Of Unusual Size- Blood Stained Decks
Basis Of Burden- Life Passes By
Asshole Parade- You Sunk My Battleship
Good Things- Among The Living

Sloppy Seconds- Can't Kill Joey Ramone

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #29

Pleased to announce that we are on on Sundays at 3pm Cali time.

...As well as our home at at our normal time on Tuesdays 4pm Cali time.

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Effluxus- Intro/ Lifeless
Holocaust In Your Head- Rompe Las Reglas
Black Panda- Ataque R4

Everybody's Enemy- Nightmare
NOFX- A200 Club
Cop On Fire- Solo
Lars Fredrickson and The Bastards- Streetwise Professor

Threats- Wasted
Hangover Overdose- F.N.D.
GBH- Gunned Down
Psychosomatic- Brazen Sniper

Guttermouth- Do The Hustle
Nitad- Dag Efter Dag
The Detonators- Saints
Fy Fan- Intranged Ochinstangd

McRad- Prevent This Tragedy
Active Minds- Hate Male
Disassociate- Black Triangle
Dirty Damn Apes- No!
Disco Murder Experience- S.O.S.
In Defence- I Eat Kids

Rejection Fetish- Crack Whore Blues

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #28

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Heard on Episode 28:

• Concrete Facelift — Human Waste
• Grinders Sky Punks — MANGO
• Municipal Waste — Lunch Hall Food Brawl
• NOFX — Perfect Government

• Common Enemy — Just Another Enemy
• Civil Disgust — Pull the Plug
• Propagandhi — ???
• Zeke — ???
• Disaster Strikes — You Own the Past, But Not Today

• Rotten Fux — My Rules
• Krigshot — Allt Lidande I Varlden
• Banned For Life — Midlife Crisis
• 4 Past Midnight — Solution is War
• Bring Down the Hammer — Public Lands, Private Hands

• Mob 47 — Res Dig Mot Overheten
• Chaos UK — Morning After
• Bigwig — Waste
• Anthrot — A Million Dead Jarheads
• *Teengenerate — Kicked Out of the Webelos
* Cover from "God Save The Queers"

• Guttermouth — I Used to Be Twenty
• Battalion of Saints — Right or Wrong
• Adelleda — Farley
• The Cryptics — Department Store Job
• Cervix — Holy War
• Chainsaw to the Face — Corpse Maker

• Doggy Style — Super Punkers
• Riverdales — Mental Retard

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #27

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this week...

DRI- Problem Addict
Seitan- Hippie Lover
Genetic Control- Brave New World
M.O.D.- Damaged

Government Warning- Jocks and Cops
Government Issue- Fashionite
The Bugs- Can't Get Hired
Hostile Take Over- Down Stream

Fight Music- Don't Let It End This Way
The Nobodys- Fuck You Too
Scarred For Life- Blackened Heart*
Suicide Watch- Dig Your Own Grave*
*Both off Icons of Filth tribute "They've Taken Everything"

Heratys- Heikoin Lenkki
C.I.A.- Death
Face First- You and Me
Guttermouth- Can I Borrow Some Ambitions

Charles Bronson- The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison
Kuro- No More No
Ass Piss- Already Dead
Time Again- Life On The Run

Witch Hunt- Obscenity
Oathbreaker- Orgin
NOFX- Stranded
The Submissives- Castration Squad
Deviates- The End

Useless Pieces Of Shit- Puppycore and Too Much Caffine
Stinkpalm Death- When Daisy Dukes

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #26

Thanks to the Bros Grim

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"I don't think they done it this way..."

Dr Know- What To Do
Certified- Who Cares Anyway
Jughead's Revenge- My Troubled Sleep
Dogpiss- Erik Sandin's Stand In

The Vandals- ...And Now We Dance
The Old Timers- Run In A Circle
Urban Assault- Shock Value
The Hyenas- Voice Of America

Flippin Heck- Floating Stone
Suburban Losers- Fire In The Sky
NOFX- You're Bleeding
Bullet Treatment- Pathetic 1

World War IX- Living The Dream
World War XXIV- God's Garbos
Uncurbed- Violent Criminal
Disflesh- Order Vs Chaos

xSteveUrkelx- Walk For Hope
Strong Intention- Messiah Whore
Total Chaos- Anarchy
Guttermouth- Steak (Under Water Version)

Discard- Death Race
Whorehouse of Representatives- Economic Liposuction
S.V.D.B.- Your Friendly Local Police
Common Kids- Pile Driver
Frontside Five- Bomb A Hill

Guttermouth- Looking Out For Number 1
Powertrip- Have A Nice Day