Monday, September 24, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #38

The punkest 1/2 hour in the universe!

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Sundays at 3pm PST on (BER)

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• Beer Junkies — I Hate People
• ANS — Pay Attention
• Raised by Apes — Armed Forces
• Guttermouth — Flacidism
• Public Disgrace — Future Past
• Opposition Rising — F.T.W.
• The Burninators — Monsters!
• Vitamin X —Sick and Tired

• Fucktard — She Hates My Music
• Submissives — Baby Dykes Kick My Ass
• Dios Mio — Lose Lose Situation
• Crapulius Caesar — Assholes
• Aggro or Die — Waste Away
• Sottopressione — Clima-Morfosi
• Final Draft — Drenched in Blood
• Scotchgreens — Professional
• The Drunes —Bone Idol

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #37

The Punkest 1/2 hour in the Universe!

Tuesdays 4pm PST on

Sundays at 3pm PST on (BER)

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The Stressors- Possession
Vengeance 77- RocknRoll Suicide
Deathraid- Fucking Mess
Theme song Bros Grim
Project X- Shutdown
Thought Crime- All Landlords Are Scum
Mad Ax BER PoDunk promo
Mike V and The Rats- Viewpoint
Ugly Bones- No Money Left

Screeching Weasel- Punkhouse
Bum Kon- ? off Drunken Sex Sucks
BER Demon
Citizens Patrol- Public Interest
The Faction- Fast Food Diet
Total Chaos- Army Story  promo
XBRAINIAX- No Surprise
Anthrot- All Cops Are Still Bastards
BER Doomed Society Radio promo
Hangover Overdose- Suma
Crude SS- Sick Pleasure
Poison Idea- Think
Mark Adkins PoDunk promo
Guttermouth- I'm PUNK

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #36

Are you listening?

Yadokai- An Apparition (new ep)
Nailbiter- Hard Loss
Disgust- The Light Of Death
Bros Theme song
The Bloodtypes- Anti Social Media
Rat Damage- Graveyard
Dep Dog promo
Magrudergrind- Leech
M.E.H.- Moshed Till Death
Guttermouth- Viva America

NOFX- Cell Out (new SelfEntitled album)
Common Enemy- The Thrill Will KIll
Mad Society- Napalm
F-Troop- Last Rites
Fat Mike promo  Tuesdays 4pm PST
Blood Vessels To Wires- Lay Down
Discider- War Without End
Bang Gang- Dickhead
TuneIn app promo Sundays 3pm PST
Knifethruhead- Curbed
Black Flag- Louie Louie

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #35

Shredding it as usual

Tuesdays 4pm Cali time

Sundays 3pm Cali time

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Permanent Ruin- Endless
Greedy Bambi- Kill Your Boss
Lasting Noise Attack- Hate You 2

Guttermouth- Ticket To Quebec
Look Back And Laugh- Weight Of The World
Monster Squad- D.F.A.
Poundflesh- Paedophile

Resist- Social Security
Swellbellys- Nazi Scum
Fuck Ups- I Hate You
Prljavi Dripci- Neo Punks Fuck Off

Active Minds- Straight Jacket
Gurkha- Disgruntled Ex Worker
Whiskey Rebels- Lie.Cheat.Repeat
Elegy- Purgatory

The Abuse- Violent Youth