Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mad Ax & Dep Dog in: "Salute Your Sports"

The Bros Salute Your Sports Special.  "What's Gone Wrong?"... Well a whole lot!  Guttermouth got cut off.  And Fight Music plays the third song in that set, not the first as mentioned. Sheesh!  Recorded some time in May in Reno, Nevada.

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Sports and Beer...

Jocks from Hell  1:25 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme
Jock Itch  0:47 SSD The Kids Will Have Their Say
Skate and Destroy  2:59 Vomit Violence s/t
 Highschool Footabll Hero  1:44 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
bros intro  1:22 bros intro   

Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls are Dudes Too)  1:02 In Defence Into the Sewer
What's Gone Wrong  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
fucked it up again  2:10 Varukers Hellbound
Dead Inside  2:11 Anti-Heroes Angry Punk for Urban Skunx
What Will Kill Me First?  1:28 Common Enemy Brain Dead

Let the Games Begin  0:50 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Fuck Work  2:14 Warcola Dallas Punks
Wormeaters- Preserve the right  1:36 In 
God We Thrust Hardware Recs  
Teenage Circumcision  0:42 Total Fucker Totally Fucked demo 2012 (us) 
SBV- Flab Is Fab  1:57 SBV   

Old School  1:46 Bricks and Bottles Angry Punk for Urban Skunx
Surprise Attack  2:02 Slut Fungus Shittin Pretty
Track 8  2:31 Fight Music The Pursuit of Crappyness
Warpaint  2:23 LargeLumpSum PunkRock Concoction 2
Go Baby Go  1:44 Ugly Bones 180 Proof Ep

(Theme From) The Monkees  0:46 
Furious George Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes    
En Lek Med Livet  1:17 Sunday Morning Einsteins Public Safety

Stranger Than Fishin  0:52 NOFX Catching Zzz's
Burritos and Wrestling  1:34 Venkman 7"
Do Some Harm  2:23 Career Suicide Public Safety

Meow  1:12 Berzerk Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
I Saw Elvis [#]  1:06 Les Turds Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
Stingray  1:53 The Hi-Fives Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes
Waisted For Days  3:06 Blue Ribbon Boys (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three

Beer  0:42 B Sides (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Chug A Lug  2:17 Ding Dang (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Dirty Wine  2:35 Seawolf (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Beer (Not Beer)  0:46 Venkman 7"
Boozehound  1:48 UGLYBoNES Die Partying EP
Hakimashita (I Vomited)  1:19 Lizards (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three

Red Carpet Crackdown  1:13 Tramps Tramps Demo
You're Only Punk Once  1:48 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
Pick Em' Up Truck  2:09 The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle!

Saying GoodBye  1:12 Nobodys Generation XXX
Summer's Over  1:48 Guttermouth Friendly People
The Quass  1:18 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Peanuts and Crackerjacks  1:07 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
The SHAME oi! "For Football and the Pints"  2:52    

I Play Football  0:53 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Wyoming  2:43 Bar Feeders (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Blah- Happy POGO Punk Song  7:07 Blah- Bristles split Abnandoned Music 1993
I'm Pissed  0:48 The Queers Back To The Basement

Enough  2:25 Submarine Screendoor Come Out Swinging

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #88

Episode 88... and I didn't even play any 88 Fingers Louie!  Luger!

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88 Fingerless Louie...

First-Class Asshole  2:00 The Posers Anti-Christian Animosity
A New Bronze Age  3:47 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
The Next Faux Mowheekon  2:42 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
Fight Music with the Bros Grim Theme

Let's Twist Again (background)  2:21 Chubis Checkis The Best of Golden Oldies
Total Death  1:38 The Filthy Cheaters Wake the Dead Punk/Rock'n'roll
Thrash Compact Murder Song  1:38 Thrash Compacter
mortar  1:24 fractures Demo 2014

Cheap Sex and Booze (background) Public Nuisance
No Room   1:08 E.N.D. Fear Of The Unknown
Punk's Out  1:36 Arsenal of Empties Arsenal of Empties
Road Rash  1:42 Survivors Will Be Shot Again Terror Invasion
Carnivore Christian  2:33 Doom 25 Years of Crust
Invasion  1:57 Heädshöt Fuck The War

Kill Kill Kill (background) Moral Decline
Chronic Seizure- Violent Opposition  1:28 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005
Regress- We Gotta Protect The Scene  2:01 Regress-Look Whos Pulling The Strings_Lengua Armada 2003
Los Rezios- geschichten erzahleh  1:14 Los Rezios_Todschicker split Wahnfried Recs2001
Union- United Nations Of America  1:50 Union Anaeathetized 7in ep_Tribal War 1992
Walk Your Board  1:20 A.N.S. My Revenge Split
The Blame  0:51 Altered Boys Deranged ep

Be Bop A lula (background) The Monsters
Rise and Fall  1:05 Crucifix Nineteen Eighty Four 7"
02.Självutskitna  1:49
Punk Sceno  2:25 End Result End Result demo 1984
profit from death  1:05 Electro Hippies fe 02 - Generic  / Electro Hippies  split lp
mc. donalds  1:55 Crapulius Caesar vulle pulle
pc bastard  0:26 Crapulius Caesar vulle pulle

Wild In The Streets (background) Million Kids
War game  1:00 Crocodile Skink Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"
Battlefields  1:59 Collapse Society Collapse Society demo '93
shut it  0:55 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98

Gnome Servant  4:07 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #87

Episode 87...  Fowl mood, so not much talk.  All background music sent by Hells Belles!  See you in the pit!

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87 is punker than most...

Suspicious Activities  1:49 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
...On the battlefield...  1:32 Disease ...On the battlefield...E.P.
Innocent Flesh Boiling  1:07 Dismaster NO GODS BUT DISMASTER
Dr. Knowy  0:33 FearEction FearEction (Demo 2012)

Gasmasks  1:48 Desperata Skrik
Tried My Hardest  2:30 Collusion Demo 2014
Killing Seagulls  1:09 Cerebral Scrub? COITUS MONGLOIDUS
Fog Horn
Derek  2:08 Guttermouth Friendly People
GutterMark bumper
Cock Rocks  0:46 Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs
Let's Fight The Pigs  0:57 Deportation Deportation
It's All the Under Control  2:17 The Slurm
Baton Charge  2:34 Chemical Threat They Don't Care 
Panic Attack  1:10 Citizens Patrol Citizens Patrol
Police Brutality  3:09 D.O.A. Northern Avenger

Animosity  1:39 Faith In Failure Crustin' It Up (aka The Demo)
Dark Future  1:08 Mean And Ugly Demo 2012
Fight Music Podunk Radio
Shit With Your Eyes  1:51 Gaze Gaze
Mohawk  2:30 RAID RAID demo 2000
Goonies slick shoes
Maldita Sistema - EXILADUS  1:22 v/a - Latinocore II v/a - Latinocore II  Punk (s. america)
Mistaken.Conspiracy_Beeoch  1:34
Those aren't pillows Trains, Planes
Osama W. Bush  1:09 The Larsonists Ghetto Seed
BER bumper
Shitfux_Tourettes  1:04

Track 1  1:42 D.A.C. Unknown Album (04/07/2007 9:22:18 PM)
Listen Morons  0:56 DIRT Drunks In Rusty Transit
PC Full Of Shit  1:41 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Stuck  0:36 No Limbs 2013
WCS Stussey bumper "Most people are like posers.. wimpy"
No comply  1:41 Los Viejos QUEBRANTAHUESOS
Raining Shit  1:39 Pissed Grave Demo 2013
shock treatment  1:35 Lebenden Toten State Laughter

The Undercover Saints-Shit Outta Luck  2:11
Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter  3:46 G.I.S.M. Detestation Heavy Metal

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #86

Episode 86...  A drinking, stupid and people theme.  Yikes!

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Punk 86'd...

Ecocidal Maniacs  1:32 Union Anaeathetized 7in ep_Tribal War 1992
02-  1:46 DEEF - rehearsal 198? (japan) rehearsal
pollution  2:04 MORIBUND YOUTH - türk hardcore demo's 1991-1992 (turkey) demo 1992
Pressure  0:24 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies

Machine Gun Vendetta (background)- The Seniors are Skydiving  2:42 
Dead End  1:46 Gasmask Terrör Like Daggers EP
Do you hear me?  1:10 Heretic Burgatory Fest 2014 Lineup Mix
Bros the pit bit  0:18 
Chemical X  0:41 Gouge Away Burgatory Fest 2014 Lineup Mix
I Need A Beer  1:48 Randumbs (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Warm Beer Makes Me Puke  0:33 Sick/Tired Highlife LP

15 Beer (background) (Song)  3:42 
Fuck You, Fuck Off  2:26 Gaze Gaze
Beer (Not Beer)  0:47 Venkman DEMO 2012
Go No Beer  0:40 Amdi Petersens Army 1998 - 2002
Beer Bong  1:03 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Justin - Podunk  0:25 
More Beer  0:54 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes  129
Beer And Bones  1:43 Hammercocks SHIT: No Sale Radio FREE Download Comp Vol. 2
Beer Junkies Beer Me (master)  0:50 
Beer  0:42 B Sides (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three Punk
Keeping it Brutal  0:11 Brutal Existence Radio
Tits Sell Beer  0:54 World War XXIV. No Luck Punk
Drinking Beer  2:04 K.I.L. Ear Infection Vol. 1

The Meteors (background) - I Hate People  2:41 
People Are Shit  1:48 WASTEDEAD Die For a Better Future
Final Verdict  1:29 Sick People What We've Done Is Secret
Asshole  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
Angry Planet, Angry People  1:19 Crippled Fox CRIPPLED FOX / LEI DO CAO -split 7"
Who The Hell Are You People  2:06 NoComply One Sided 7"
Stupid People Make Me Hungry  1:45 Party By The Slice Split 7"

Fat Randy (background) 3:03 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme
Wipeout  1:01 Stupids Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
In The Name Of Stupidity  1:13 No Comment
The Crunky Kids - Stupid Breeders  1:37 
PodunkPromo-PodunkShow  0:10 Podunk Radio  PodunkPromo
dubstep is stupid, deathcore is stupid, you are stupid - GIRLSCOUTCOOKIES  0:24 v/a - Fast//LOUD v/a - Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Mass Stupid  2:30 Tom & Boot Boys Punks Are Alright Pogo
Stupid  1:11 Naked Raygun Throb Throb
Stop Being Stupid  1:36 The Carbonites THIS EP NEEDS A NAME!!!

Screeching Weasel- Waiting For Susie (background)  2:29 Screeching Weasel 7in Look Out 86 1994
Same Shit Bigger Pile  1:15 Rat Damage SacCA st FYBS Recs 2009
Id Rather Be Fighting Than Crying  1:49 Any Last Words s/t Havoc Recs 2003
Discarga- Pela Ciencia  1:47 Discarga s_t 625 Thrashcore 2000 Brasil
SBV- If Lyrics Are Promises then weve all got make up sex coming  1:47
Jackhammer2Face  0:10 Brutal Existence Radio
Voorhees- What Id Do  0:35 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
I Smell A Roast  1:59 Bar Feeders 7in 1995 Axhandle Recs
Elephant Man- LAM  1:37 Self Titled 7in Impatience and Indifference Recs SF 2003
Headache- Hate  2:10 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995