Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #216

Episode 216... Another glorious Christmas special! I tried to get crafty with the few themes. Take it or leave it.  Not sure what I was thinking saying our original X-mas special was #12, it was #48. See you next decade.

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Bros Grim Christmas 216

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Punker stocking-stuffer...

Hit Machine 1:58 Guttermouth Gorgeous 
Party Harder 1:52 Common Enemy Living The Dream?
Antennas 1:13 Rancid 2000
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 1:49  Vandals Oi To The World

The Ventures - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (background) 2:04
Beer For Breakfast 1:32 Nobodys Hussey
Joy Ride 1:40 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 1
The Joy of Thrashing 1:07 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Christmas Monkey 2:08 Sarky Bastard Sarky Bastard

Midnite Surfer 1:57 Joy Boys Board Boogie: Surf'n Twang From Down Under
Jesus Meets the Stupids 2:34 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids
Jesus Fish Assholes Part II 1:19 Christian Club Final Confession
Jesus Var En Tomte-Jehova's Vu 2:05 Rovsvett Jesus Var en Tomte EP
Jesus Crust 2:19 Diskarrego Demo
Sandy The Christmas Ghost 1:30 Kindergarten Hazing Ritual A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two

Jesus Murphy: Kicked In The Head (background) 2:48 Very Small Records "Drinking About Songs" Compilation 2003
Jesus' Whore 0:39 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties Hard Rock 0
Jesus Was A Punk Rocker 0:25 Jesus Christ Posse The Shape of Monks to Come
Gay Jesus For President 2:54 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
Joy 2:24 Youth Avoiders Discography Tape
Jesus Freaks 2:30 World War IX Portrait of Sobriety

Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (background) 4:37 Nirvana MTV Unplugged In New York
What Are You Celebrating 0:43 BORED STRAIGHT VA - Welcome To 2013 0
A Shallow Grave For Christmas 0:45 Kusari Gama Kill A Grindcore Christmas - Volume Two A Grindcore Christmas
Gallows Tree 1:37 Stripmines Crimes of Dispassion
Joys Of Noise 2:38 The Blood False Gestures Of A Devious Public
Fuck You Jesus 1:43 I Still Believe We're Still Pissed!!! Vol. 4

I'm The One Who Gunned Santa Down 5:31 Deadbolt 91 X-Mas Reel George Productions

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #215

Episode 215... kept it brutal, but sprinkled in some usual like a dash of cinnamon on one of those holiday coffee drinks. Just one 2019 release from Portland's Bothers.

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Punkers spazzing delight...

Kiss of the Sasquatch 0:43 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Wasting My Life Waiting To Die 0:39 BearTrap Sleep Eradication 7"
Diamond Studded Bumble Bee 1:33 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Gorillaman-Show 2:52 Romantic Gorilla ST 1998

Leaders 2:22 Oi Polloi Oi! Sound Of The U.K. + Instigators Live In Berlin
Metal free youth 0:34 Offside Demo JP session
Power Virus 1:21 Submachine Live Fast Die Dumb
Apathy 0:41 Deadline 8/2/82
American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters) 1:52 NoFX The War On Errorism

Crushing The Dream 2:43 The Wankys Moly Apina EP 2017 Lady Lasol Recs
What goes Around 1:25 Youth of Today We're not in this Alone
Rock Bottom 1:17 Goolagoon Patrickviolence Demo
No Need For Cruelty 2:00 Unamused Haven't You Been Deceived
The People's Pal 2:22 Jughead's Revenge Image is Everything

Shut In 2:57 Bothers Bothers Portland OR
Fighting Your A Go - SLAVER 2:15  v/a - The Choice is Mine compilation cassette
Body and Blood 1:02 Repercussions s/t EP
Dead Sect 1:35 Jagernaut S.W.T.Records Jagernaut / Terlarang - Split 7"
Taste The Steel 2:37 Beowulf Welcome To Venice Comp Suicidal Records

Gemini 4:53 Slayer Undisputed Attitude

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #214

Episode 214... Loaded up this playlist and then realized it was the holiday week. No Thanksgiving themes. Enjoy anyway! Some old stuff, newer stuff, and apparently fake Japanese hardcore.

Stream and download safely here:

Bros Grim 214!!!!!!!!

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Old PUNK smell...

No Rules 1:41 GG Allin Public Animal #1
Bye Bye Ronnie 2:41 MDC This Bloods For You...Millions of Damn Christians
Little Caesar's Crust 1:31 Dr. Bob's Nightmare Broke, Homeless, Dumped and Wrecked
Kill That Guy  3:12  Von Zippers  Excellent 26 Estrus Spicey Sizzlers Sampler

I Want Out 1:48 REVOLT 2016 Bandcamp release
Psychic Cold War 1:23 Sickoids Sickoids
Not What yer'Not 2:19 Public Nuisance Alcohol Rub Out
Mail Order Bride 1:57 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP  
Fuck The 1% 2:30 Fight Music The Pursuit of Crappyness
Punk Rock Tommy 2:21 The Scurvy Drink It Up!

Track 3? 1:32 Nuklear Blast Suntan Demo 2019
Alcohol (Gang Green Cover) 2:05 Gatecrasher Image of Pain
This Song (Is A Dick!) 0:52 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Pipebomb Inmates 1:05 Government Crimes

Tension 1:19 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Distemper 1:00 Whipping Boy  The Sound of No Hands Clapping
You Lose 1:27 Krimewatch ST 2017
boot boys revolt 1:23 The Pogo Just a bunch of fucking punx
Looking for You 2:59 Excel Split Image

Mongoloid Devo 3:45  Q: We are not men? A: We are Devo!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #213

Episode 213... some songs with some made up words from some bands and some newer 2019 and 2018 Bandcamp stuff. And yes, the Devils Sliders lads are about freshman/sophomore age. Sorry dudes. Enjoy!!

Stream and download here:

Bros Grim Punkcast 213!!!!!!

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Some PUNK...

I Don't Belong 1:43 Jerry's Kids Is This My World?
Double Life 0:33 Concrete Facelift Loud Fast Raw
Committed For Life 1:25 7 Seconds Committed For Life 7"
kill all the earthlings Mad Ax Solo Project 1:54 Chico 2018

Bustin' Surfboards (background) 2:28 The Tornadoes Pulp Fiction  Soundtrack
Yurf Redenmein 2:14 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Mr.President 1:35 THE FIGHT Maldicion
Tortured And Broken 2:24 Adrenicide War Begs No Mercy
No Thanks 1:15 SHARK ATTACK  Discog
Give It Up 2:16 The Riverdales Storm the Streets

Bullwinkle Part II background) 2:19 The Centurians Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Freckles the Pony 2:09 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP
I've got the curved edge 1:02 Stupid Karate S/T
Rat Patrol 2:12 Naked Raygun Throb Throb
Kukens Evangelium 1:03 Infernoh 7 Spar EP
Reject Your Blood 0:42 Rape Revenge Paper Cage

You Never Can Tell (background) 2:40 Chuck Berry Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
Launch Ramp 0:35 Asshole Parade Student Ghetto Violence
Hanser 2:30 Mist Alle rader stehen still... 7"
Drug Free Youth 2K19 0:43 Rated X LP Promo '19
FAIR-WELL LINE 1:57 Flesh Trade Preying Falls Upon the Innocents Slaughtered
Nation Of I 3:36 The Devils Sliders Santa Cruz Bandcamp

Ensam I Natt 2:11 Mudhoney Morning in America

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #212

Episode 212... We revisit some Bros Grim classics, as if I put my iPod on shuffle. A few 2019 Bandcamp pick ups as well. Enjoy!!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 212!!!

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Asinine PUNK...

What's The Big Deal 1:56 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Note To Self...Shut Up 1:11 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Coke Breath 1:24 Assbackwards Inebriation Euthanization
Nobody Likes You  Screeching Weasel 2:06 How To Make Enemies and Irritate People

Jump Around (background)  3:36 House Of Pain The Best of House of Pain: Shamrocks & Shenanigans
Your Life Sucks 0:54 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls
Warzone 0:51 S.O.A. No Policy
I won't take the blame 0:57 Agent Attitude Never-ending Mess
Thrashin' USA 1:08 Bones Brigade I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding
City Council 2:06 The Casualties Die Hards

1000 Hours (background) 2:26 Green Day 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
How It Is 2:34 Cement Shoes Too
Fish 1:05 AxeRash Head VS Wall
HOW WILL YOU FIGHT? 0:56 PHYSIQUE The Evolution of Combat
Being Cool 1:52 Cereal Killer The Beginning and The End Of Cereal Killer
Stifle It 1:30 Provoked Infant in the Womb of Warfare LP

The Mar-Keys - Philly Dog (background) 2:54
I Got No 1:16 Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Necessity 0:45 Nobodys Greatasstits
Gone Gone Gone 1:22 The Hi-Fives Welcome To My Mind
Surf City 0:29 Spread Short Music For Short People
Doin' Laundry 0:30 Nerf Herder Short Music For Short People

Kitty Daisy & Lewis - Going Up The Country (background) 3:08
Small Man, Big Mouth 0:56 Minor Threat Discog
Passive Agression 1:44 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
Alcoholic Overfed 0:55 Nerveskade Perdition / Nerveskade Split EP
Accessories By Molotov 2:20 Discharge Discharge
Die or be Killed 2:40 No Mercy Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5

Words I Might Have Ate 2:33 Green Day Kerplunk!
Semi-OK 2:23 Mr. T Experience Love Is Dead
I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual 5:05 Sloppy Seconds Destroyed

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #211

Episode 211... The obvious theme makes this a Halloween special. It will shred your face off, too. "Grim" and bare it. Enjoy!

Stream and download safely here:

Bros Grim Halloween!!!!

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

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Old Punkers keep smelling that way...

Fight Till Death 3:37 Slayer Show No Mercy
Ghost with a pulse 0:35 Deathraid All life ends
Emo Kids blown to Shit 0:37 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything
When Hell Freezes Over 1:19 Guttermouth Musical Monkey

Daughter Of Frankenstein (background) 2:31 Groovie Ghoulies Travels With My Amp
Aliens 0:51 Dead Fucking Serious PERIL
Battlefield Of Hell 1:15 Disclose Nightmare or Reality 1999 Japan MCR
Die Hating Capitalists DHC californias Doomed 0:49
Dead For You 1:49 Deathgrip Deathgrip Demo
To Hell with School 0:57 Pure Scum Pure Scum Demo

Savage (background) 3:22 Helloween Keeper of The Seven Keys Part2
Touch and Die 0:58 Romantic Gorilla Split with Spazz
NUKE FEAR 0:50 DEADBEAT L.A. Demo 2014
Party In Hell 2:19 Heädshöt Fuck The War
You Lose 0:48 Dead Beat The Accuser Demo
Warfucked 1:34 Dead NOISE Dead Noise demo

Zombie Crush (background) 2:33 Groovie Ghoulies Re-Animation Festival
A Hell On Earth 1:51 Impulse Manslaughter Live at WFMU
07-killer 1:38 DEAD MEAT 1987 demo-unreleased lp
Never Say Die 1:38 Death Side Wasted Dream LP
Scarred For Life 2:47 Hellkrusher Doomsday Hour
Hogs Turds 1:54 Death Hymn Number 9 Smokestack Frightening

Don't Run For Cover (background) 4:47 Helloween Keeper of The Seven Keys Part2
Punk No Die 1:06 Total Chaos Patriotic Shock
Bloody Knees 3:00 Hell's Kitchen Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 6
Wasted (My own hell) 1:54 Warcorpse Dis Brutality Continues
Dying Breed 1:20 Hell Spawn
Curl Up And Die 0:52 Subhumans Unfinished Business

Hatebreeders (background) 3:07 The Misfits Walk Among Us
Young Til I Die 2:12 Warzone Some Records tape (1986)
The Death of John Smith 3:50 NoFX The Longest EP

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #210

Episode 210... We've hit a little Halloween theme to start the past few weeks. Not too big of a special, but I call this episode "SoCal Heroes" (obviously not the first set). I think most SoCal people hate that phrase, right? Lots of Oxnard stuff. Enjoy!

Download and stream from your smart device here:

Bros Grim SoCal 210!!

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

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SoCal'd heroes of PUNK...

Trial By Social Media 1:32 Active Minds Religion Is Nonsense
Sacred Trauma Fuzzy Glue Buzz recommendation of comprehensive rehablitation EP 1:34
Under the Grudge Vampire 2016 Demo 3:47
Hybrid Moments Misfits Static Age 1:42

The Tide Is High (background) 4:40 Blondie The Best Of Blondie
Bored of You 1:48 Agent Orange Living In Darkness
Hanging By A Noose 1:37 Dr. Bob's Nightmare Demo's, And Other Wet Farts
Crucified 2:14 Dr. Know The Best of Dr. Know
Crucial Looks 1:19 TRASH Everything is Trash...
Ghosts  2:20 Guttermouth The Album Formly Known...

Monster Mash  (background) 2:38 Sha Na Na Halloween Oldies Party Holiday
Wally World Massacre 2:13 Fred Fredburger Kevin Spacey's Summer Camp for Boys
Cheeto Fingers 4:03 Sordo Split with PowerXChuck
Johnny Shoot 'Em Up 2:01 Malice Thoughts Infancy (2015-2016)
Slacker 1:06 Shot in the Face Shot in the Face - Demo 2001
I've Heard It Before 1:40 Black Flag The First Four Years

The Purple People Eater (background) 2:16 Sha Na Na Halloween Oldies Party Holiday
Dogends (Ventura) - Fat Kids 2:11 ...So this is Progress Demo Comp #1 - 2006 
Political Destruction 1:00 Rich Kids On LSD Its A Beautiful Feeling
How Jello Got His Groove Back 0:41 Bohemian Crapface Concrete Candy
In My Blood 2:24 Shit Talking Drunx Thee Take Over In My Blood (2013 Demo)
our savior 1:52 FALSE CONFESSION - demo 1983 (oxnard-CA)

Video Killed The Radio Star (background) 3:16 The Buggles
Can't Relate 1:24 Strike Fast S/T
Congress Backed Mass Suicide / Floor Punch in the Face 2:24 Heavy Atillery Split w_Regburn 7 2004
Welcome to the 805 2:26 The Assault The Assault Demo
It's Up To Me 3:16 Pennywise Unknown Road

Hocus Pocus 2:57 The Vandals Peace Thru Vandalism/When In Rome Do As The Vandals

Bonus track- Slash The Coping Common Enemy 0:37 (yeah I know it's not SoCal)

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #209

Episode 209... Started with a new one from Captured! By Robots. Don't miss them on their current US/Canada tour. Paid respects to Kim Shattuck and reminisced on Stussey's Ice Bucket Challenge rants. Forgot to mention all the challenge dumb asses, like the dude that hoaxed a challenge gone wrong by standing under the excavator having his buddy drop the bucket on his head. Enjoy!

Download and stream here:

Bros Grim 209!!!

Every Tuesday 4pm PST on Podunk Radio.

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Captured by Punk...

One Man Mosh Pit 1:56 Assbackwards Inebriation Euthanization
Satanic Soul Picnic 2:27 Cement Shoes Too
Corpse Rotting In Hell 1:26 Guttermouth Musical Monkey

Lori Meyers 2:21 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Year After Year 2:58 Sweet Baby Heide Sez
No Feelings 2:48 4 Past Midnight Guilty As Charged
The Runs - I Won't Give In 1:08 The Runs Put Some Pussy In Your Punk
No Money Left 1:19 UGLYBoNES 180 Proof EP

Superwoman (background) 1:58 Brent´s Tv Heide Sez
CALL THE POLICE (U.$.A.) - grind to freedom 2:45 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 1
THE BRAT (U.$.A.) - high school 0:52 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hardcore-punk compilation-80's flashback vol. 2
CIVIL AGRESSION (france) - provoc' de minable 1:39 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 3
COMMON IGNORANCE (U.$.A.) - walk the talk 1:05 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation #9
WOMB RAIDER (U.$.A.) - make 0:56 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! #9 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! #9

Knuckle Pucks and Uppercuts 1:11 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Continue Of Dead Noise 1:23 No Think Thinking Animals
Happy apathy 1:09 The Fartz World full of hate
American Dreams 1:01 ABORTION Weapons For all (split MCD w/Damage Digital)
Just a Game 1:26 FRANTIC Demonstration 2

The Muffs - Lucky Guy ST 1993 2:48

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #208

Episode 208... Got spooky to start October and added a few new ones.  A bunch of vinyl rips as well.  Enjoy!

Download and stream from your smart device here:

Bros Grim 208!!!!

Every Tuesday 4pm PST on PODUNK RADIO

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Old Punkers don't die, they just smell that way...

A Trip to Knowhere 2:41 Reaper LA Human Annihilation - EP
Jesus feeds the worms 2:05 Deathraid All life ends
Punks Dead, Y our Next! 1:10 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
A Violation Of Something Sacred 4:15 Sacrilege Behind The Realms Of Madness_1985 Children of the Revolution Recs UK

Can I Borrow Some Ambition? 2:19 Guttermouth Covered With Ants
Damned to Be Free 1:58 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Don't Touch Me 0:52 Nobodys Greatasstits
White Male Dumbiance 2:08 B.G.K. White Male Dumbinance Ep
Rustning ar ett Brott 1:01 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
Worker Bee 0:57 D.R.I Thrash Zone

Your Punk Scene Can Suck It 1:56 Cereal Killer The Beginning and The End Of Cereal Killer
General Fools- Greedy Eyes 2:24 Shitfit_Gen Fools_split_Poussin Recs 1993
Fucking Happy Enough For You_ 2:05 UnitedSuperVilains USV Escapist 7in Havoc Recs 1997
SBV- Posi-core Anthem For The Negative Youth 2:20
Crisis 82 1:19 Rabid Bloody Road To Glory EP 1982 UK Fallout Recs

Flag Of Mankind 1:21 Positive Negative Cut The Crap EP_Finland
Ett Med Plågan 1:30 Infernoh 7 Spar EP_Sweden
Social Order Mental Disorder 0:55 Go Filth Go No Escape From Noise Distruction
Lame Brain 1:52 Extreme Noise Terror Phonophobia UK2010
I Just Won A Trophy 1:08 Demoralizer self titled self rel 2005 Portland

Urban Cowboy 2:45 Genetic Control 1984 7inEP Montreal
Ten Run Rule 0:55 Any Last Words s/t Havoc Recs 2003
Vomiting 1:40 Bar Feeders 7in 1995 Axhandle Recs
Bomb Builder- Enjoy Much Noise 1:18 Drop The Big One ep Crucial Recs 2002
She's Gonna Be Fat 1:57 Mad Ax Project ST 2018

Nick Northern 3:16 Snuff Survival Of The Fattest

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #207

Episode 207... Bandcamp goodies as usual. Some classics as well. Enjoy!

Download safely here (click link below):

Bros Grim 207!!!!

Check us out and all the other Rad shows on PoDunk Radio Tuesdays 4PM PST.

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Punk fever...

Abuse of Power 1:24 AxeRash s/t
Anarchaic 1:22 Dead Fucking Serious PERIL
Born In The U.S.A. 1:51 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Eye for an Eye 2:11 Slaughter Boys Slaughter Boys

Punk Rock Explained 2:12 Screeching Weasel Television City Dream
Heart & Pride 1:33 Bum City Saints Raw & Real
Stand For Something 1:51 Middle Class Trash P E #56
Antifreeze 0:41 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP
Fade to Grey 1:22 War Fever decay of infamy

Me No Have No Brain 2:50 Cement Shoes Too
Capital Gains 1:16 Redbait Cages
NO BETTER WAY 1:43 PHYSIQUE The Evolution of Combat
Y.F.W. (Your Fucking Words) 0:46 Coxinha PEEP - S/T
She's The Evil 1:43 LATTE+ Next To Ruin

Cop Blocked 2:02 Chemical X EP 17
Lasciati Morire 1:37 IMPULSO IMPULSO / ASTIO split tape
Parasite 1:35 Slugga PARASITE SINGLE
Narrow Minds 0:27 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98
Space Cadet 2:00 Shubees Greatest Hits!
U2 Must Die! 1:21 S.W.T.Records Noise Complaint - Fuck Off And Thrash

Bindle of Resentment 0:39 Slice-O-Life G.C.G. (First 3 E.P.)
The Stimulator 1:16 S.H.I.T. Collective Unconsciousness 7"
Chúpalo 0:43 Rodripico Ep (2008)
No Target Of Fucking War 3:12 CHEAPNESS
Forced Labor 1:17 Circle Jerks Wild in the streets

I Don't Care About You 1:52 Fear the record

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #206

Episode 206... F'd up last episode with my introduction of this band; Dead Fucking Serious (Eugene, OR). New album "Peril" produced by Jason Livermore (The Blasting Room). They shred, so check it out! Otherwise checking back in with some Comps and 2019 releases. Enjoy!

Download and stream here (iTunes as well):

Bros Grim 206

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio.

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Dead Punking righteous...

And Justins For All 1:41 Dead Fucking Serious PERIL
Glasses in the Pit 2:38 Fight Music
Proud to Be DFL 1:26 D.F.L. Proud to Be 
Quit Your Job 0:24 Chixdiggit Short Music For Short People

Hopeless 2:13 Guttermouth 11 Oz. 7 in.
Old Enough 1:31 The Grim getting revenge in 'merica
Chemical Death Dealer 1:13 Burnpile What About You
Turning a Blind Eye 1:57 Behind Enemy Lines One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God
Wake Up America 2:40 The Dayglo Abortions Feed Us A Fetus
My Favorite Baseball Team Is Fucking Bad 1:24 The Bugs Missile To The Middle East

Suspected Terrorists (background) 3:25 Suspected Terrorists P E #56
NRA 1:53 WhiteKaps Hopelessly Devoted To You I
Skateboard The Freeway 2:28 Scheisse Minnelli Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Bala Perdida 0:49 D.F.C. Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Old Glory 1:12 Half Life Empty Skulls Vol.#2 - The Wound Deepens
Rough On Rats 1:31 Crazy Spirit Ground Zero
The Step Before The First 3:26 Dawn Of Humans Ground Zero

Ambition Now (background) 3:36 The New Enemy Illusion of Choice
Intro/I'll Survive 1:28 Crucial Response DEMO 2019
Hate Your Freedom 0:55 Human Ignorance HUMAN IGNORANCE
Old Ways 1:21 Substance Fade Out
Mhm (Jake's Attitude) 1:23 The Urges Surf and Destroy E.P
CHILD SOLDIERS of MISFORTUNE 2:18 Flesh Trade Preying Falls Upon the Innocents Slaughtered

Coming Clean 1:35 Green Day Dookie

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #205

Episode 205... Sorry, lots of opinions and talking this week. You absolutely need to check out Captured! By Robots!!!! Human scum JBOT will be touring the US and Canada in September with the robots while contemplating the inferiority of the human race. Very pleasing to see such brilliant musical talent! Check out Crash Fest II (Oakland Metro) this upcoming Labor Day Weekend. Way too many killer bads to list. Enjoy!

Download and stream here and iTunes:

Bros Grim 205!!!!!

Every Tuesday 4PM PST on Podunk Radio

Send us MP3s to

Endless PUNKness...

Debt to Be Paid 2:32 Captured! by Robots Endless Circle of Bullshit
disgruntled worker episode 1:02 DOGCOCK DOGCOCK
Wandering, Wondering 0:46 Lotus Fucker Forever My Fighting Spirit LP
When World's Collide 2:40 Condemned Attitude? Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5

Madmen in Power 0:53 TORTÜR LA Death Looms Graves Fill
Judges 1:58 Game London UK No One Wins Quality Control HQ
Poder Absoluto 1:31 Vaaska Inocentes Condenados EP
El Futuro 1:36 Muro Bogota, Col Ataque Beach Impediment Recs
Total Restart 1:41 OBEDIENCE Austin, TX  MMXIX
The Fighting League Of The Commercial Middle Class 1:38 ZHUKOV NZ EP II
Condor 2:14 Condor France  Singles 2017-2018 Beach Impediment Recs

Thrash Compact Murder Song 1:38 Thrash Compacter
What's It Worth? 1:04 Tashme Tashme
Joke 1:32 Skin Tags Demo
Where It Ends 1:11 Vantage Point BHC Promo
The Virus - Still Fighting for a Future single 1999 2:21
Saturday Truck Fever (Bonus Track) 2:16 Guttermouth The Whole Enchilada

Punk For A Day 1:37 Wasted Youth Reagan's In
RAIN ON YOUR PARADE 0:45 Be All End All IOU #15 - As One
Perception 1:55 Field Agent IOU #10 - The Power
Unwanted 1:22 Altered State IOU #11 - Face The Fire
War of Aggression-Nothing But Respect Reverb Nation 1:50
The Crunky Kids - Hell Money split with Brody’s Militia 1:49

F Nature 2:55 Sitting on Stacy Perfectly Sane

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #204

Episode 204... Topics galore but kept it punk rockin' as usual.  Cleared up my mispronunciation of the Eyelash girl. Revisited some 2019 releases I've found throughout the year. Enjoy!

Stream and download iTunes Podcasts and here:

Bros Grim 204!!!!!!!

Every Tuesday 4PM Cali surf time on Podunk Radio

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Red PUNK itchy rash...

Life Sucks (And So Do You) 1:33 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
The Faction - Accelerate 3:42 The Faction Steve Cab Bandology 1989
Anarchy Burger (Hold The Government) 1:52 The Vandals Peace Thru Vandalism/When In Rome Do As The Vandals
Camp Fire Girl No.62 2:56 Guttermouth Gusto!

The Mullet Monster Mafia (background) - Surf No Limits 3:20 
Phasers On Ten 1:29 Furious George Gets a Record
Ready,Aim,Fire 1:48 Moose Knuckle The Life For Me....
On The Road 2:39 Submarine Screendoor Come Out Swinging
You Can Demand 2:17 Pennywise Unknown Road
I Don't Know 3:30 Naked Raygun Throb Throb

The Meteors - I Hate People (background) 2:41
Bled 1:09 N.E.G. Shackles EP
Hang Myself To Dry 1:20 MFP Same ep
Keep your smile 1:54 Lost Boys Work life regret
Like Daggers 1:18 Gasmask Terrör Like Daggers EP
Mr. Freeze 2:24 Slayer Undisputed Attitude

The Tarantulas - TARANTULA (background) 2:08
Whatever I do 0:58 Negative Approach Total recall
La Soffiata 1:40 Smart Cops Smart Cops
You make me sick 1:47 Secret Police They're everywhere
Fill The Void 0:37 Scum Scum demo 2011
Essence Of War 1:58 Napalm Raid Mindless Nation
O'Douls 0:30 Straight Edge Kegger Fuck The Kids

Frenzy - Robot Riot (background) 3:41
180 1:15 ClayXRegazzoni ClayXRegazzoni
FAIR-WELL LINE 1:57 Flesh Trade Preying Falls Upon the Innocents Slaughtered
HOW WILL YOU FIGHT? 0:56 PHYSIQUE The Evolution of Combat
By the Grace of God 1:31 Slice-O-Life G.C.G. (First 3 E.P.)
Just a Game 1:26 FRANTIC Demonstration 2

Business punx 1:42 AxeRash Head VS Wall

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #203

Episode 203... Business as usual. Some 2019 releases I found on trusty Bandcamp. I mentioned WTF about the Billie Eilish craze, and then I see some BS comparing her overnight success to Kurt and Nirvana... I wanted to put my head through the wall because no matter the success rate, the two (or three) can't be compared. Nirvana getting their success during a pre-internet music industry and B.E.'s fame coming from a bunch of social media phony bologna. Just my $0.02. Enjoy!

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Slimy PUNK-ness...

Ah-!!! 0:52 Romantic Gorilla Spazz & Romantic Gorilla Split CD
Why Not 1:04 Public Acid Easy Weapons
Dead Meat 2:44 Syringe The Leash
Happy Street 3:41 Diesel Boy C**k Rock

Inner defeat 1:23 Obsoletion Demo
Punk negocio 1:20 ÄSS-ÄULT CONTRA TODO
Eat 1:24 Static Shock Static Shock tape
W.T.F. 1:43 The Speed Humps Broken Dreams
Crucial Response - Mandated 1:18 Crucial Response DEMO 2019

Dropout 1:34 AntiDote Back In Year Zero
Raiskattu Tulevaisuus 2:37 Riistetyt Raped Future LP
Totalitäärinen Valvonta 1:40 Ääritila ...Ennen Huomista,Tänä Tuomiopäivänä...
Beyond The Pizzabox 1:57 A.N.S. Let Them Eat Wood
The Towel 1:55 Guttermouth Split with The New Threat

Bomb Blast/Age Old Time 2:02 Slimy Member Ugly Songs For Ugly People
Victims in blood 1:57 Victims Harder than it was meant to be 7''
Spend your life 1:31 Bastard Controlled in the Frame 7" [bootleg]
Free? 0:52 Atomic Pollution Discograbfree

Quitter 3:04 The Accidents Here Goes Nothing

Monday, July 15, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #202

Episode 202... Back so soon? Same shred action, and a couple new ones from Bandcamp. A minor ode to MRR that ended up a bit cheesy. At least we know who LD is now. Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 202!!!!!

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Not rated X Punk, but good regardless...

Asshole 1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
Shitting Bricks 1:58 NoFX Maximum RockNRoll
Allways Restrictions 1:22 Discharge Punk And Destroy
Punk Rock Show 3:40 Switchblade Justice Let's Destroy The World Tonight

Me Too (background) 3:01 Meghan Trainor Thank You (Deluxe)
America 1:26 Pure Disgust Demo 2013
Goof 0:55 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Dumpster Time 1:42 Judy And The Jerks demo
GDMFSOB 1:32 Bad Posture Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Cause of Death 1:58 Absolut Toronto 2019 Demonstration
Make You Break 00:59 Rated X England, UK LP Promo ‘19

Stop Smiling 1:43 The Vandals The Quickening
Stuck In The Skull 2:20 A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets
Never To Be Seen Again 1:21 War of Aggression
Hipstercide 1:26 Feral Kid Records NoJons 7"
Chaotic Alliance 2:31 Nuclear Death Terror Ceaseless Desolation
World, You and I 2:19 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 2 (Disk 1)

Bullshit Media 1:31 Pisschrist Victims of Faith
Madness 1:08 The Missing 23rd CTRL+ALT+DEL LP
I'd Rather Be Drinking PBR 1:56 White Trash Starter Kit
homo insipiens 0:32 Health Hazard fe 13  -  ten inch
Our struggle 1:09 Out Crowd Demo
Temporarily Blind 1:58 Nobodys Greatasstits

The Donnas-Rock 'n' Roll Machine 2:54