Monday, March 23, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #225

Episode 225.... The world edition. In this crazy state of pandemicee (made up word) we are all going through, here's a little world theme for you. Please keep safe and don't be a covidiot. Nothing new this week. Just a longer episode to sit around and listen to. Enjoy!

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Perfect PUNK world...

Shave The Planet 1:35 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
As the World Turns 1:42 Common Enemy As the World Burns
Is This My World? 2:01 Jerry's Kids Is This My World?
Genocide 3:32 The Offspring Smash

(Here They Come) From All Over The World (background) 2:40
new world order 0:39 Dropdead fe 16 - 'discography' lp
World Abuse 1:32 Carnage S.S Split w/DISPHORIA
Intercourse In A Man-Made World 0:53 Another Terrorist Organization Another Terrorist Organization/Das Gestapo Split
One Consumers' Responsibility to the World 1:55 Reckless Deerhunters Life
Wreck Your World 2:55 Excel Split Image

A World Away 1:13 Dishonorable Discharge Nightmare Visions
Family Life 1:22 Disassociate Imperfect World
World of Difference 1:00 No Comment Common Senseless 7"
Fuck You All 2:19 The Blame America Destroys The World
State of the World 2:15 Jughead's Revenge It's Lonely at the Bottom/Unstuck in Time

World Up My Ass 1:17 Circle Jerks Group Sex / Wild In The Streets
School's Out 1:53 World War XXIV. Self-Titled
Fight the world 1:46 Squarepunk Freedom Punker Vol. 15
Worlds End 1:16 Code Thirty Worlds End
Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round 4:09 Dead Kennedys P.E.A.C.E.

Unfuck the world 2:14 Parötid Desire of Destruction: split EP
Dying World 1:56 Legion of Parasites Empty Skulls Vol.#2 - The Wound Deepens
The World 1:49 13th Victim Broken Bottles & Razor Blades
WORLD OF LIES-Poison Water 1:34  Freedom Punker In Grind We Punx Vol. 1 
Anarchofascist 1:14 Human Error 10 Reasons To Kill Your Boss and Destroy The Whole World

When will it end 0:55 The Fartz World full of hate
The world 2:08 Dislike Shock 7" 129
Weight of the World 1:44 Chemical X EP 17
sincere young men saving the world in thirty seconds bursts of noise 0:47 Sawn Off  fe 26 - health hazard / sawn off split ep
X9 pt2 1:17 Final Slum War Final Slum War - 2014 - V.A. Distorted Minds in a sick world Vol1 - Four Way Split - Lp

Computer World 3:04 Black Uniforms Faces of Death
World Collapse 1:28 Go Filth Go No Escape From Noise Distruction
Suffering of the World 1:04 Seein Red This CD Kills Fascists
World Destroyer 2:05 Pug Skullz Truth Is...b/w World Destroyer, Something More
Stall Room Door 2:34 The Accidents Here Goes Nothing

Not of This World 3:42 Danzig Danzig

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #224

Episode 224... Some more COVID-19 fueled tunes sprinkled in. New 2020 stuff from Bandcamp. I forgot to mention Grinder (Ontario) is a coffee grinder fronted band. You be the judge. I pronounced Baja like that on purpose. Keep your hands away from your face, so the small businesses can get back in full swing, especially in CA where it's impossible to run in the first place. Enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 224!!!!!!!!

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Grindin' out some PUNK...

Another Day Wasted 2:25 Deathraid ST 2008 Black Water Recs
I Love Punk 1:38 Crusty Drunks  Better Live
You're A Fucking Idiot 1:25 Active Minds Religion Is Nonsense
Forgotten Rebel 2:41 The Virus  Single and Rarities

Sh*tty Situation 1:33 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP
Fuck Street Harassment 1:20 Baja Blatz Baja Blatz
Fat Pockets 1:33 Exit Order Demo (2013)
Exit Strategy 1:29 Fracture Demo

STUPID SHIT 2:35 RUKUS Wollongong, Australia  SMASH THE CUNTS

Another Corona themed set (yawn)...
Sick Boy 1:12 The Accused Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told
Disease Core 1:22 Rabies Disease Core
Where Life Ends... Disease 1:13 Split with Mob Attack The Slaughter House 7in
Toilet Stories 1:40 THE FIGHT KNIFE IN THE LEG / THE FIGHT split 7"EP
Us vs. The Machine 1:32 SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Go Eat Worms 2:41 You Dirty Rat Latrine
Cat Call 2:03 The Side Eyes Cyber Singles Club
PTSD 2:22 Shiv Demo 2016
No Escape 1:32 Occhiolist Agents of Oppression: Punk & Hardcore (Compilation)
Spiky Punks 2:09 Flea Bag Flea Bag 2015 Demo

New Tattoo 3:30 Hub City Stompers Ska Ska Black Sheep

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #223

Episode 223... Number themes again and some "sick" flavored tunes in the light of the Corona thing (that's a beer, right?). New 2020 stuff from Bandcamp as well. Enjoy!

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BROS GRIM 223!!!!!!!!

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Sick spazzing PUNK...

PC Full Of Shit 1:41 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Super Mario 0:35 Romantic Gorilla ST 1998
23 Things That Rhyme With Darby C 1:39 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
Party Song... Dude 1:08 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls

Still Sick (background) 3:21 The Invalids Punk Rock Pot Luck Vol. V
Running Man 0:36 Spazz Dwarf Jester Rising
Jag Hatar Ert System 1:23 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
K-Mart Blues 0:57 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
Geen Woning, Geen Koning 1:28 Betercore Youth Crust Discography
Demon_Inside Me 2:35 Septic Death Crossed Out Twice

Do You Still Fear (background) 2:40 Amongst the Wolves Agents of Oppression: comp
SOOT 1:39 ADDERALL NC Tour Tape 2020
Hipócritas 1:36 Fuga CHILE Sin Frontera Sin Nación EP 2020
I Dont Know 1:40 The UnSubs VIRGINIA The UnSubs 2020
It's Gonna Be a Bloodbath 0:47 shit blimp CLEVELAND A Groundbreaking Standard of the Genre 2020
acid rain 0:56 Electro Hippies fe 02 - Generic  / Electro Hippies  split lp
En El Centro Comercial 2:20 Confusion MK-ULTRA

Cream Cheese (background) 2:04 WeRTHLESS Agents of Oppression: comp
Unhealthy 1:00 Capitalist Casualties Capitalist Casualties
Sick & Tired (split w/RKC, 2015) 1:04 Savage Discography 2014-2017
Sick Routine 1:05 Citizens Patrol Sick Routine
Your Unity 1:28 Sick People What We've Done Is Secret
Sick Things - Antisocial Disease - 77, UK 1:53 Various My Girlfriend Was a Punk

I'll Be A Bachelor Till I Die (background) 2:39 Hank Williams The Rock 'N' Roll Era  Red-Hot Rockabilly
Friends Like You! 1:48 Virus Nine Blastin' Away (AF027)
Sick Of Work 2:16 Hypnotics Indoor Fiends
The Virus 1:25 Idiot Talk Same LP
Shut Up Get Fucked 1:49 SICK SHIT EP 2018
Sick Tradition 1:51 Bad Eric Bad Eric & The Cobras

Infected 4:10 Bad Religion Stranger Than Fiction

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #222

Episode 222... Another obvious theme for number two-two-two. I gave an election week theme a shot, and it turned into a failed system. No new tunes this week. I was lazy, I guess. Enjoy!

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Eat your punk out...

Party Of 2 2:53 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
Partyline 1:14 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 1 (Disk 1)
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS (U.$.A.) - party going nowhere 1:26 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc-punk compilation #8 2013
Two steps back 0:17 Low Threat Profile Sonic Cathedrals Vol. CXXIV ACxDC
We Got Two Jealous Agains 2:04 NoFX The War On Errorism

Love Me Two Times (background) 6:45 Divorce Horse Save Our City!
Two Faced Fuck 2:06 ForFuckSake Trapped Like A Rat
It Takes Two (Reactionary Vomit) 1:13 Family Values BMHC
Double Standard 1:36 AxeRash s/t
Slowly Dying 1:41 Double Cross Double Cross
Double Crossed 2:37 False Profit False Profit, 15 years, Thrash till Death
Two Little Men 1:43 Get Rad Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man

Party Political Bullshit (background) 2:48 4 Past Midnight Punkology - The Collection 1989 - 2002
Oustanding Achievements in the Fields of Excellence 1:58 Double Negative Raw Energy
Two Worlds 0:50 HARM DONE Hammer Tape '15
Side Two 1:19 Public Assault No Way Out
Double Vision 1:10 The Pervert Preachers Demo
Double Standard 1:01 KUNGFU RICK Acceptance EP
Two riffs - it's enough 0:48 Yama Dori Records GOVERNMENT FLU Demo 2008 7"EP

Two Good Shoulders (background) 2:44 For What It's Worth Punk Rock Pot Luck Vol. V
Two Way Street 1:33 The Posers Anti-Christian Animosity
It's everyday not only   two days a week 0:42 Anxiety Attack Split Anxiety Attack Gorilla Gripping
Double Life 0:33 Concrete Facelift Loud Fast Raw
Double Fisted O'douls Style 0:55 Straight Edge Kegger Fuck Fresno
Double Standard Bearer 1:00 Conquest For Death Conquest For Death EP
Two Fer Flinchin 2:08 Poppa Wheelie Rockband or Racehorse

Double whiskey coke no ice 2:06 Dillinger Four Hopeless Recs 50th Release