Monday, August 22, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #154

Episode 154... Been gone awhile as advertised.  Found a rad band on bandcamp; Dead Fly. Dudes shred!  Guttermouth is out on the road with their new ep, tearing up some new places.  Thanks for listening.

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The Bros Grim Punkcast #154

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Brothers Grim, Brothers Grim, Brothers Grim.... It's show time!

Mordare (Los Crudos)  1:11 Massgrav Massgrav.Yacopsae Split ep
Skate This  2:28 Aggression Grind Kings
In Case Of Opposition  2:17 Embittered Hiatus/Embittered-split 7"
Amoebic Dysentery_Too Fat for Emo_Hospice Orgy  1:02

Bruce- Glory Days in the background
Freckles the Pony  2:09 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP
speed zombies  2:31 Section 242 Hardcore StreetPunk Rock and Roll
Clipped  1:26 PSO My Way Out
Potential Criminal  2:04 Pure Disgust Pure Disgust
Useless Friend Workshop  0:33 Ultimate Blowup Rehersal Demo

INFA RIOT (background) - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet  2:07
if you smelled it, you dealt it  0:24 bud bundy split tape
Darkside  2:45 Hellkrusher Wasteland
Hopeless  1:22 Holier Than Thou? The Hating Of The Guts
I Hate Your Guts  1:17 Nobodys Generation XXX
I Hate My Job  1:21 To Be Hated SHIT: No Sale Radio FREE Download Comp Vol. 2

Johnny Burnette (background) - Rock-a-billy Boogie  2:32
Rafters  1:50 NOFX Thalidomide Child
Government  0:41 Koro 700 Club
Walking Waste  1:18 Nerveskade Nerveskade LP
Toxic Vision  1:37 Culo Toxic Vision EP
Retarded Nation  1:09 Citizens Patrol Retarded Nation

The Surfites (background) Surfville  2:21
Boards Not Bombs  1:35 Dead Fly Boards Not Bombs

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #153

Episode 153...  More New Guttermouth (can't beat that) and a new addition to the show... "Bros Ripped Off".  This week we rip off a set from Stussey's Worst Case Scenario #16WCS Archive.  Keeps getting better over here.

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Bros Archive and 153

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The Point  1:35 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP
I Don't Need Your Love  1:38 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Is This My World?  2:01 Jerry's Kids Is This My World?
Environmental Scam  1:24 Jughead's Revenge Image is Everything

twisted sister - (background) leader of the pack  3:50
Fatal Error - No Clone ST Mystic Recs  2:13
Suppression With Violence  1:20 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Bijelo Roblje  1:55 Nonsense Prazan Pogled
Disclose - Once The War Started-Album same name  1:32

The Deadly Ones -(background) It's Monster Surfing Time (1964)  2:11

Bros Grim Ripped Off part I:
Worst Case Scenario Episode 16 by Stussey (2010)

It’s Not in Your Heart-MK Ultra-Discography
It Made that Man Snap-Despise You-Possessed to Skate
War Without Mercy-Destroy-Discography
Kapital -Malazlar-2008-Abolishing The Borders From Below
Jebene Budale-Krvavi Mandat-Krvavi Mandat

The Voronas - (background) I Love My Monsters  4:28
Death Squad  2:35 Defiance Rise or Fall
Stifle It  1:30 Provoked Infant in the Womb of Warfare LP
No Religion  1:35 Hellkrusher Wasteland
Sossial Demokaaterna  1:11 Massgrav Massgrav.Yacopsae Split ep

Harla Horror - (background) Werewolf  4:23
Let's Drink Some Beer  1:06 Yacopsae Massgrav.Yacopsae Split ep
Mesrine - Need To Stop  2:35
business as usual  0:42 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98
U2 Must Die!  1:21 S.W.T.Records Noise Complaint - Fuck Off And Thrash
good clean fun  0:51 RUDE AWAKENING - slaves of freedom demo 1983 (wilmington-DE) slaves of freedom demo 1983
Torturas  2:30 Massacre 68 No Estamos Conformes

The Surfites (background) Surfville  2:21
I hate hippies (MIA cover)  1:25 Lost Boys Work life regret