Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #110

Episode 110... Special only because we started out with a set of Canadian PUNK!  A couple I got off of Pretty cool, Eah!

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Maple Syrup and PUNK...

shut up (background)  1:01 Career Suicide anthology of releases 2001-03
Nuclear Winter  1:39 Negative Gain Back from the Dead LP
Track 04  1:16 Entirely Distorted What Gives Demo
Skater's Life  1:43 White Noise Dead + Alive Tape

I Think You Know (background) 2:00 NoMeansNo 0 + 2 = 1
I Saw The Light  2:58 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Cold Blooded (Live)  1:49 Bum-City Saints Live @ Stork Club
Condemned Evasion  1:17 Correction Correction Demo
Learning Things The Hard Way  2:10 Budd Dwyer S/T
Shit  1:50 No Reward 2009 Demo
Smile...Tomorrow Will Be Worse  2:16 Battle Flask Radio Riot! Vol. 3

Janelle Janelle  (background) 2:45 The Queers Heide Sez
Track 1  1:01 Anthrax Profane Existence Compilation #55
Track 10  1:15 Face Up To It! Profane Existence Compilation
F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers)  1:08 Bad Brains Bad Brains
Blood of Innocent  1:44 Battery Humans Never Lay Down
Core  1:50 Noise Distraction Agitate Power flexi (japan)
Tokoroa  2:08 Ois II Men Hairs To Oi! Street

Mary Ann (background) 2:35 Squirtgun Heide Sez
Doesthislookinfectedtoyou  1:17 Domestic Violence Blahblahblahblahblah!!!!!!!!!!! Blahblahblah
Go-Revolution-Go!  1:12 Seein Red This CD Kills Fascists
Silent People For A Privileged Society by Eat You Alive  1:19 S.W.T.Records Common Enemy / Eat You Alive - Split 7"
fe 36 - sawn off - 09 - buck up your ideas  1:20 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98
Pacivity  1:40 Threats Back In Hell EP

Ghoulies Are Go (background) 2:53 The Groovie Ghoulies Heide Sez
Disassembly Despite Authority  0:35 BUTE Paté
Wartorn  2:38 Disrespect I Can Only See A Better World Built From The Ashes Of This One PE 52/53
All The Same  1:29 Hevn P E #56
F Minus  0:46 F-Minus Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless...A Tribute To Negative Approach
25 Ta Life  1:26 25 Ta Life Tomorrow Seems So Hopeless...A Tribute To Negative Approach
Drown You Out  2:30 D.R.I Thrash Zone

Beer Makes Me Happy (background) 2:28 Psycho Devilles Psycho Cadillac
All Cops Are...A-Z  1:13 Anti-Flag BACON (AF056)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #109

Episode 109... Been going a little comp crazy lately!  Nothing really beats comps though.  See you in the pit!

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Tuesdays on the greatest PUNK site around 4PM Cali time (PST)

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Punkers be Punkin'...

Teri Yakimoto  3:27 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Liquor And Poker  1:57 Strychnine Born Too Lose
14 Green  1:34 Resist Resistography
Lesbian Bikers Clubhouse Slut  0:20 The Submissives An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer

Sick Boy (background) 2:33 GBH City baby attacked by rats
Matador For President  1:35 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
Scratching on the Eight Ball  1:57 Krum Bums As the Tide turns
Like Daggers  1:18 Gasmask Terrör Like Daggers EP
Sick of talk  0:34 Negative Approach Total recall
Disciple  1:33 The Hyenas Blood Sweat And Beers
Everybody Hates Me  1:06 Fuckland The Collective Underground Vol. 1

Nih Nightmare (background) 3:17 G.I.S.M. Detestation
A06. Political Asylum  2:19 Mushroom Attack (Mushroom Attack/Forgotten Prophecy split LP)
Passive active  0:58 Negative Degree Not dead yet tape
Nailed Casket  1:37 Municipal Waste Hazardous Mutation
Confuzalyzm  1:35 RKC Barrage of Lurkers
Dying Breed  2:12 The Capones The Collective Underground Vol. 1
Faces or Faces  1:45 Sick The War On Terror and Ice Cream

Youth Gone Mad (background) 3:11 False Alarm Fuck 'Em All We've Already (Now) Won!
Fucking Hesitation  1:30 SICK CHARADE DEMO
Ferrari  1:11 SK8NIKS Escape The Human Limits demo 2000 (japan)
The world  2:08 Dislike Shock 7" 129
Confusion  1:33 Faith Faith / Void (Side 1)

Heavy Discipline (background) 2:12 GBH City baby attacked by rats
Kiss of the Sasquatch  0:43 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Boredom Awaits  2:38 Faction Thrasher Skate Rock Vol.
Atrocities  2:11 Subvert Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
In Time  2:15 T.S.O.L. Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 2 "Blazing Wheels And Barking Trucks"

25 Elite Manilla (background) 1:32 The Smugglers Heide Sez
It Begins With You  1:33 The Hi-Fives ...And A Whole Lotta You!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #108

Episode 108... I think I worked out all the glitches. Internet was acting a fool when the show was recorded.  Some Torn Flesh Records this week!  Check out their all free downloads!  Some bandcamp 8 bit action as well!

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and Sundays 3pm PST on

Punk 8 bit gamers...

2:48 State of confusion  State of Confusion 6.3 Million Acres
2:33 Kill Me Quick  Spermbirds Something to Prove
1:00 Bullshit Forcefield  Get Rad I Can Always Live
2:05 Pigs  Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs

5:35 Dropkick Murphys (background) - Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced  
2:13 Hopeless  Guttermouth VA Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol1 Hopeless Records
0:36 We know you suck (JFA)  RAD Live at KDVS & Covers tape
0:26 07 - Gorilla Gripping - Soyez plus prudents  Gorilla Gripping Split Anxiety Attack Gorilla Gripping
1:33 Devils Lettue  Greedy Mouth Seitan Worshipping Power Violence
1:48 Terrorrain - SEPTIC DEATH  V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria
1:25 Tenk Na! - AKUTT INNLEGGELSE  V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria

2:37 No Use For A Name (background)- Justified Black Eye (8-Bit)  Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1
0:40 925 Suicide  Faction Disaster Faction Disaster / Bruxism Split
2:02 Cultura de la barbàrie ATO Ato
0:53 Kaaos  Thrashers St ep
1:00 Force fed fuperstition  Active Minds The lunatics have taken over the asylum 7" flexi
0:52 La Explosion - ATOXXXICO  v/a - Solo Se Oye Punk  v/a - Solo Se Oye Punk cassette compilation (s. america)

1:50 Operation Ivy - Vulnerability (background) (8-Bit)  Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2
0:26 Beer Junkies-Aint no fool   
2:02 No Hard Feelings  Sorry State Last Ride
1:01 09 I'm Not Dead  Society's Parasites 
2:38 Reason To Die  Weekend Nachos Unforgivable
2:41 No More waiting  War of Aggression Come out swingin

2:43 Reel Big Fish - Cheer Up (background) (8-Bit)  Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 3
1:29 BROKE IN  Future Primitive. FP14
0:49 Hamburger Man  Citizens Patrol Dead Children EP
1:29 Take It All Away  Witch Hunt Blood Red States
1:04 The Chosen One  Mondo Gecko Underground Asia Compilation CD
1:39 Mind Pollution  Creative Waste Underground Asia Compilation CD
1:07 No Les Compres  Alerta Antifascista Records AA08. Apatia No - El Ruido De Antes... Los Opresores De Siempre LP/CD

2:37 Ramones - I Don't Want To Grow Up (background) (8-Bit)  Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 4
0:52 Seniorcide  Family Values BMHC   1
0:41 Bonus - Death to Electronic Music (Techno Still Sucks)  KUNGFU RICK Acceptance EP
1:57 Invasion  Heädshöt Fuck The War
0:15 Drunk Fast & Loud  DHC 

3:40 Punk Rock Show (background) Switchblade Justice Let's Destroy The World Tonight
2:38 Balls in a Bottle  The Detonators BALLS TO YOU

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #107

Episode 107... New one from SSYNDROM (Sacramento) that you can pick up at bandcamp.  Enjoy!

Download, stream, and play in your car here:

Same times and places on and

Cali Punker's delight...

Perception of Pain  2:47 SSYNDROM Perception of Pain ( ANEUR-YSMA 7")
American Suicide [Demo Version]  1:12 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
12XU  1:57 Wire Faster & Louder: Hardcore Punk, Vol. 2
Point of No Return  0:43 Napalm Death Oi! Sound of the U.K.

Here we stand (background) 2:49 SECT Self Titled
Lame Duck Arsenal  2:15 Good Riddance Harder, Fatter + Louder!
Did You Play War?  2:00 Murphy's Law Social Chaos
Amy's Song [#]  2:01 The Grumpies Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
Sorry Ass Sucker  1:13 Furious George Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
Through Being Cute  1:46 Tear It Up New York City Punk Olympics 2001 - Live at CBGB's
Death from Above  2:00 Toxic Holocaust An Overdose of Death...

Where Did You Go?  (background) 3:17 SkyBurnsBlack Records The Remnants - Nobody Home Ep
Camp Fire Girl No.62  2:56 Guttermouth Gusto!
Pollute  1:30 Terminal Youth Shit Fit
Kleptomaniacop  0:53 Stinkpalm Death Infected Vol1
Rambo Rat  2:24 The Jolts God Save The Queers
The day after  1:23 Warchild Bleak reality
Track 18  1:29  Sounds of Struggle Comp

Second_Floor_East  (background) 2:58 Screeching Weasel Wiggle
Man of Honor and Pride  1:49 Submachine
Government Takeover  1:34 Violent Future Demo '12
I Despise  2:09 Cropknox California Republic Split
Screwdriver Smile  0:55 Voetsek Infernal Command
Shadow of fear  1:18 Violent End Demo
Sulos Gold Toof  0:57 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls

Weird Al  (background) Eat It  3:30
Machine Gun Vendetta- The Seniors are Skydiving  2:42
The Last To Starve  2:39 Borndead All Tanked Up
Heads Up, Shovels Down  0:59 Fassbender Demo
No Les Compres  1:07 Alerta Antifascista Records AA08. Apatia No - El Ruido De Antes... Los Opresores De Siempre LP/CD
When The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Goes Out  0:54 Conquest For Death Many Nations, One Underground

This Bloody Age  2:37 Burnt Cross The Earth Dies Screaming

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #106

Episode 106...  A bit shorter again for no reason.  Happy New Year!  Started the show with a blown up kinda theme for the New Year... So put your gas masks on and enjoy (GutterMark voice).

Always load up on your smart device and DL here:

Tuesdays 6PM CST on Texas proud 24/7/365 PUNK Station

Still loud and proud on Sundays 5PM CST on

New Year same ole PUNX...

Hiroshima  1:39 DIRT Drunks In Rusty Transit General
Producing shit and masspolluti  1:31 Giftgasattack DBEAT NOISE CRUST INFERNO 2008
Ruins & Then...  1:08 Gasmask Terrör S/T LP
Viva America  1:12 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Hell (background)- Squirrel Nut Zippers  3:14 
Rockstar  1:57 Resist Resistography
Dog Assassin- Human Satisfaction  1:29 Dog Assassin_Imperial States of America_Spacement Recs reno
The Malachi Crunch  2:51 NoFX Ribbed
Dissect- VKPM  2:10 Split w Los Rezios 2004 DNA Recs_PowerItUp Recs
Los Rezios- Ellos Nos Odian  1:56 Split w Dissect 2004 DNA Recs_PowerItUp Recs
You Have The Gun  2:34 Discharge Disensitise

The Creepy Creeps - Creep Stomp (background)  2:31 
Regulations- No More Hell  1:30 st LP Havoc Recs 2005
Gag Order- Your Opinion Sucks  2:37 Split with Killing Ground Tampa DIY 1999
Killing Ground- The Next Riot  1:27 Split with Gag Order Tampa DIY 1999
Burned Up Bled Dry- Cavity  0:44 OKUSA Kill The Body Kill The Soul 7in 1997 Sensuel Underground Ministries Recs
Burned Up Bled Dry- Holding Nothing  0:18 OKUSA Kill The Body Kill The Soul 7in 1997 Sensual Undgrnd Ministries
Cleanx- Green  1:45 Cleanx_ Mouth Full O Shit 7in Homiside1996 Dental Recs
Union- United Nations Of America  1:50 Union Anaeathetized 7in ep_Tribal War 1992

The Lillingtons black hole in my mind (background)  3:16 
Bar Feeders- Vomiting  1:40 Bar Feeders 7in 1995 Axhandle Recs    1
Gnats Sucker Fellow In Crime_Bside  1:40 All Thing Ill Never Say 1990demo Japan rel2003 625Thrashcore
F**K You, Dude  1:18 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP
Detention Without Trial  1:40 Germ Attack Death To Cops 7in
Societies Refects  0:51 Health Hazard Discography 93-96
One Step Closer  1:11 Suffer Discography 93-96

Got An Itch  2:18 ForFuckSake Trapped Like A Rat