Monday, July 25, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #152

Episode 152... We'll give you a large dose of Guttermouth the next few weeks with the new EP.
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Bros Grim 152

Shitty punk as usual...

Sh*tty Situation  1:33 Guttermouth Got It Made - EP
Perfect World  1:53 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Your Life Sucks  0:54 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls

Sad But True - SIEGE  1:34 V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria
Enough To Make You Sick  2:38 Deathraid Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
Nothing In Time  2:19 Bread & Water Everything So Far...
Chug-A-Lug Night  3:39 Guttermouth Covered With Ants

Frustasi Global  1:39 Total Anarchy Fucktard/Total Anarchy Split
Today's Youth  2:03 Threats God Is Not With Us Today
Someont Too..  0:45 Nobodys Generation XXX

For Tomorrow We Die  2:48 SkyBurnsBlack Records The Last Hope - 72 Comeback
Repress to Impress  1:37 Citizen Useless The Presidents of the United Mistakes
Sit Down  1:06 Burnpile What About You
Rumours and Lies  0:16 Disorder Sliced Punx on Meathooks
Condemned Evasion  1:17 Correction Correction Demo

War Room  2:31 Unpeople Concentrated Visuals - Volume 1
Digging a Trench  2:18 Pug Skullz Live with the Vinyl Avenger
Jurassic Park  2:05 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
7-11  1:15 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
Underage  1:13 Poison Idea The Early Years
Mi Ciudad  1:05 H.H.H. Intelectual Punks 7"
'Merica  2:56 Steve Jasper Solo Project

Gonna Find You  1:54 Operation Ivy Operation Ivy

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #151

Episode 151... You Dirty Rat starts the show off!  Thanks for the awesome care package from Matt!  Now YDR is repping the Bay Area Cali hard!  Check out their new EP on Bandcamp!

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Bros Grim 151

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City Punk Baby Rock Out...

Gimme a Break  2:18 You Dirty Rat EP
Circle Pits, Not Prayer Circles  0:58 Conquest For Death Front Row Tickets To Armageddon
Your choice  3:02 Detestation Self Titled
A Date With Destiny  2:19 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Billy Joel - (background) We Didn't Start the Fire  4:05
Everything Is Wonderful  1:34 A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets
Riotgun Policy 1:21 Attentat Sonore Operation Infiltration
Night Mute  1:58 BLANK SPELL DEMO
JFA - Skateboard Anarchy  1:34

Get Your Geigo (background)  4:05 Claude Coma + the i.V's ArT FroM SiN Punk Not Profit
Kegcharge - Medal of Honor  1:47
Alla Frontiera  0:18 Smart Cops Smart Cops
You Can't Deny It  1:57 Crude SS Who'll Survive EP
The Realy Depressing Song  1:29 Pink Turds In Space Greatest Shits

drownin in blood (background)  2:15 Commie Death Squad Self Titled
Runnamucks- Stage for Disaster_On the Brink  0:40
Chicken Wire  0:31 Stressors Summer Tape 2013
Mindless Nation  1:40 Napalm Raid Mindless Nation
Antennaes  1:19 NOFX

Sand In The Face  1:31 Spazz Dwarf Jester Rising

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #150

Episode 150... A new Guttermouth track from the upcoming "Got It Made" ep due out July 15th (which was announced literally 6 hours after I recorded this show two weeks ago)!

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Bros Grim 150

Definitely got it made punk style...

Guttermouth - I've Got It Made  2:18 
Really Need  0:57 Nobodys Greatasstits
The Truth  2:23 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
Time To Burn  2:19 Pennywise Unknown Road

Mr. Barbeque (background)  3:00 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
Actual Problems  1:33 MethXBreath Demo 2013
Say Good Bye  1:04 Conga Fury Split 7"
Concrete  0:37 Lärm Straight On View
Are you Free?  1:30 Krömosom Krömosom demo 2010
Sudden Apocalypse  2:04 Stab Your Back Music To Bleed To Volume II

Dead Kennedys -(background) Police Truck (8 Bit Remix)  1:58 
Pit Trilogy  1:35 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
The Road to Freedom  1:41 Resist
FOF  0:45 NEGATIVE DEGREE VA - Welcome To 2013
Hypocondriac  0:52 Rodents Of Unusual Size Eighteen Pack
Beautiful Feeling  1:45 Rich Kids On LSD Its A Beautiful Feeling

Frantic Flintstones -(background) What the Hell  1:34 
Gonna Hafta Fight  0:44 S.O.A. No Policy
Trash  1:06 Youth Avoiders Discography Tape
Shut You Out  1:52 Violent Reaction Violent Reaction 7"
Parasite  2:44 The Bloodclots Basement Tape

The Tornadoes - (background)Moon Dawg  2:22 
Wreckage Renown  1:07 Capitalist Casualties Subdivisions in Ruin
Terminal Greedfucker  0:20 IRA GRAVES DEMO 2011
Krossa guds kuk  2:10 Infernöh War Tjard
Boned  1:09 The Satans The Satans

The Tarantulas -(background) TARANTULA  2:08 
Liquored Up and Rude  2:28 You Dirty Rat EP