Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #52

Episode 52.... Just the usual Post Traumatic Punk Disorder. Some Bay Area and Moral Decline to start the show off. Along with a mailed gift and a bunch of Sorry State Records. http://sorrystaterecords.bandcamp.com

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Punk tunes this week...

Nihilist Cunt- Skate Killer
Moral Decline- Web
Kicker- Two Hats
John Baker and The Malnourished- Malnourished Nothings

Gag Order- I Don't Like You
Oiz II Men- Chug and Chuck
Thick Skin- Nowhere To Run
Gifted But Twisted- 3 Cheers To My Guttermouth...
Guttermouth- 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby Crash

Bukkake Boys- Trend Junkie
Wormeaters- Human Cargo
Koro- Nauseous Again
Instangd- Hjartattack

Direct Control- Nuclear Tomorrow
Smart Cops- King Of Punk (KOP)
Pure Scum- I Don't Care
UX Vileheads- Down Again
Libyans- Blood And Rust

Sloppy Seconds- The Thing From Your Uranus

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #50

The "DIS" show #50! Everybody does one so it's our turn to bore you. We actually cheat a bit with the Guttermouth song, but we always play some Guttermouth tunes! And it's our one-year anniversary being on PoDunk Radio www.podunkradio.com. And really just being a stupid Podcast. Thanks Jacks for having us since episode #1!

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"DIS" songs this week...

Disflesh- Soldiers of Satan
Disgust- You Have No Right
Disaster- Victim of...
Dischaos- D-beat Holocaust
Discard- Sounds of War

Disaffect- Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing
Dishumanity- Rafal
Disfortune- In No Certain Terms
Disassociate- Life In A Bottle
Disarm- Sag Nej

Guttermouth- DISneyland (live)
Dissucks- Puke To You
Dispense- Disorder
Displeasure- Neanderthal
Diskelma- Reality Strikes Again

Disclose- Crawling Chaos
Disable- Wojna
Disengage- Straight Ahead
Diskonto- Nutidens Mengele
Dispair- Reality War Games

Disclaim- Rude Head
Disfear- Underang
Displague- Dejar Ser
Discharge- Society's Victim

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #15

Repost of Episode 15! Originally aired at www.podunkradio.com sometime in May 2012. Nothing beats an old episode. Stream it below:

Or stream it here: http://archive.org/details/TheBrothersGrimPunkcastPunkArchives

Songs we shredded...

Resist- United States Of Apathy
Disflesh- The Blood Runs Red
Oiz II Men- Drinking Day

Thrash Compactor- Blowhole
Against The Grain- Suicide Steve
Strychnine- Moron

Pour Habit- You Suck
E.N.D.- It's Alright
Certified- Fight To Fight

5 songs from To Live A Lie Records' 3 year sampler****
Apathetic Ronald McDonald- Gimme Waffles
Final Draft- Drenched In Blood
SMG- Mincing The Fascists
Terminal Youth- Bridge Game
Godstomper- French Fry

Crucifix- Predjudice
Guttermouth- Australia
Crippled Old Farts- Convictions Turning To Rust

Bombed Out- Human Disease
NOFX- Dinosaurs Will Die
Dayglo Abortions- Dogfarts

Nazi Dust- Fervor
Rodents Of Unusual Size- Addicted
Middle Class Trash- Stand For Something

Holier Than Thou- Drug Court
Weekend Nachos- Unholy Victory
Yo! Scunt- WTF
Meat Shits- The Nightmare Continues (Discharge)

Million Kids- Transmit Radio

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #51

Episode 51... Yes 51 before 50 (kind of crazy, get it?...51/50).  Start it out with The Dep Dog's Xmas present from The Mad Ax!  A gift certificate from www.interpunk.com is a gift that keeps on giving!  Look out for Moral Decline's new album coming in April (4/20/13).  Closed it with a bunch of Cali Bay Area jams! Stream it below.

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songs this week...

Burnpile- Chemical death Dealer
Common Enemy- Park Scabs And Ramp Tramps
OFF!- Borrow And Bomb
The Pogo- The Fury

Moral Decline- Creepin
Rutabega Suicide- Ashtray
Chaotic Dischord- 22 Hole Doc Martains
Hellspawn- Dying Breed
Frustration- Delusional

Guttermouth- Carp
Fuck Ups- I Think You're Shit
Look Back And Laugh- Run Silent/ Run Deep
Proto Regime- Vengeance
Bettercore- Fuck Your Pride

No Reward- Back Slap
Opressed Logic- Deranged
Capitalistic Casualties- Government Clean Up Plan
Stressors- Stressed Out

Operation Ivy- Smilin'

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #49

Episode 49, all Bay Area PUNK but two with The Deputy Dog! Stream below. It was supposed to be both Brothers this week but shit happens! Tunes from Reno's Slut Fungus this week!

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Songs this week...

Voetsek- Blue Print For The Perfect Circle Pit
Effluxus- Slow Suicide
Midnite Brain- Triangle Shirt Waist
Slut Fungus- Coagular

Mickey And The Big Mouths- Meth Breath
Replica- Becky's Rite
Anal Mucus- I'm Ain't No Florist
Slag- Corporate News Cancer
The Dwarves- Fukhead

Beer Junkies- I Like Cops Dead
Authority- I Hate Cops
The Dead Smurfs- You Have A Home
Capital Punishment- Racism Is Ignorance
Rhygin- Religious Freaks
Exodus- A Lesson In Violence

The Poor Luckies- Gold
Guttermouth- Vacation