Monday, July 15, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #202

Episode 202... Back so soon? Same shred action, and a couple new ones from Bandcamp. A minor ode to MRR that ended up a bit cheesy. At least we know who LD is now. Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 202!!!!!

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Not rated X Punk, but good regardless...

Asshole 1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
Shitting Bricks 1:58 NoFX Maximum RockNRoll
Allways Restrictions 1:22 Discharge Punk And Destroy
Punk Rock Show 3:40 Switchblade Justice Let's Destroy The World Tonight

Me Too (background) 3:01 Meghan Trainor Thank You (Deluxe)
America 1:26 Pure Disgust Demo 2013
Goof 0:55 SICK BURN DEMO 2018
Dumpster Time 1:42 Judy And The Jerks demo
GDMFSOB 1:32 Bad Posture Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Cause of Death 1:58 Absolut Toronto 2019 Demonstration
Make You Break 00:59 Rated X England, UK LP Promo ‘19

Stop Smiling 1:43 The Vandals The Quickening
Stuck In The Skull 2:20 A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets
Never To Be Seen Again 1:21 War of Aggression
Hipstercide 1:26 Feral Kid Records NoJons 7"
Chaotic Alliance 2:31 Nuclear Death Terror Ceaseless Desolation
World, You and I 2:19 Government Issue Complete History Vol. 2 (Disk 1)

Bullshit Media 1:31 Pisschrist Victims of Faith
Madness 1:08 The Missing 23rd CTRL+ALT+DEL LP
I'd Rather Be Drinking PBR 1:56 White Trash Starter Kit
homo insipiens 0:32 Health Hazard fe 13  -  ten inch
Our struggle 1:09 Out Crowd Demo
Temporarily Blind 1:58 Nobodys Greatasstits

The Donnas-Rock 'n' Roll Machine 2:54

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #201

Episode 201.... Back with a few new songs with the same message. A couple long past due Canadian submissions that absolutely shred! No 4th of July special this year, but same bang for the (free) buck! Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 201

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Punx always have enemies...

The Midas Touch 0:55 Active Minds The Age of Mass Distraction
Double Life 0:33 Concrete Facelift Loud Fast Raw
Thrown Away 1:50 Common Enemy As the World Burns
Acid Rain 4:31 D.R.I. (1992) Definition

Screeching Weasel - I Wanna Be A Homosexual (background) (8-Bit) 3:04 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 4
Born In The U.S.A. 1:51 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Pipeline 1:44 Pure Disgust Pure Disgust
Campaign For Non Violent Silly Dancing 2:25 Mushroom Attack (Mushroom Attack/Forgotten Prophecy split LP)
State bustar 1:57 Crocodile Skink st 7"
Pointless tooth 1:42 Abraham Cross Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"

NOFX - We Ain't Shit (8-Bit) (background) 3:05 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1
You Want It Darker 1:46 The New Enemy Toronto Illusion of Choice
Country Roads -JUST BECAUSE Quebec 2:12
Possession 3:38 Gatecrasher LA Image of Pain
Slave to convention 1:02 FOKKUM Notice yourself
Wasted Time 1:26 Creem Discography

Ramones - I Don't Want To Grow Up (background) (8-Bit) 2:37 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 4
Moving Forward 2:22 40oz Folklore Freedom Punker 2
Sin Sentido 2:04 Heädshöt Freedom Punker Vol 6
On The Battlefield 1:32 Disease Freedom Punker 8
American Terrorist 1:54 Toxicology Freedom Punker 11
fallen to the air raid 1:29 Unknown to god Freeddom Punker 13
Collateral Damage 1:21 Skatter Brainz Freedom Punker 15
Sampai Kapan 0:48 Naked 87  Freedom Punker 17

Blink 182 - Lemmings (8-Bit) (background) 2:29 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1
F.V.K. (Fearless Vampire Killers) 1:08 Bad Brains Bad Brains
Rich Kids 1:15 Valley Boys MLP
Drugs In My Pocket 0:57 Primer Grey Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Right Or Wrong 1:34 Battalion of Saints Sweaty Little Girls
Surrounded By Assholes 1:39 Bones Brigade Endless Bummer

Operation Ivy - Vulnerability (background) (8-Bit) 1:50 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2
Old Regime 2:42 Bad Religion Age of Unreason