Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #63

Show #63 is nothing for the record books, but you'll get your fill!  New tune from Seattle's Frustration and the usual tricks. Listen to 63 below:

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The gripes the past few weeks are courtesy of our good friend Stussey. Find his show (the best around) at Punk action this episode:

Frustration- Drawing Blanks
FeaRection- Dr. Knowy
Direct Control- World War III
Bear Trap- God, Fesring Children
Bros Grim Theme Song

Altered Boys- Ask A Punk
Ego Trip- Punk Complex
Madcow Dizeaze- Punks For Profit (Life Sentence)
Mosquito Teeth- Mentruel Psycho
Guttermouth- West Side
Mark Adkins and Dep Dog bumper

Nihilist Cunt- Salvia D-Beat
Certified- Warcunt
Bite Down- Life Sentence
Sweet Gravy- Skate Gangs
BER jack hammer

Poison Planet- Boycott Everything 
Blow Your Brains Out- Ignorant
Cisma- No Integracion
Die- Futility
Blogspot bit

The Pogo- Bobby Was A Bastard
Odio Social- A.A.S.O.S.
PSO- No Sympathy 
Toxic Holocaust- Nuke The Cross
Stussey gripe

Augmentor- $30 Work Day
Big Ginge And The Nobodies- Fall Of The Conformity 
The Caravans- The Dinosaurs Will Die