Monday, December 24, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #48

Peace on Mars and Cheers to the world! It's the Bros Grim Christmas Special.

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Xmas songs this week....

Common Enemy- All I Want For Christmas Is A Bag Of Weed
Los Viejos- The Blood Became The Sauce
Warzone- American Business
Concrete Facelift- I'm Not Done
*Bros intro
Wadge- Away In A Manger
Decontrol- Is This The End?
For Fucksake- Suffer Through The Apocalypse
Hangover Overdose- Pakko Saada

The Exploited- Fuck The Mods
Active Minds- WMD Hypocrisy
Guns And Rosa Parks- Antifreeze
Nazareno El Violento- Marcelino Pan y Verga
The Satans- Everybody's F'd
Mobcharge- Humans: Go Home
Aspex- Nuclear Terror
Unamused- Third World
Guttermouth- Generous Portions

NOFX- Xmas Has Been X'd
Yandere Robot- Santa Claus Massacre 3000
Deadbolt- I'm The One Who Gunned Santa Down

A bunch of tunes pulled from Torn Flesh Records this week. All FREE downloads! Check it out!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #47

You may just go to heaven after 47 (because the 21st will come and go before the next episode)!!!!

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Songs this week:

Dr Know- Piece Of Meat
Hunting Party- Circled Routes
RAD- Vortex Of Death
Out Of Spite- Sacrifice
The Accidents- Someone Put Slice In My OJ

Framtid- Nuclear Power Genocide
Depression- Why Do People Hate Us?
Napalm Raid- Run Like Hell
Innocents- Noisy Trouble
Nightmare- Future Now
Spazz- Death Rivals Of Shao-Lin

Guttermouth- End On 9
The Execute- Voice
Gang Green- Kill A Commie
Regulations- Stop
Kruel- Terror!
Mob 47- Polisstat

The Vandals- It's A Fact

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #18

Reposts are always a blast!  Yeah Right.  This was before we were on Brutal Existence Radio. Stream 18 below.

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Deportation- Freedom Is An Illusion
Unamused- Discrimination
Fucktard- Get Outta My Face

Guttermouth- Bingo
Weak Teeth- M-16
Obni- For You Money Is Power

Sickoids (Italy)- No Flags
The Faction- Lost In Space
The Bloodclots- Reveille

In Defence- Moshelle (Mosh You To Hell)
Peter Pan Speed Rock- Roller Coaster
Kalashnikov- Nessuna Fiducia

Total Chaos- Lives Are Squandred
NOFX- Suits And Ladders
Rotton Youth- Drunktards

Los Olvidados- Personal Genocide
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp- Kamala's Too Nice
Death Wish V- Pork Chops And Ham Hocks

State Of Franklin- Fuck U Cancer
Left Over Crack- Infested
The Nobodys- Dead End Job

The Fully Blown- Fire Bush

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #46

Number 46... Just a bunch of licks!
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Songs this week...

The Nobodys- Told Ya So
Punch- Don't Start
Permanent Ruin- Guerra En Venta
RKL- I'm Locked Up
NOFX- I Don't Want You Around

Sickoids- My Curse
Disgust- Who Killed Kerwin
Atoxxxico- Punks De Muerte
The Stupids- You Shoulda Listened
GBH- War Dogs
Domds Dom- I Pendelns Vaggande Barm
Capitalistic Casualties- Insecurities

Frustration- Sleep Walker
Ratos De Porao- Guerra Des Humana
Ratface- Cursed By The State
Gasmask Terror- This Is The Wolf Age
Lifelock- Doomed Future
Sociedad Violenta- Violencia y Destruccion
Disarm- Deras Krig
Guttermouth- Shoes

Dry Hump- Everybody Loves You (when your dead)
Dwarves- Free Cocaine