Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #58

Episode 58... What could be better than a new theme song from our mascot band, Fight Music! Caught up with them while they were in the studio and they donated their studio time to The Grim Bros' cause! El Matadore, Uncle Logan and Danny Altur produced a cool little ditty! Thanks fellas! A new track from Gag Order as well! Lots of firsts' this week... The first time we ever replayed a song, First double shot of a band...

Stussey's Worst Case Scenario moved to Fridays at 1:00pm live on BER! Get in the chat!

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Punk songs this week...

RAD- Sacramento is RAD/ It's All You Ever Say (You're Not RAD)
No Mistake- FBLA
NOFX- Thalidomide Child
Guttermouth- A Date With Destiny

Fight Music- This Music...
The Nobodys- I Can't Take It
The Casualties- Destruction and Hate
Short Temper- Waste Of Time
Bad Religion- Frogger
Electro Hippies- Am I Punk Yet?

Gag Order- We Got Da Bong
Asshole Parade- Launch Ramp
Charles Bronson- As Fucked As Gator
Despise You- You Can't
Side FX- Hidden Hand
Seitan- K.D.U.
The Violent Threats- Here's Your American Dream
Power Is Poison- Deported

Mr. T Experience- Dumb Little Band

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #57

Episode 57... The curse of The Accidents lives on. Cancelled shows, bad weather, you name it! So it's been awhile since the Grim Brothers did a show together, so I called the Mad Ax up for what turns out to be a classic episode. Starting with a surf theme to brighten this crap hole up!

Our boys Fight Music are back in the studio. They recorded a new theme song with yours truly on vocals. Debut next week.

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Punk songs this week...

Beartrap- Surf
Guttermouth- Octopus Hairpiece
The Wedge- Surfing Is Good
Wadge- Vestige of Surfly Remains

Effluxus- Destroyed From Within
Infernoh- Besk Oblat
Negative FX- Hazardous Waste
Krakdown- Sick Society
Moms On Meth- History Repeats Its Self

Dishonorable Discharge- Nightmare Vision
Boston Strangler- Hit And Run
RIP- Kaos
Paranoid- AF Raid Of Life
Noose- Obstructed
Feld Hure- CousCous & Skate
Skiplickers- Drink, Skate, Puke

Pennywise- Homesick

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