Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #221

Episode 221... Some old hardcore mixed in with some new stuff from Bandcamp. Nothing to write home about (that went with the few war references this week). Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 221!!!!!!!!!!

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Bloodsport Punk...

Blue Lives Murder 3:21 D-CON Blue Lives Murder EP
This American Lie 1:16 Ancient Filth Everything in the Void E
Culture 2:22 Warthog   Warthog
Fountain And Farmosa 2:10 Time Again The Stories Are True

TV Party 3:31 Black Flag Damaged
Stuck in '77 1:43 WarZone Amerika the Pitiful EP
Anti-Social Today 2:40 No Time You'll Get Yours LP
Eyes 2:08 Video Filth Video Filth/Mutant Itch Split
No Regard 0:20 Pissing Match Pissing Match

Negative Feedback 1:04 ESP Mayhem Bloodsportswear  Melbourne AU Nerve Alter
Brain Damage 0:49 Reek Minds S/T EP Portland OR
No Threat 1:16 URBAN VOID Demo Baltimore SFR Hardcore
White, Blind and Pissed 3:04  Formerly Known As We Don't Like Us, Either

Government Made Wasteland 1:02 Decontrol The Final War
Your Military 2:37 Icons Of Filth The Mortarhate Projects
nothing changes 2:31 Verbal Abuse Rocks Your Liver
My Attitude May Stink But I Smell Fuckin' Amazing 1:05 FUCK! *(It's Pronounced SHIT!)
I Know It's Pronounced "SHIT!" Still I Cling... E.P
Drinkin' Til Dawn 2:22 Frontside Five Fall Out of Line
Headless Horseman 1:45 Radiation Risks Headless Horseman

High Balls 4:25 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #220

Episode 220... I hit a random theme of Dis-bands, self titles, boots, and trucks. Some later 2019 stuff off Bandcamp, and some More Power Tapes (Buffalo, NY) releases. Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 220!!!!!!!

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Punk of a kind...

You're Tripping 1:53 The Queers Love Songs For the Retarded
I'm Ugly 1:13 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Coming for You 1:54 Rotten UK Back to War
Pick Em' Up Truck 2:09 The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle

Gone Too Long 2:20 D.R.I. (1988) 4 Of A Kind
Blitzkrieg 1:20 Bootlicker Nuclear Family E.P.
Boot Rot 1:28 Boot Rot 2017 Demo
Believin' 3:04 Toxic Narcotic People Suck!
Rooster 1:53 Retching Red Get Your Red Wings!

Mechanical Domination 1:54 Disphoria Mechanical Domination
Inhuman Execution 1:16 Disapprove Agony of War EP
Social Media 0:46 Disjawn Blunt Smoke Night
Legacy of fear 1:40 DISPAIR Legacy of fear LP
Bloody World 2:59 the DISKONECTED the DISKONECTED- 4 Song EP

Identity Crisis 1:28 SPUR SPUR DEMO
G-Song 1:46 Earth Crust Displacement Destruction Never Ends (split "12 with Anger Burning)
Sickening 1:19 PLASMA PLASMA - S/T
Looking For a Way Out 1:17 Nervous Tick and the Zipper Lips Nervous Tick and the Zipper Lips

Saturday Truck Fever (Bonus Track) 2:16 Guttermouth The Whole Enchilada
Lingering Debris 1:37 Gillooly Gillooly
Can't Stand This World Sober 1:42 Powerage Demo
Agony 0:57 Last Agony Demo 2018
Leather and Lazers 1:16 Cyber Bullies Leather and Lazers

Lean on Sheena 3:21 The Bouncing Souls The Gold Record

Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #219

Episode 219... Super Bowl week, and we hope the Niners pull it off! Revisited some Reverbnation grabs from way back and usual shredders.  Did a Bros Ripped Off installment from Bob Suren's  Punk Rock Record Party #30. Get it over at the show archive.

Uploaded The Accidents "Lived Up To The Name" into the archive for your pleasure as well. Enjoy!

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Bros Grim 219

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Punk dumbed down but turned up...

Dumbed Down 2:41 FYPM Dumbed Down
Nuclear Tomorrow 0:54 Direct Control Nuclear Tomorrow
Same old shit 0:46 Beer Junkies
I Hate A**holes 1:03 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP

Deathraid – Ghouls 1:48 Deathraid Deathraid & Desperat - Split LP
On Sika Kuosissa 0:46 Hangover Overdose Huippumalli Haussa
Hate Your Face 0:15 Insult PATAC 2012 Sampler
Our Way Of Life 2:04  Copyright Chaos Appetite For Intoxication
Wasted Lives 2:10 Guttermouth Eat Your Face

Bros Ripped Off: Punk Rock Record Party #30 Set #1 3/23/2012
Songs that (were) 30 years old...
Channel 3 "Wet Spots"
Disorder "Media"
NitWitz "Jet Set"
Slime "Gerechtigkeit"
TST "Fuck The Law"

Protect and Serve 1:53 Protest Authority ReverbNation
Dont drown 2:08 Out of Spite 10/28/10 practice ReverbNation
Remember the Chaos 2:24 D.R.A. Fuck You! ReverbNation
beer not bombs(firstblood cover) 1:33 Nuclear Annihilation ReverbNation
What A Shame 1:47 Classics Of Love ST

Down to the Bunker 1:38 Kicker Pure Drivel
Slaughterlords 1:39 GutterSkull Crawling In Disgust
1, 2, 3, Chug a Beer for Bruce Lee 0:17 Greedy Mouth Wax On Wax Off
F.U.B.A.R. 1:13 Endangered Feces Number 2
V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N. (In The Summer Sun) 1:54 Sloppy Seconds More Trouble Than They're Worth

High School Football Hero 1:39 AFI Answer That And Stay Fashionable